New VPN Tracker Beta 4.5.1 (1B81) Released

We are proud to announce another beta release, 4.5.1 (1B81). Those of you who have not tried one of the beta versions before as they were scared they might be unstable or unreliable, can certainly try out this version without any fear. We have fixed so many issues and made so many improvements, it's certainly worth a try.

Here are the latest changes:

  • This beta works again on all systems, even if no other VPN Tracker version was ever installed there
  • Some minor DNS fixes that broke after the last two beta versions are now working again
  • Mixing static and dynamic (Client Provisioning) DNS configuration works again as intended

Please visit our VPN Tracker Beta Page to download the latest build.

Don’t hesitate to send us your experiences; your feedback and especially your testing is appreciated and highly valued.

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