SAVE up to 50% – Huge saving on gadgets & apps – The equinux Black Friday SALE 2015 is online

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Great gift ideas. Unbelievable savings. Stuff that turkey and fill your shopping basket with the deals of the year.  There’s something for everyone at the annual equinux Black Friday SALE 2015. Only Through Sunday, November 29 – 2015…you’ll save big on cool apps and gadgets for, friends and family.

Let this click take you where the savings are

Our  Black Friday Sale is an avalanche of savings

Tis the season to be jolly & of course more productive: Maybe Santa doesn’t exist, but this incredible sale does! Grab the newest version of Mail Designer (now only $14.99 instead of $29.99) and Mail Designer Pro (now $24.99). Why not send cool, personalized Holiday greetings by email this year and even include your Aunt in Germany. Get Season’s Greetings 7 for just $5.99, 50% of the regular price!

Get your batteries loaded wherever you go! Check out all the TURBO deals of the tizi Turbolader family – USB chargers for fast, high power, simultaneous charging of your favorite USB gadgets. And always stay connected with the super smart tizi flip lightning cables.

Keep your accessories safe and looking good in our this sturdy, little, protective “suitcase” tizi Köfferchen. Only until Sunday, get the tizi Köfferchen for 50% off the regular price! Take this little beauty home for the Holidays for only $9.99 (regular price $19.99).

There’s so much more to see and even more to save. PS…let your friends know!

Save now at the equinux Black Friday Sale!

Developers: The secret to connecting your Apple TV to your Mac’s display

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When we first started developing Live TV for the new Apple TV, we set up two testing carts with HDMI monitors. But ideally, our developers wanted a way to just bring up the Apple TV as a window on their Macs using the real remote and hardware (as opposed to the Xcode Simulator).

The new Apple TV supports screen recording in Quicktime via USB-C, but that only works if a HDMI screen is connected.

But you can trick the Apple TV into showing a picture by connecting an active HDMI adapter box, e.g. a HDMI to optical audio splitter like this one.


So the full setup works like this:

  • Connect the Apple TV to your Mac via USB-C
  • Plug your active HDMI adapter box into the HDMI port
  • Fire up Quicktime, start a new Movie recording and choose the Apple TV as your source
apple tv dev setup

Live TV on a real Apple TV in Quicktime alongside Xcode


And there you have it: How to see your real Apple TV on your Mac.

P.S. We’ve got amazing holiday deals on accessories for your Mac, iPhone and iPad at

Mail Designer Pro 2.5.2 — A fresh spark for your holiday newsletters

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Now you’re ready for your Black Friday and Holiday Season newsletters, we’ve got a fresh new version of Mail Designer Pro for you…You’ll find a stunning brand new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Rose Gold mobile device previews. But thats not all!

Advanced link options for email, phone numbers and other types of links help you to create perfect call-to-action flows. Just create your link and choose one of the new link options from the sidebar. You can link to a website, email address or even a phone number (great for your smartphone layout). How effective text links in mobile newsletter can be we explained recently in our post about 3D Touch optimization for iPhone 6s.


On-top you’ll get improved stability and performance in Mail Designer Pro 2. Download the new version 2.5.2 now directly from our website or update your version via the Mac App Store. Have fun designing your Holiday Season newsletters with Mail Designer Pro!

VPN Tracker for teams: How to manage teams easily with

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With the new Team Management at you can now get your team up and running with VPN Tracker 365 in minutes. Lists with activation codes are a thing of the past. Invite your staff and colleagues via mail to your team with just a few clicks.

Less stress, more team. Here’s how – watch the video!

All your VPN Tracker 365 plans at a glance

Log in to using your equinux ID. You’ll find all of your VPN Tracker 365 plans under your Account.

Team Managing: Invite team members via email

Click on Team Management to create a team and invite team members by entering their names and email addresses. Team Management lets you create your team and invite new members by sending them an email directly from


Assign a plan to a team member

Even before your team member accepts your invitation you can assign them a plan by clicking Change Plan. This lets your team member get started right after accepting your invitation. Clicking Revoke will remove the plan from your team member.

Get to work!

Your colleague accapted your invitation? They can now use their plan in the VPN Tracker 365 app. Export your connection using VPN Tracker’s export feature and send your team members the connection file in a separate message for added security.

Download the newest VPN Tracker version here.

Must-know facts for iPhone 6s mail design. Create perfect responsive Designs for Peek and Pop

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The mobile opening rate for emails has increased by 30% within the past 5 years. Far more than half of all newsletters are being read while on the go. It’s even more likely that your newsletter will first be previewed in quick scan mode on a mobile device than comfortably clicked and opened by the recipient from his/her personal Mac while sipping a peppermint tea.

For companies who rely on newsletters, this realistic scenario of recipients checking their emails on an iPhone can be compared to an action game where every newsletter has to battle to survive in the inbox. And as we know, in the end, only the strongest survive.

Mobile features, such as the new 3D Touch experience on the iPhone 6s, increasing resolutions, and expanding screen sizes, put an even greater importance on the details and content of your newsletters. With a short Peek and Pop, iPhone 6s users can quickly preview your Mails, without completely opening them. Yet another reason to be sure your newsletter Designs make a solid and convincing first impression.

The following Mail Designer Pro features and tips will help ensure that your newsletters are well received on the new iPhone 6s.


Boost the opening rate!
Your newsletter bouncer: Create better snippet texts for the iPhone 6s

Like the subject line, the snippet texts are a deciding factor as to whether the recipients open your Mail or not. The iOS platform on the iPhone 6s allows for only 90 characters to create a catchy text. Here’s where micro-marketing definitely comes into play. It’s important to give the recipient enough content value that they feel the need to open your Mail.

The inbox optimizing tools in Mail Designer Pro help you create perfect, catchy lines, and with the simulator, you have a realistic, live preview of your subject line or snippet text making it easier to optimize.

Bear in mind…

  • Keep the snippet text length between 40 and 50 characters
  • Snippet lengths are platform dependent and vary between 40 and 140 characters.
  • Your snippet text should support your subject line
  • Your snippet text should also correspond to the content of the opened Mail and not simply be a repeat of your headline


Hit and run! Optimize iPhone 6s newsletters for on-the-go readers

K.I.S.S., Keep it short and simple. The mobile version of your newsletter is meant to be a taster, giving the reader an essence of what the desktop email is about. Remember, your newsletter will most likely be read while the recipient is at work, on the subway, or quickly browsing through emails while having breakfast. Even more of a reason why your newsletters need to make an immediate bang! All graphic elements you use should have the highest resolution possible for HD Retina optimized displays.

With Mail Designer Pro, you can create newsletters with Retina quality resolution, using the mobile layout and optimized mobile layout blocks. The new Artwork Collection offers catchy full surface lead pictures and more than 500 web fonts for captivating your recipients.

And another thing: Mail Designer Pro simulates 1:1 with an iPhone 6s preview, displaying how your newsletter will appear both in portrait and in landscape.

Keep in mind:

  • Place large call-to-action buttons in the upper third of your newsletter (min. 15px)
  • Leave white space between your CTA and your layout so that the reader doesn’t accidentally click elsewhere
  • Only use high definition Retina graphics
  • Check to make sure everything works smoothly in landscape mode


iphone-gif-kleinYour shortcuts to success:
Adjust your newsletter Design for Peek and Pop

The iPhone 6 is ready for the newest touch features, offering Peek and Pop. With a longer push on any email in the inbox, the reader is now able to jump to a quick sneak-peek into the email. By pushing a little harder, the email is fully opened. The short preview now counts towards your newsletter opening rate. This new gesture offers a world of possibilities for your Mails, giving readers the possibility to quickly jump to addresses, maps, and landing pages through text links.

You can format your links in Mail Designer Pro by choosing appropriate colors and sizes to fit the style of your newsletter. This makes your links stand out from the conventional blue, underlined links.

If you’re going to incorporate Peek and Pop features, be aware:

  • Linked graphics and pictures will not work.
  • Instead, you’ll need to integrate simple text links into your newsletter Design
  • To link your addresses (for example: a cool store link or company address) with a map, it’s best to separate them with a comma in one line (for example: Street name, city, zip code)
  • There is also a direct link for dates and times. Via Peek and Pop, the readers can automatically add an event to Calendar. For example, the expiration date of a coupon: “Use by tomorrow, 3:00pm 12/12/2015”.
  •  Lead readers to landing pages and sales pages from your newsletters
  • Test all of your desired effects with a test Mail from Mail Designer and an iPhone 6s

tizi Tankstation is now available as installation kit for furniture

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Ikea-hackers, desk hunters, crafts enthusiasts, and design lovers get ready! Are your charging cables all over the place? In the hall, in the kitchen, and of course on the desk. The new tizi Tankstelle 4x Mega, now available as a Toploader, puts an end to the cable chaos.

Discover the DIY built-in possibilities
The tizi Tankstelle is now available as a built-in installation kit for your furniture. The powerful 4x USB charging station with Auto Max Power™ technology fits seamlessly into surfaces, transforming your desk and countertop into DIY designer furniture. The incredible result: a functional, charging station integrated perfectly into almost any surface.

Make it your project…
…and friends and family will be amazed – that’s a guarantee! Have no fear, with a minimal amount of craftmanship and manual skills, you’ll turn your furniture into a lifestyle piece. Included in your tizi Tankstelle 4x Mega Toploader kit are 2 adapter rings (2 inches, and 2 3/8 inches) making installation easy. You’ll need an electric drill with a hole saw adapter (for example this model) in order to drill a hole in your surface. Here’s a video on how to install your Toploader…

tizi knows the deal…
And with our Toploader tips and tricks, you can’t go wrong. Here’s a Step-by-step guide to download.

Can you do it? Yes you can!
Let’s do this! Just find the right spot for your tizi Tankstelle 4x Mega, and thanks to Auto Max Power™ technology, you can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously and at top speed, manufacturer independent. That’s up to 2.4A per port, enough power to quickly charge your power hungry iPads and Galaxy Tabs.

Available now at Amazon. Limited time introductory price: $39.99 (originally $49.99)

Security all-in! VPN Tracker 365 is here and ready for OS X El Capitan

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The world never sleeps and neither does VPN Tracker. With the new VPN Tracker 365 Plan, users can immediately start protecting their data connections on all Macs around the clock.

Upgrading now has many advantages.

Why VPN Tracker 365?

• One plan works with all of your personal Macs
• Support and updates for all OS X releases included
• Frequent updates with new features and improvements
Continuous security updates and threat monitoring
• All-new team management system
Remote Connection Lock service for extended protection
Secure Drop: Highly secure, zero-config encrypted file-sharing for secure collaboration
• VPN Tracker 365 terms include licences for all VPN Tracker (from version 6) for all Mac OS X installations from 10.6 to OS X El Capitan and newer

The new VPN Tracker 365 Plan protects all data connections on Macs for all current VPN Tracker versions (from version 6) as well as the new VPN Tracker 365 for OS X El Capitan. New customers can upgrade to VPN Tracker 365 now starting at only $6.99 (6,49 Euros) per month. Existing customers may review their discounted upgrade rates and ascertain an appropriate Plan directly via the VPN Tracker website.

The mountain soars…Mail Designer Pro hits new creative highs with the new version 2.5

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Get your App-pack ready! Mail Designer Pro 2.5 (download here) has been totally optimized for Apple’s newest operating system, OS X El Capitan. Take your creative workflow to a whole new level with the evamped user interface and next generation of features such as: Split View, our optimized sidebar and the new Paragraph Styles.

Working side-by-side: With Split View it’s even easier to put together a fantastic newsletter. Split your screen into 2 workable spaces creating an ideal situation for engaging two apps at the same time. Split View is perfect for compact laptop screens and truly amazing on a cinema display!

Ready for the creative sidekick? All of your beloved  Mail Designer tools can now be found in the integrated Sidebar instead of the floating palette. This makes using tools even more convenient, effective, and fun.

  • Easier access to new layout blocks
  • Direct access to design tools and your Photos App
  • Create and edit Intuitive styles
  • Convenient view and entry of protocol

Watch Split View in action…

News for stunning typography. Paragraph formatting with more control! You got the style? Of course you do! Headlines, running text, captions — with the new Style tool,  it’s easy to create a uniform look and your very own font styles for your text areas in Mail Designer pro. Now it’s easy to format your very own font styles using the handy Sidebar. You’ll even be able to see what it’ll look like on an iPhone or iPad!

Get in the Mood – new inspirational content collection: Stay on top of the ball and implement the hippest email trends. Our new background designs set exactly the right mood for your emails. Just drag-and-drop pictures into your newsletter and give it a whole new, incredible look!

Further one you will find new professional photo headers: With more than 20 brand new artworks, you’re sure to find just the right design to make your newsletter stand out from the crowd.

Existing Mail Designer Pro users get the new features and can update to 2.5 free-of-charge now on the Mac App Store and at the equinux website ( Mail Designer Pro 2.5 is available for just $49.99 (regular $89.99) for a limited time only.


MEGA SPEED-Update for the tizi Tankstelle

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Plug it in once, charge it up four times! With the tizi Tankstelle every outlet becomes a powerful charging station for multiple devices – for home, office, or in a hotel.

Our newest generation offers even more SPEED with Auto Max Power™ technology,  delivering the optimal charging power for every gadget.  Before the charging process begins, the current tizi Tankstelle communicates with the USB device in order to determine the perfect level of charging power needed to ensure a fast and gentle charge.

The intuitive tizi Tankstelle knows to fuel your iPad with 2.1A and takes care to fuel your Kindle Fire with 1.8A. You’ll never have to wait in line again for the right pump.

Solve your outlet traffic jam by charging up to four USB devices at the same time with only one charger. The tizi Tankstelle is now available for an introductory price of only 29.99 EUR. Order directly at Amazon and give it a try. With the tizi guarantee, you can give the tizi Tankstelle a try, and if you are unhappy for any reason, you can send it back within 4 weeks for a full refund.