New VPN Tracker Beta Version 4.5 (1B69)

equinux has released a new beta version of VPN Tracker 4. As a courtesy to all our customers using SonicWALL devices, we implemented a new way of Client Provisioning called DHCP-over-IPSec. The current implementation of this feature is fine-tuned for SonicWALL customers and will in fact only work with SonicWALL devices. However, even if you don't have a SonicWALL, this beta version contains all fixes for minor issues we collected over the time, so everyone is invited to try it and comment on it.

The current beta version (1B69) includes the following improvements:

  • DHCP-over-IPSec for SonicWALL
  • New file handling routines

Please visit our VPN Tracker Beta Page to download the latest build.

Your feedback and especially your testing is very appreciated. Don't hesitate to send us your positive and, of course, also your negative experiences you made with this beta version.

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