How much power is possible? The tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA is currently the most powerful USB adapter on the market

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Engineering at its best: Okay, a flux capacitor and a talking K.I.T.T. car still don’t exist, but this one-of-a-kind, futuristic charging device is indeed available to buy!

Our equinux engineers show what’s possible by snagging up to 60 watts of power out of your regular cigarette lighter socket with the tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA. Each port delivers up to 2.4A, which adds up to a total of 12A. Really unbelievable!

Testing the limits of performance and power: “We wanted to know”.
The power provided by the tizi Turbolader is enough to charge up to 5 iPads simultaneously, just as fast as if they were plugged into the wall socket at home. “Why a car USB charger for 5 devices? Simple. We wanted to know if it would work”, explains the equinux CEO Till Schadde. “The tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA is a feasibility study. Our Development Team wanted to take it to the technical limit. This Turbolader is a clear mark of a higher end product as part of the tizi Turbolader family”.

Performs to the limit
Even if your car doesn’t have the most horse power under the hood, you can still put the pedal to the metal with the tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA , the most powerful USB car charger currently available on the market,  and you get first dibs!

Despite the amazing power and speed delivered by the tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA, safety is still number one! The solid aluminum head cools the device and the Turbolader meets all of the stringent regulations and requirements in Germany.

The tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA is available immediately at an introductory price of only 49.99 EUR ($49.99) online at and on Amazon.
Learn more about the entire tizi Turbolader Family here.

VPN Tracker 9.0.5 brings CSV import and improved security features

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Make 2016 a more secure and productive year: As a part of the VPN Tracker 365 Plan, the equinux team is constantly improving all of the security features as well as the performance of VPN Tracker. Users will see immediate benefits with an upgrade to VPN Tracker Version 9.0.5.

  • Improved the Secure Drop key handling
  • Addresses an issue that could occur when ending a connection
  • NEW: Team Management CSV import: You can now batch-import a csv list to roll out VPN Tracker at

All features, security updates, and upgrades are included during the plan’s term for all VPN Tracker 365 customers. VPN Tracker 9.0.5 can be downloaded here.

Three simple steps to share your files securely with Secure Drop and VPN Tracker 365

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Secure Drop

It has never been so easy to encrypt and securely share files between team members: All team members using the same VPN connection can now share encrypted files with only a few steps.

Step 1: Configuration? Done.
VPN Tracker 365 automatically creates a Secure Drop encryption key for your VPN connection. After exporting the connection to your team members, all of them can use SecureDrop to securely share files with each other.

Step 2: Uploading a file
Drag a file into the Secure Drop area in VPN Tracker. The file is automatically encrypted and uploaded to a secure web storage.


Step 3: Securely sharing a file
After the upload has finished, select the the file and click the Share button to email or message a link to the file to your colleagues. You can also directly copy the link to the file.

Built-in expiration
All encrypted files will automatically be deleted from Secure Drop after a set time. You find the expiration date for each file in the SecureDrop tab in VPN Tracker 365.

NEW tizi Turbolader 2x MEGA – Our stylish two-seater in Rose Gold

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„I’m dreaming of a white Christmas“…still looking for the perfect gift for your sweetheart? The new shiny tizi Turbolader 2x MEGA is here!

It’s a super elegant two-seater with a high quality, aluminum head in Rose Gold with a white, varnished finish. It’s guaranteed to make a powerful impression. Plus with 2 high power USB ports, you and your darling can charge your gadgets at the same time!

The tizi Turbolader 2x MEGA charges smartphones and tablets up to 3x faster than integrated USB ports in cars. Not only does it look good on the outside, but on the inside, the tizi Turbolader 2x MEGA comes equipped with our Auto Max Power™ technology for intelligent recognition of what amount of power is needed for the connected devices.

So get your reindeer in gear, and fly on over to Amazon to grab the tizi Turbolader 2x MEGA for the introductory price of only 19.99 Euros! Here you’ll also see the extended Turbolader family.

tizi Tankstelle mini: So little, that it’s ready for the big trips

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tizi Tankstelle mini

The new tizi Tankstelle mini weighs next to nothing and is perfect to keep in your handbag or backpack. As soon as the tizi Tankstelle mini is plugged in, it delivers 1A power to your iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

This little fellow is a looker as well with its sleek black shine and quadratic symmetry, it promises to look charming in any plug. Add the tizi Flip Lightning cable in the limited edition color and you’re sure to brighten up any dark corner.

Never forget an adapter again! The tizi Tankstelle mini is available immediately for only 14.99 Euros at Amazon.

The world is full of colors – which one do you plug into your iPhone?

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The brand new tizi Flip cables, now available in the limited edition colors, red, blue, and pink, bring more color into your life.

20 inches – is the optimal length for typical docking use: The 20 inch (50 cm) Lightning cable is just the right size for any lifestyle. Whether charging on the desk, in the car, or on the tizi Tankstation, it’s super convenient and looks really cool.

Flippin’ easy to plug in: The 20 inch versions of tizi Flip are also equipped with a reversible USB plug which always fits, without having to figure out which way is up.

Color Code – Find the right cable for your needs: The biggest disadvantage of the Apple cables is that they are all white. With the new colorful tizi Flip cables, you can easily keep track of which device is plugged in.

Do you need more freedom and leeway?
The 10 foot (300 cm) tizi Cable is the longest one yet! Now you’re free to surf in bed or on the couch while always remaining connected. Take your pick

The new limited edition 20 inch MFI certified tizi Flip Cable is now available starting at 19.99 Euros at Amazon. Have a look at our complete tizi Flip family here tizi Flip Family overview.

Using a DELL SonicWALL VPN with your Mac

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If your company uses a Dell SonicWALL IPsec VPN gateway, you’ll need additional software to use it with your Mac. The good news is VPN Tracker has supported SonicWALL VPNs since 2002.

How to set up your SonicWALL VPN

First, download VPN Tracker. VPN Tracker works with all versions of OS X, starting with OS X 10.5 all the way up to the very latest, OS X El Capitan.

Next, create a new VPN connection and choose the specific SonicWALL model your VPN uses.

VPN Tracker DELL SonicWALL.png

Since every VPN gateway tends to be a bit different, we’ve created custom setup guides for all of the different brand and models supported with VPN Tracker, including detailed specific guides for SonicWALL models and the different setups they support. These are updated for the latest settings and included with your VPN Tracker plan.

Choose your configuration guide and follow its instructions carefully.

If you get stuck or run into any issues, our VPN support team is ready to help you work through any problems. VPN Tracker has a built-in tool to request support for your specific connection – great support is part of the service.

VPN Tracker conncet to DELL SonicWALL.png

Once you’re all configured and your connection is working, sign up for an equinux account to take it for a free test drive. Once you’re happy it’s working, you can sign up for a VPN Tracker 365 plan.

Happy VPN-ing!

5 tips on how to impress your loved ones with creative Holiday emails

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card_tipsOur Season’s Greetings collection for the Picture Mails app and Mail Designer, give you hundreds of ideas for creating magical cards for the Holidays. With the following creative tips and Mail Designer, you’re guaranteed to bring even more seasonal flair and beauty to your mails.

Time to play: a cute gift as an email
Do you have DIY friends? Then why not send them a funny paper toy as a surprise email Greeting. Just find a cool, free, paper toy or Christmas ornament on the internet and add a direct link to your card. Maybe you’ve just built something you’re proud of? Take a quick picture and include it in your Mail. You can even embed a Dropbox link or attach data when sending your email with Mail Designer 2.


iPad_Lando copy_smallReach for the stars: “May the Mail be with you!“
Who isn’t a Star Wars fan? Why not add X-wing X-citment to your Xmas Greeting: With the power of  “Make a GIF” you can use funny scenes from YouTube, capture them as a GIF, and then drag-and-drop these awesome creations into one of your templates (more about GIFs in this video). Just change the background for your galaxy and you’re done!


MC_Love copy

You’ve got Mail baby

Recently fallen in love? Tis the season for love as well –  Why not add a little more spice to your Holiday email? A cute selfie, a romantic picture of the two of you, or puckered lips, are sure to melt the heart of your sweetie. Here’s a tip: Create a Spotify mix of your favorite love songs and paste the link in your card. 

Mails that make a bang! 
Those resolutions can wait. Even New Years emails can be pepped up with tasty cocktail recipes or a personalized yearly horoscope for your recipient. Looking to make a bang? Then just do it! Film your fireworks display and add a link to the video or GIF in your email.


Family chronicles  in comic book style
The placeholders in our Season’s Greetings and Year in Review templates, offer plenty of room for your favorite pictures. Here’s an idea: Add speech bubbles from Mail Designer to your pictures and come up with a clever text. Impress your friends and family with your creative, comic book charm.


Season’s Greetings 8 – A pocket full of mail magic

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Tis the season for the most wonderful celebrations of the year. Introducing more than 20 new greeting cards gift wrapped and ready to send with Apple Mail. Season’s Greetings 8 is our newest collection of seasonal email cards. From wintery scenes to fun picture place holders, it’s easy to personalize your greetings with heart and soul.

Add that special touch to any of the cards by adding your own personal Greetings or pictures, making your email shine.

Designs for everyone: Send wintery brilliance, humorous pictures, or perhaps a traditional card.

Don’t forget your colleagues: Elegant, designs for business partners and co-workers included.

media_sp8_2Release your inner elf. Use one of our funny templates with picture place holders and your elfies to bring a smile to your loved one’s faces.

Designs for any festive occasion: Also included: Stylish invitations to Christmas or New Year’s dinner, Year in Review cards to share, and Happy New Year greetings.

Ready, out of the box: You can easily use the Christmas Mail just as they are. All you need is a Mac. If you have Mail Designer, you can further edit your Season’s Greetings designs to your liking.

Our current collection, Season’s Greetings 8, is available immediately for only $9.99/9.99 Euros in your Stationery Greeting Cards App (download App here) or in Mail Designer 2 as an in app purchase.

Double your work creativity: Say hello to the new Mail Designer 2.5 with Split View work flow and a creative Sidebar

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MacBook_MD25Smart Mail Designs don’t have to be complicated. The new Mail Designer 2.5 has been optimized for OS X El Capitan, boasting new features yet bringing along the creative tools already available from Mail Designer Pro. This means you have immediate creative power to put together incredible HTML newsletters and emails without having to know a thing about codes or programming.

Completely revised user interface for more creative works flows

The new convenient Sidebar uses a one window concept, giving users ultimate control over all creative tools. Whether you’re working on a MacBook Air screen or with a cinema display, you’ll never lose the full overview of your Design. You now have  easy access to layout blocks, fonts, shapes, animations, and pictures on the right hand side of your screen, making it a breeze to create the ultimate newsletter.


A picture’s worth 1000 words

Do you have a lot of pictures? Now you have direct access to your complete Photos library. Browse your library by album, year, or location and include your photos directly into your Designs.


Stunning new artwork

Get started with our magnificent new background and header pictures. Mail Designer 2.5 includes two incredible picture collections giving you the tools to create professional newsletters by integrating full surface backgrounds and eye-catching picture headers without needing any previous knowledge of graphic design.

Optimized from the ground up for OS X El Capitan

With Mail Designer 2.5, you can take full advantage of the most current  OS X features  and Apple technologies. Thanks to the new support offered by Split View, you have a perfect overview of your  entire Design: In full screen mode, you can work with your design layouts and text templates side by side.  Force Touch gives you playful editing moves on your MacBook, enabling you to jump directly to background mode.

Unique link formatting

Along with the dozens of prefabricated shapes and call-to-action buttons included in your Mail Designer app, it’s now possible to individually design your own text links. Choose the color, the font, and decide whether or not to use an underline – Make your links stand out so they’ll never be overseen again.

Existing customers who already have Version 2, can now update by downloading the current Mail Designer 2.5. For a limited time only, Mail Designer Pro 2.5 is available to new customers for an introductory price of $29.99 in the equinux Online Store and Mac App Store.