Let the Fanfare Begin - iSale 2.1 Now Available

Engines are about to roar and we here at equinux are proud to say "iSale 2.1 Is Complete." So what does this mean for you? It means that it is time to:

Start your engines! On your mark! Get set! GO!
eBay Motors support has been the most requested feature from our US clientele. We have been working on this feature for a long time and now is the time to debut eBay Motors compatibility within iSale.

Get specific
iSale now supports Item Specifics. Feel free to simplify your customers searching with this "Unbelievable" eBay Feature. Why is this so unbelievable? This is the simplest way to match the right buyer to your product.

Selling internationally, why not sell on eBay Poland?
We want iSale to support as may eBay countries as possible. We currently support a variety of eBay Sites on both sides of the Atlantic. Then we thought, "Hmm, let's go inland. How about adding eBay Poland to our list of supported sites?" We gathered some information, made a couple tweaks to iSale and wouldn't you know it, iSale now fully supports eBay Poland.

Be annoyed no more - Contacting the winning bidder just got easier
As a minor, but "oh so needed" update, we have now included the purchaser's email as a direct link in the "Sales and Status Screen." If you need to email the buyer, all you do is click on the email link; your default mail program will open with the purchaser's info in the "To" box of your email program.

These are just a few of the awesome updates we have been working on, to see a full list of iSale's fanatically-fantastic features, have a quick glance at the iSale Feature Page.

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