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Oh Capitan, my Capitan… Compatibility overview for OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan is now available as a Public Beta. We’ve put together a short compatibility overview for you. Here’s a small summary of our experiences so far. Mail Designer: To send or not to send, that is the question. Don’t worry with the latest El Capitan beta, Mail Designer 2 and Mail Designer Pro […]

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Which equinux apps work with OS X Yosemite?

Now that OS X Yosemite Public Beta is out, you’re probably wondering which apps work with Yosemite so you can start testing Apple’s latest and greatest. The good news: most of your equinux apps already work with OS X Yosemite. Here’s the full rundown: Work great CoverScout Greeting Cards / Stationery Pack iSale 5 Mail Designer […]

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iSale express template: The votes are in!

Update: iSale express 1.0.2 – including two new template choices – is now available! Existing customers can also download this free update by choosing “iSale express > Check for updates” from the menu bar. Last week we asked you to vote for a new iSale express template. Thanks for all your votes! This is the first […]

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Get selling in seconds with iSale express

eBay as a service is evolving, and so are the ways in which people use it. What was for a long time a way of easily selling second-hand items you had lying around, has now become a way for businesses to reach new customers. Over the years eBay has grown and added layers of complexity […]

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Important changes coming to eBay and iSale

Over the coming days eBay are going to be changing the way auctions are created. In the past, for example, users could only distinguish between items that were new or used. The new auctions will have more options, so you can better describe the precise conditions of your items. This means fewer customer queries and […]

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New for the spring season, iSale now has a fresh feel.

iSale 5.6 has just been released, and it’s never looked slimmer or quicker. Between sluggish loading times and awkward switching between panels, we felt there was room for improvement. We’ve fixed bugs and really sorted out the Facebook integration. Existing iSale 5 versions already use Facebook, but we’ve improved it so you can share your auctions […]

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Just because we're cyber nice ...

You’re in luck – our Black Friday offers have been extended for 1 more day for Cyber Monday! So you have 23 hours more to buy an extra Christmas present for a family member, a friend, or even for yourself. Get an early jump on holiday gift buying to start the Christmas rush with a […]

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