New VPN Tracker Beta 4.5.1 (1B77)

Maybe the last 4.5.1 beta version before the final release; at least all the major issues you have reported to us should be fixed now and so far we did not get any negative feedback about any 4.5.1 beta release. So we’d like to invite you again to test our latest beta version and send […]

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New VPN Tracker Beta Version 4.5.1 (1B74)

equinux has released a new beta version of VPN Tracker 4.5.1 (1B74); together with the earlier released 1B72 beta version, the following changes have been made: The remote network limit has been increased to 30 networks. We have created a workaround for IP checksum corruption on MacOS X Server. The “Unable to stop VPN service” […]

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Backin' It Up by Backin' You Up - iSale Supports Backup 3

Backing up your information, as you all should know, is extremely important. Especially when you have invested so much time and effort into creating, selling and shipping your auctions. We recognize this and now have a great solution for all you .Mac Users out there. iSale now has a plugin available for the new .Mac […]

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New VPN Tracker Beta Version 4.5 (1B69)

equinux has released a new beta version of VPN Tracker 4. As a courtesy to all our customers using SonicWALL devices, we implemented a new way of Client Provisioning called DHCP-over-IPSec. The current implementation of this feature is fine-tuned for SonicWALL customers and will in fact only work with SonicWALL devices. However, even if you […]

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