Totally EGGciting! Save up to 50% off equinux products

Posted on 17. April, 2014 in Company


What a surprise! We’re giving you up to 50% off apps and tizi gadgets on our equinux Spring Special 2014 page.

Get started now! Pick out the best offers. For half price, you can put Mail Designer Pro or the stylish digital TV receiver tizi for Mac into your basket. Don’t miss the free iPhone & iPad apps as well as many other surprises guaranteed to give you spring fever!

This deals are available from now until Easter Monday, April 21st 2014!
Hop on over to the equinux Spring Special 2014.

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Save up to 33% – Team up with our Macworld Special

Posted on 28. March, 2014 in Company


Mail Designer and our 40 creative Team & Business Communication templates are ideal for creating professional looking emails while avoiding technical hurdles. Get the perfect combo and boost your newsletter creation, event organization and in-house communication skills.

For a limited time only! Save and get our Macworld / iWorld special bundle price for only 39.99 Euros.

Team up with us! This offer is only available till Monday, March 31st, 2014.

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Lightning cable on fire

Posted on 21. March, 2014 in Company

Lightning Cable

Yesterday those lightning charging cable (picture) in our company caught fire and broke an iPad Air. The iPad was connected to its power supply when suddenly a flame shot out of the cable near the lightning connector. Luckily, our colleague was able to unplug the iPad immediately as he was next to the device. Otherwise something else on his desk could have caught fire. The iPad Air will no longer charge and is probably broken.

It was a first gen Apple lightning charging cable that had ‘bulges’ next to the plug (you can see them on the unburned end in the picture) but no cracks or breaks. The bubbles seem to appear as a result of normal usage, causing a shift of the internal cable shield. This obviously lead to a short-circuit that caused the fire.

As a precaution, we now disconnect all charging iPads at night and have replaced any lightning cables with suspicious bulges.

[UPDATE:] Apple replaced the device today in the Munich Apple Store. Initially a replacement was refused due to ‘wear and tear’, but after we asked to speak to a manager, the seriousness of the problem was recognized and the iPad was replaced.

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The power cure for your tizi battery

Posted on 19. March, 2014 in Company

chargerWith the help of the new tizi charger, you can bring your  tizi, tizi+ oder tizi beat bag back to life.  In just 3.5 – 4 hours, your tizi battery will be completely revived and ready to go!  

Powerful yet gentle charging technology
A sustainable rejuvenation for your tizi battery. The tizi charger comes equipped with an intelligent charging processor. After the initial “Fast Charge Phase”, the tizi charger switches gears to the “Gentle Phase” where it tenderly fills up the battery to the brim. This process prolongs the life of the battery and is environmentally friendly.

Find connections everywhere
The tizi charger becomes your energy hub for your tizi battery via any USB port. Plug your compact charger into your PC, iPhone power supply, or your tizi power.

Save 30%! Start your spring with full power!
Enjoy the sunshine and get out with your tizi and tizi beat bag. Meanwhile, let your tizi charger prepare your backup battery at home so the juice just keeps on flowing! With our Introductory Offer, we’ll throw in a free spare battery along with the purchase of a tizi charger. You’ll save more than 30% off the regular price with the Bundle Deal.

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tizi for Mac update 1.3: more stability and better performance

Posted on 19. March, 2014 in Company


Do you have a tizi TV receiver or the new tizi Video Recycler? The current tizi for Mac software update 1.3 is now available for immediate download.

The newest version includes the following improvements…

  • Better performance and more stability
  • Display of the EPG overview
  • Live editing for large video files (tizi Video Recycler)

Here’s how to download the update…

  • Start on your Mac
  • Choose „tizi TV“ from the Menu in the Menu bar
  • Then click on “Check for Updates”
  • The update will now automatically download and and install

You can download the tizi for Mac app from the Mac App Store (not available for tizi for Mac DVB-C). You’ll find more information, downloads, and special offers at

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Email for millions – why digital email marketing works

Posted on 12. March, 2014 in Mail Designer


Ding! Despite Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc… email is still the most important digital channel for online marketing. Email marketing is also growing: professional online email services report that in 2013, there was a 13% increase in newsletter projects that were sent.  The well known email test platform, Litmus, tested more than 3 million newsletter projects last year alone!


Why is email so perfect for digital marketing?

That’s easy. Email marketing is effective, cost efficient, and easy to implement.
In addition, the opening rate of the newsletters can be reviewed, and statistics show, these emails normally receive more clicks than a flashy, rectangular banner found on the relevant blog site. The best part is, with an email, you reach your exact target group.


New challenges: from Gmail Tap to Mobile View

Email experts have a multitude of technical, as well as content and design based  challenges to face:

My email receivers are alway on the go…  
How do I create an email design for mobile devices that works?

My receivers are under a lot of stress…
How do I create a subject which catches the eye and is not lost by Gmail Tap?

 My receiver gets 125 emails a day…
How do I create layouts which perfectly convey my content on small displays and stand out from the competition?


If you want to create newsletters, it should be clear that you should….

  • avoid flashy JPG
  • avoid copied printed ads
  • avoid inflated banners
  • avoid cloned, one paged websites

Once you’ve internalized these points, your next email campaign can begin using Mail Designer and Mail Designer Pro.

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Mail Designer Pro 2.2: Optimized workflow with MailChimp & Campaign Monitor

Posted on 12. March, 2014 in Mail Designer

mdpro2.2-1Mail Designer Pro now comes packed with new improvements. A particular focus was put on design compatibility in collaboration with 3rd party email services. We’ve extended the HTML engine and included the newest email clients. Our newest version, Mail Designer Pro 2.2, is is now much more reliable.

As part of the new release, we’ve improved the collaboration with MailChimp: as a MailChimp user with a free account, you can now place the necessary MailChimp „Rewards Badge“ directly into your template. Therefore, the MailChimp badge is no longer included as a “default footer” in your design. Convenient: Mail Designer Pro keeps you on your toes and reminds you if you forget to upload the necessary “Rewards Badge” or the log off link.

You’re a fan of Campaign Monitor? Then you’ll be happy to hear that the upload process now runs more smoothly and dependably.

Additionally improvements: design, stability, and performance optimizations. Your designs now arrive looking as they should in other email clients such as Outlook 2007 and 2010.

You have questions or suggestions for improvements for Mail Designer Pro? We look forward to your feedback! The most recent version, 2.2 can be downloaded here.

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