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Oh Capitan, my Capitan… Compatibility overview for OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan is now available as a Public Beta. We’ve put together a short compatibility overview for you. Here’s a small summary of our experiences so far. Mail Designer: To send or not to send, that is the question. Don’t worry with the latest El Capitan beta, Mail Designer 2 and Mail Designer Pro […]

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Which equinux apps work with OS X Yosemite?

Now that OS X Yosemite Public Beta is out, you’re probably wondering which apps work with Yosemite so you can start testing Apple’s latest and greatest. The good news: most of your equinux apps already work with OS X Yosemite. Here’s the full rundown: Work great CoverScout Greeting Cards / Stationery Pack iSale 5 Mail Designer […]

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Tune in with MediaCentral

If you like to have all your online radio stations in one place, there’s good news for MediaCentral users. We’ve added a long list of radio stations from around the world, meaning you can tune in and listen without searching around for an online feed. With over 100 new stations, you can listen to student […]

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Just because we're cyber nice ...

You’re in luck – our Black Friday offers have been extended for 1 more day for Cyber Monday! So you have 23 hours more to buy an extra Christmas present for a family member, a friend, or even for yourself. Get an early jump on holiday gift buying to start the Christmas rush with a […]

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Black Friday Sale: The black blitz is back...

A few hours left till equinux starts slashing the bucks off, with specially prepared value bundles, to make sure you get the best Black bargains! Put a reminder straight away in your iCal (with an alarm) to check back here on the equinux website at: Thursday 26th November 2009 at 5am (EST) So, don’t be […]

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Get ready for Harry Potter with MediaCentral

Can’t wait to see Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince for yourself? Well we thought we’d really get your mouth watering! We’ve just uploaded the latest trailer to the MediaCentral trailers database. All you have to do is open up MediaCentral to take a peak at Harry Potter along with all the other Summer […]

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MediaCentral presents the story of "Krupp" - powered by ZDF Mediathek

For all of you who missed the three sequels about the Krupp dynasty last week on German ZDF, we have some good news: MediaCentral has all of them. You’ll find the three full length sequels at ZDF Mediathek integrated in MediaCentral. “Krupp – Ein deutsche Familie” part 1, part 2 and part 3 can easily […]

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The ultimate home theatre companion has just been updated

MediaCentral now gives you even more entertainment options and better reception for live TV. Along with adding compatibilty for a range of new TV devices, and fixing issues with the Safari 4 pubic beta, version 2.8.4 adds full support for high quality digtal unencrypted cable (DVB-C) in Europe and other DVB countries with Hauppauge’s HVR-930C […]

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Spreading the love

We’re so thrilled about the awesome TV experience that TubeStick hybrid offers that we’ve decided to make it available to an even broader audience. Starting immediately, we’re reducing the TubeStick hybrid regular price to USD 99. And not only that, we’re also throwing in the ultimate media center software, MediaCentral in a Special Edition. You […]

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