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Say hello to tizi

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Product release day is always an exciting time at equinux. Today is no different. Today’s release of tizi is not just a groundbreaking iPhone and iPad release, it’s the start of a new era of hardware products for the company.

tizi is the perfect complement to your iPad or iPhone. As Europe’s first TV mobile hotspot, tizi broadcasts high quality DVB-T television to your iOS device over its own WiFi network. No cables, no adapters.

At just 2.5 ounces and smaller than the iPhone, tizi was designed to be carried around in your pocket or bag. Turn on, tune in and start watching. With its glossy housing and silver bezel, it’ll fit snugly next to your iPad or iPhone, all the while casting envious looks from all around. Users can watch TV on the go for up to 3.5 hours thanks to the replaceable Li-Ion High Performance Battery and be recharged via USB.

tizi is just the start of a move into the iPhone and iPad hardware accessory arena. We have a long standing interest in consumer and enterprise software, as well as Mac hardware in TubeStick, and of course iPhone and iPad apps. tizi marks the start of a new era of iPhone and iPad hardware accessories, so you can get even more from your iOS devices.

So sit back, relax and watch the action unfold. With tizi, it’s easy.

Chopsticks at the ready

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Have you ever wondered how they use chop sticks to eat ribs in Japan?

During his frequent trips to Asia, equinux CEO Till often wonders how equinux apps might fare in the Japanese market. As a company based in Germany and the US and with little experience of Japanese culture, we knew our best chance of success would be to find a Japanese native speaker. With a new team member on board, we started work on preparing Barbecue for the iPhone and iPad, Japanese style! 日本語の記事はこちら(^_-)-☆

Teething problems

It quickly became clear that the concept of a barbecue was very different in Japan compared to our own experiences. Whereas barbecuing is often a weekly or monthly affair in Europe or the US during the summer, Japanese families might only barbecue every couple of years when camping. Alternatively, they would head to a restaurant and enjoy Korean style barbecue food. After reading our product descriptions for the apps, our Japanese colleague started asking the sort of seemingly obvious questions that actually make you stop and think:

“Why do you flame grill food?”

“Doesn’t it go black and burnt?”

“Is ‘the grill’ the metal shelf, or the entire contraption?”

Questions unsatisfyingly answered, our Japanese colleague went away and localized the app for a Japanese audience. Like any localization, a simple translation was not enough. Indeed, why would a Japanese iPhone user want to use a knife and fork? We need chopsticks!

Suck it and see

Together with our art director, we found the right chopsticks for the sort of barbecue a family would enjoy on a Japanese riverside. Localizing an app in Japanese was a voyage into the unknown for the team. We had no idea how long sentences would be, or how fonts would appear in the app and on our website. Writing strings also takes a lot of consideration. Where in English there is one level of formality, there are two in German and at least three in Japanese.

Barbecue in Japanese went live a week after submitting to Apple. Having never marketed in the land of the rising sun before, we looked to create a list of journalists and bloggers active in the country. In addition, we tweeted a message in Japanese, as well as a targeted update for our Facebook fans based there. Updates like these can be a great way of testing the water for marketing an app.

Just a starter?

We’ve been fascinated by the localization process, and have found it to be a reasonably smooth process. It’s always however fascinating to look at your own culture from an outsider’s perspective. We believe we have a lot more we to offer in the Japanese market, so stay tuned…

Barbecue is available now for the iPhone and iPad


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Is your Japanese a bit rusty? Read the story of Barbecue in English.


弊社の第一弾としてiPhoneとiPad上でバーベキューが焼けるアップを発売しました。キャンプ場に頻繁に行けないあなたや、焼肉店に毎日行けないあなたにも、心を込めて旨い肉を焼くあの優雅なひと時を提供します。アップはその名も「Barbecue(バーベキュー, iPhone用)」「Barbecue HD(バーベキュー エイチディー, iPad用)」(^-^) そして今日はアップ作成の裏話をご紹介 (^_-)-☆



ドイツの夏は日本の秋の気候に近く、肌寒くて雨もよく降り晴れた日は数えるほどしかありません。なので、暖かく晴れた日は裏庭のグリルを囲んで友達とワイワイ騒ぎます。もちろんビール片手に (^○^) 日本で言うと冬の鍋パーティでしょうか?旨いものを食べながら友達のネットワークを広げる夏の風物詩、それがバーベキューです。弊社CEOのティル・シャデも例に漏れず大のバーベキュー好き!この為我が社はこのアップを作ってしまいました (*_*)

作成はすべてドイツ語で行われ、アップが完成してから日本語版に翻訳しようとしたのですが、、、、日本の「焼肉文化」とドイツの「バーベキュー文化」の違いから単なる翻訳な~んてもんじゃない開発者の苦労がありました (ToT) では例を2つご紹介!





そんなこんなでミュンヘン初のアップが日本上陸!ただいまiTunes App StoreにてiPhone用のBarbecueiPad用のBarbecue HDを好評発売中!割引のプロモコードも順次お送りさせていただいております!

もっと詳しい制作現場の裏話はこちらからご覧いただけます。equinuxは今後も日本語版をどんどん発売していきま〜す (^_-)-☆


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Unterhaltungselektronik, die begeistert – vom 3. bis 8. September 2010 öffnet die IFA in Berlin wieder ihre Pforten. Auch dieses Jahr ist das Team von equinux mit innovativen TV-Lösungen für iPhone und iPad dabei.

Erleben Sie am Stand unseres OEM-Partners Hauppauge mit The Tube Fernsehen 2.0 live.

Besuchen Sie uns in Halle 17, Stand 107.

Barbecue HD – bigger, better, tastier.

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Summer is around the corner and at equinux HQ that means just one thing: Barbecue season. After the success of last year’s eye-catching iPhone app, you can now get your teeth into the mouth-watering Barbecue HD for the iPad on the App Store.

Taking full advantage of the extra screen real estate on the iPad, our new Barbecue HD means iPad users can now see the steaks, hot dogs and kebabs in incredible detail and high resolution.

You can pick up and get a closer look at your steaks using your fingertips, and make sure they’re grilled exactly to order. We’ve also included new serving suggestions with new tablecloths, cutlery, serving plates and side dishes.

But above all else, it’s the attention to detail and amazing high resolution graphics that make the iPad come alive. When we originally published the Making of Barbecue, we wrote that the iPhone 3GS allowed for faster graphics processing. The sheer size of the iPad and large screen resolution means we can now showcase the best of the 160GB of photographs taken in full glory.

Every scorch, singe and sizzle can be seen and heard on the iPad exactly as originally visioned.

Jingle Apps, Jingle Apps, Jingle all the way!

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xmas-app-icon-512Did you notice that Christmas is in less than four weeks away?

Don’t panic yet, you can now send your greetings from your iPhone wherever you like – while waiting in a line at the toy store or sipping eggnog in front of the fireplace.

Send warm tidings to all your loved ones near and far with our latest iPhone Apps: Christmas Cards and New Year’s Cards will be the most hassle-free thing you do on your holiday checklist. You can make sure each greeting jumps straight out of their Inbox into their heart, by inserting a photo from your iPhone camera, that you know will make them smile!

Merry Greet-mas!

PS. If you’re looking for something similar for your Mac – check out our Season’s Greetings Vol. 2.

You’ve got a license to Barbecue

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Sound the trumpets, gather the veggies and why not pick up a couple of steaks while your at it! Today we are proud to announce “Barbecue” – the iPhone app for the grill-meisters of this world who just can’t grill enough.
Toss on a steak, kebab or a frankfurter and serve it to all your friends direct from your iPhone via Mail, Twitter and even Facebook. Is this a game? Nope – It was designed simply because we just can’t get enough grill-time. The sights, sounds and sizzles of this simulation are top notch. If you’re ready to grill on the go, give it a whirl for 99 cents – for a limited time only. Start Barbecue in your iPhone now!

The Tube makes a few changes and meets a new friend

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We are proud to announce The Tube is now compatible with the Hauppauge WinTV HVR-930c / myTV-930c. We have also added a few new features, including sorting by number of viewers and displaying the remaining show length in the info display.

Live TV - Sorted by Viewer Rating

Live TV - Sorted by Viewer Rating

We have also made a few Snow Leopard tweaks including a faster and more reliable installer and have corrected a few minor user interface inconsistencies.

The Tube 2.9.4 is a free update for all registered users and Live TV 1.1 is available for 2.99 EUR in the European App Store and 3.99 USD in the US App Store.