Oh Capitan, my Capitan… Compatibility overview for OS X El Capitan

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OS X El Capitan is now available as a Public Beta. We’ve put together a short compatibility overview for you. Here’s a small summary of our experiences so far.

  • Mail Designer: To send or not to send, that is the question. Don’t worry with the latest El Capitan beta, Mail Designer 2 and Mail Designer Pro should work fine. More details here
  • Spot Maps: Keep a clear overview of your networks. Spot Maps works seamlessly with El Capitan.
  • CoverScout & SongGenie: Bring some color to your music library. In our early tests, both CoverScout and SongGenie worked without issue with El Capitan and the latest version of iTunes.
  • Greeting Cards: Happy belated Birthday! Greeting Cards should work with the very latest El Capitan beta, however, since the Apple Mail app still seems to be changing quite a bit, we recommend holding off until the final version of El Capitan ships.
  • iSale: Sell on eBay. iSale also supports El Capitan.
  • tizi for Mac, TV for Mac and MediaCentral: Get your popcorn ready! Both tizi apps and MediaCentral will shine El Capitan.
  • The Tube: Upgrade for more TV enjoyment. If you’re using The Tube, we recommend you upgrade to tizi for Mac for El Capitan — not only will you be fully compatible with Apple’s latest OS, you’ll also get to enjoy new features like visual timeshift, recording, editing, and share features.

Which equinux apps work with OS X Yosemite?

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os x yosemiteNow that OS X Yosemite Public Beta is out, you’re probably wondering which apps work with Yosemite so you can start testing Apple’s latest and greatest. The good news: most of your equinux apps already work with OS X Yosemite.

Here’s the full rundown:

Work great

  • CoverScout
  • Greeting Cards / Stationery Pack
  • iSale 5
  • Mail Designer 2
  • Mail Designer Pro 2
  • MediaCentral
  • SongGenie 2 (one minor font issue will be fixed soon)
  • Spot Maps
  • tizi for Mac
  • TV for Mac
  • The Tube
  • VPN Tracker 8

VPN Tracker note

Apple has changed a fair bit under the hood for networking, but we’re offering VPN Tracker 8 beta as a free download during the beta for all Yosemite users. Your existing connections will be copied into VPN Tracker 8 automatically, allowing you to test Yosemite with your VPN connections. For more details, head over to the VPN Tracker 8 beta page.

That wraps up our first Yosemite overview — if you have any question, just send us an email or get in touch on twitter.

SongGenie is really an amazing Mac App …

By SongGenie
SongGenie is on the list of MacFormat's 50 Amazing Mac Apps. (issue #269)

SongGenie is on the list of MacFormat’s 50 Amazing Mac Apps. (issue #269)

We’re not the only people that think SongGenie should be on the hard drive of every music lovin’ Mac user. According to the excellent editorial staff at the UK’s No. 1 Mac publication, MacFormat, SongGenie is one of the 50 most amazing Mac Apps. This is really exciting. Even in the age of iTunes Radio and Spotify, it’s important to keep your local music library looking fresh and tidy: SongGenie helps you fix your unknown titles using an acoustic fingerprint, adds missing info, corrects typos and of course also searches for lyrics. Try it yourself .

We’ve tamed Mountain Lion

By SongGenie, The Tube

With so many equinux apps to get ready for Apple’s latest and greatest, we’ve been working hard so that everything is as ready as soon as possible. Here’s a quick rundown of all the app updates we’ve just released.

Note to Mac App Store customers: as always we have to rely on Apple to review updates to our Mac App Store apps and this is currently taking a bit longer than usual. We hope that the App Store review team will be able to approve our Mac App Store updates shortly. If you have any questions, please contact our support team and we’ll find a solution.

Here are the details on our Mountain Lion updates:

  • iSale – we released 5.8.7 to tackle a couple of  issues with Mountain Lion and now it’s all systems go! We have also submitted the update to Apple and it should hopefully be available for our Mac App Store customers soon.
  • CoverScoutSongGenie – our MusicLovers apps are both running smoother than ever on OS X 10.8. We’ve fixed an issue with existing cover thumbnails not appearing, so it’s all systems go in the music world!
  • Mail Designer – today we released Mail Designer 1.2.3. This new update will ensure that all our newsletter creators and mail superstars now work correctly with changes in Apple Mail. A few things have been moved around in 10.8 and as Mail Designer and Stationery Pack both work so closely with Apple Mail, this update is important to ensure they’re all on the same page.
  • Stationery Pack – the same goes for Stationery Pack. Stationery Pack browser 2.9.4 keeps everything working smoothly to ensure that all your templates are ready to go from either the Stationery Pack app itself or from within Mail.
  • The Tube – also gets a little shine and polish and is ready for Mountain Lion.
  • VPN Tracker – works with Mountain Lion, however we are still investigating a DNS issue with Apple.

We pushed updates for nearly all our Mac apps over the last week (shoutout to our amazing developers for all their work) and we hope you’re enjoying your favorite equinux apps with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion!

iTunes Match: Details, Facts and FAQs

By CoverScout, SongGenie

Since SongGenie and CoverScout work so closely with iTunes, we’ve been closely investigating iTunes Match and how it works and have found some interesting details that we wanted to share. At lot of us here at equinux enjoy using iTunes Match, here’s what we’ve found out:

What is iTunes Match?

iTunes Match is a service from Apple, that simply allows you to download any song you have on your computer onto your iPhone, iPad or another Mac. Your songs are “matched” to songs sold through the iTunes Store and Apple allows you to download those directly from the cloud.

How iTunes matches your songs

Matching is done with some form of acoustic fingerprinting – just like SongGenie uses. And like SongGenie’s acoustic matching, iTunes Match doesn’t always get it 100% right – every now and then you’ll see that it uploads a song available on the iTunes store instead of “matching” it.

Does iTunes replace SongGenie?

No. Even though iTunes can recognize and match songs, even if they have missing or incorrect song information, iTunes will never “fix” that information for you. Even if you delete and re-download a song via iTunes Match, your songs will still be missing information or have incorrect metadata.

Fix song information everywhere.

If you use SongGenie to update and fix your song information, that information will automatically show up on your iPhone or iPad running iTunes Match. So if you change “Track 1” to “Help!” with SongGenie, it will update that song on your iPhone and iPad automatically, thanks to iTunes Match.

iTunes Match and lyrics

In our tests, all song information was sent to your iTunes Match library in the cloud just fine, however lyrics occasionally seemed to get lost on the way. This seems to be a bug and we expect Apple will fix it in the future. So if you notice that some of your lyrics aren’t immediately available on all of your devices, it’s probably this glitch.

Does iTunes Match replace CoverScout?

No. If a song is available on the iTunes store, it will get a cover via iTunes, just like you have been able to get covers in the past. But all those albums and songs for which iTunes doesn’t have covers will still need artwork from CoverScout.

Covers everywhere – thanks iTunes Match!

In fact, thanks to iTunes Match, covers that you add with CoverScout are then automatically added to your iPhone or iPad with iTunes Match. So add a cover on your Mac and boom – it shows up on your iPhone.


Hopefully that explains how SongGenie & CoverScout can both be used to get your collection looking spectacular on all your devices – with iTunes Match. If you have any questions, be sure to let us know!


Ready to Roar: Update Day for Music Lovers

By CoverScout, SongGenie

Already using Lion? Our friendly couple – SongGenie & CoverScout – won’t just perfect your music library, it is now 100% ready to roar! We’ve just finished polishing and perfecting the look and feel of each to take advantage of OS X 10.7.

On previous OS X versions, we used our own set of scrollers to make each more aesthetic. Now with Lion this is not necessary anymore. But this is just one of many other smaller things we’ve improved. If you already use CoverScout 3 and SongGenie 2, this is a free update. Ah, and btw we’ve also submitted both versions to the Mac App Store – sorry guys, you have to wait just a little bit longer but we’re sure you’ll get your update within the next few days.

Rock or Pop with iTunes 10 and CoverScout

By CoverScout, SongGenie

CoverScout and SongGenie

A few weeks ago we posted a blog entry on SongGenie and the latest changes in iTunes 9.2.1. Some of you reported that your genres were showing up as numbers rather than real names, a known problem at that time.

iTunes 10 is out with lots of cool new features that really make your cover art and song information stand out. We are happy to report that the latest versions of SongGenie 2 and CoverScout 3 are fully compatible with iTunes 10 and you can once again tag your music with confidence.

If you have songs with the incorrect genre still showing, they can be quickly fixed using iTunes:

  • Select some tracks with the same genre
  • Choose File > Get Info
  • Retype the genre
  • Click OK

We’ve tested and included a few tweaks in the latest CoverScout and SongGenie. Get them from our website now.

Got a music library addiction? SongGenie 2.

By SongGenie

After months of tears, sweat and repeated plays of Snap’s “I’ve Got The Power” (don’t ask), we’re now ready to release SongGenie 2.

This is one of our most exciting releases ever. Even as soon as you open the app and search for your first song, it feels slick. It could only be a Mac app.

If the first version of SongGenie was a nice app that did a good job (imagine us ruffling its hair and giving it a pat on the back), the new SongGenie 2 is cool app that does a great job. Building on the basic functions of identifying artists, song and album titles, SongGenie now looks to complete your music collection entirely.

You can search for lyrics, including a nifty web search function, so that you can display them on your iPod or iPhone on the go. Identify and apply genres, or get into detail with BPM and Sample Rate for true audiophiles. Using sorting categories and dropdown filters, you can really get to the heart of your missing music library info.

The bad news is, it’s all too easy to become maniacal about perfecting your collection. SongGenie 2 now includes a status panel which tells you exactly how far your collection has come. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The good news is, SongGenie feels fun to use. Every little red flag brings you one step closer to collection perfection. Each notch further along the progress bar is OCD manna.

When you’re all finished, and you’ve checked over your shoulder to make sure no-one is watching, load up iTunes and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Just because we’re cyber nice …

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You’re in luck – our Black Friday offers have been extended for 1 more day for Cyber Monday!

So you have 23 hours more to buy an extra Christmas present for a family member, a friend, or even for yourself. Get an early jump on holiday gift buying to start the Christmas rush with a little less stress.

Plan ahead and save, but only if you buy today – It’s definitely your best and last chance for such bargain bundles!

The Black Friday Bonanza Begins!

By CoverScout, equinux Product Pages, iSale, MediaCentral, SongGenie, Stationery Pack

The bargain bundles have been released for you to grab as fast as you can! Take a quick look at all the savings (up to 65%!!) and act now to snap up the specials.


There are 2 bundles to choose from:

* Master your Mail *
+ Stationery Pack
+ Stationery Pack 2
+ Love & Romance Collection
+ Summer Spirit Cards
= $49 USD (RRP $115 USD)


* Boost your Mac Life *
+ Stationery Pack
+ Stationery Pack 2
+ Love & Romance Collection
+ Summer Spirit Cards
+ CoverScout
+ SongGenie
+ iSale
+ MediaCentral
+ Season’s Greetings Vol. 1
+ Season’s Greetings Vol. 2
= $99 USD (RRP $282.50 USD)

PLUS you can sweeten either bundle with a TubeStick hybrid for only $59 USD more and watch TV from your Mac… and your iPhone too!

If you snooze, you lose – these bundles are only available this weekend.

Have a bargain-ful Black Friday!

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