Which equinux apps work with OS X Yosemite?

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os x yosemiteNow that OS X Yosemite Public Beta is out, you’re probably wondering which apps work with Yosemite so you can start testing Apple’s latest and greatest. The good news: most of your equinux apps already work with OS X Yosemite.

Here’s the full rundown:

Work great

  • CoverScout
  • Greeting Cards / Stationery Pack
  • iSale 5
  • Mail Designer 2
  • Mail Designer Pro 2
  • MediaCentral
  • SongGenie 2 (one minor font issue will be fixed soon)
  • Spot Maps
  • tizi for Mac
  • TV for Mac
  • The Tube
  • VPN Tracker 8

VPN Tracker note

Apple has changed a fair bit under the hood for networking, but we’re offering VPN Tracker 8 beta as a free download during the beta for all Yosemite users. Your existing connections will be copied into VPN Tracker 8 automatically, allowing you to test Yosemite with your VPN connections. For more details, head over to the VPN Tracker 8 beta page.

That wraps up our first Yosemite overview — if you have any question, just send us an email or get in touch on twitter.

Euro 2012 in the sun? Hello tizi!

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Quite honestly, what better way is there to watch some of the best football players in world battle it out than in the sun with friends? The problem is that this is only really possible in beer or pub gardens and if we don’t want to be squashed next to a pile of sweaty men, or have to queue for ages just to find a place to sit, then we end up watching it inside. Still enjoying it with friends, but no sunshine on our faces. Of course there’s always barbecues or garden parties but it’s not often we know someone with a TV outside.

However, without being too overdramatic, thanks to tizi it’s not going to be a problem this year! Hoorah! All our lucky tizi users can just grab their iPad (or iPhone) and their tizi, sit in the sunshine and watch the game. Problem. Definitely. Solved.

Here at equinux our team is from all over Europe – let’s hope we can stay friends throughout the tournament!


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Unterhaltungselektronik, die begeistert – vom 3. bis 8. September 2010 öffnet die IFA in Berlin wieder ihre Pforten. Auch dieses Jahr ist das Team von equinux mit innovativen TV-Lösungen für iPhone und iPad dabei.

Erleben Sie am Stand unseres OEM-Partners Hauppauge mit The Tube Fernsehen 2.0 live.

Besuchen Sie uns in Halle 17, Stand 107.

TubeStick Map – What will you be able to Watch?

By equinux Product Pages, TubeStick

TubeStick Map exampleHere’s something special for all of you out there thinking about getting a TubeStick TV Tuner for your Mac – The brand new TubeStick Map!

TubeStick Map is a brand new resource for all of you out there not sure which digital free-to-air TV Channels you will be able to receive with a TV tuner for your Mac. Based on Google Maps the interactive TubeStick Map allows you to select your country along with your ZIP code to view the channels TubeStick users are able to receive in that area.

In case you were curious all this info hasn’t just come from anywhere – its from all the fantastic TubeStick users who have been kind enough to share their channel lists.

And for all of the wonderful existing TubeStick users out there why not help out your fellow Mac users by submitting your tuning info when you search for channels in The Tube. All you have to do is select the option to send your tuning info to equinux after you channel search.

Live TV and TubeToGo now available!

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Thank you for your overwhelming interest in the Live TV and TubeToGo iPhone apps, we are pleased to announce that these two amazing iPhone apps are now available on the iTunes store. So download them now to turn your iPhone into the coolest TV in the house!

Live TV is the first iPhone app that totally integrates the iPhone with the TV experience! It allows you to stream live TV programs directly to your iPhone from your Mac whilst also enabling you to remotely start a recording in The Tube.

On top of that TubeToGo allows you to access your TV recordings on the go wherever you happen to be whilst also allowing you to program recordings for The Tube remotely so you will always have something to watch.

Spreading the love

By MediaCentral, TubeStick

We’re so thrilled about the awesome TV experience that TubeStick hybrid offers that we’ve decided to make it available to an even broader audience. Starting immediately, we’re reducing the TubeStick hybrid regular price to USD 99. And not only that, we’re also throwing in the ultimate media center software, MediaCentral in a Special Edition.

You know us, we just try to spread the love…

See what’s on – with TubeStick!

By equinux Product Pages, TubeStick

For those of you in the US and Australia, TubeStick has just made your TV experience on your Mac even better. Hard to believe but true! Now you get detailed program descriptions about what’s currently on and what’s coming up so you can make informed decisions about what to watch and when.

American viewers will enjoy TubeGuide US, a subscription-based TV listing service that displays program info for both digital and analog TV channels.

Australian viewers can take advantage of IceTV, Australia’s independent EPG.

Watch and record your favorite shows and discover new ones with the TubeStick’s enhanced EPG! Find out more details on our website

Time to spread joy with The Tube & MediaCentral

By MediaCentral, TubeStick

No need to be unhappy about choices that have been made – the future is promising. If you already have a TV receiver you can still enjoy all features of The Tube. Just in time for the European football cup, The Tube is now compatible with even more USB TV receivers.

Gather your friends anywhere you like, pause live TV for individual breaks, watch those unforgettable moments over and over again and get vocal with other The Tube users via TubeTalk. The Tube leaves it up to you. Have the EURO 2008 your way – except maybe for the outcome.

PS: We’ve even updated MediaCentral to run with the same devices. Enjoy live TV within the ultimate media center made for Mac.

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