It's time to Balance your Load with VPN Tracker 4.1

No need to concentrate, let your Cisco Concentrator do the work for you. We are extremely proud to announce (as noted by our not so subtle hints) that VPN Tracker now supports the "Load Balancing" features of the "Cisco Concentrator Series." With the countless features that are packed into VPN Tracker, Macs are now one step closer to taking over the computing world. Version 4.1 improves the VPN Tracker 4 release with the following changes:

• Support for Load Balancing (Cisco Concentrator)
• Better thread locking in the kernel extension
• Fixed an issue where outgoing NAT-T packages could cause a stack overflow
• Pre-shared key is now sent as UTF-8 string
• Fixed an issue where application icon would not display correctly

For more information on VPN Tracker and Cisco Migration, please visit the VPN Tracker webpage.

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