Calculated Design. The missing calculator for Apple Watch: tizi Calc

Posted on 24. April, 2015 in Company, tizi



Apple Watch + tizi Calc = Your Style: You can count on tizi to turn your brand new Apple Watch into a hip, yet practical trend-setter. Introducing the new tizi Calc, the incredibly cool calculator app for the Apple Watch. 20 stylish number-crunching designs that complement your Watch and strap perfectly.


You can really count on tizi Calc
Each of the awesome tizi Calc designs allow you to change the colors to match your armband or your current mood. Whether pulsating, magical, or totally posh, you’ll get inspired by the variety of styles which are sure to turn your Apple watch display into a mighty eye-catcher.

Oh yeah, and besides the typical plus, minus, multiplication, and division possibilities, we’ve thrown in a handy tipping calculator. Your tizi Calc automatically throws out some tipping percentages as suggestions.


tizi_calc_applewatchFind your own pocket calculator look

  • Impress your nerdy friends with an 80’s LCD retro Tokio design or your science fiction buddies with a Starship style like Farpoint.
  • Amaze your stylish BFFs as you calculate your shopping purchases on a glamorous leopard skin design – Meow!
  • Crunch those numbers Wall St. style over a cup of joe, with the chromatic München display
  • Or dive into the bubbly world of numbers with the playful Barcelona design. It’s up to you!



tizi Calc is available immediately as a free app in the App Store. With an in-app purchase, you can unlock the multitude of great calculator design themes.

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tizi Survival Guide for a stress-free trip – Here are the 5 tizi gadgets you’ll need…

Posted on 2. April, 2015 in Company, tizi


Tip 1: Don’t get lost…
Whether exploring  a new town or hiking in the mountains,  navigation apps such as, Google Maps, drain an awful lot of your smartphone battery. The tizi Flachmann and tizi Kraftprotz are there to keep your phone charged and ready so you can safely reach your destination. Just click the tizi Schlingel onto your backpack so you’ll always have a travel Lighting cable with you.


Tip 2: No speed limit for charging
Oh no! The kids forgot to charge their devices before the trip. No problem! With the tizi Turbolader 3x Mega, there’s enough power for everyone to re-charge their batteries while on the road.


Tip 3: Check in with a 4 star charger
These days, you’re likely to find an outlet in most hotels. But what if there’s really only ONE? Your solution is the tizi Tankstelle. Just plug it in and charge up to four gadgets at once! Need more room? Upgrade to 5 stars for only 10€ more with tizi Tankstation Mega.



Tip 4: It’s like an energy bar for your gadgetspowersnack

Is that a lighter or a charger? Even MacGyver would be jealous of this cool little charger. A perfect addition to any battery survival kit. The tizi PowerSnack uses 2 AA batteries to supply enough power for your devices so that they may also enjoy dessert.

71q23doSI2L._SL1400_Tip 5: A lunchbox for your gadgets

Stop digging around the bottom of your bag to find SD cards and cables. tidy-up your gadget mess and maintain an overview. Use the snazzy tizi Köfferchen, a nifty little suitcase for your gadgets and accessories. And hey, you can even attach it to your belt!




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MEGA P.O.W.E.R. — Tips to make your battery last longer!

Posted on 23. March, 2015 in tizi



Who doesn’t love their smartphone, right? This love-affair is a world-wide phenomenon. More than one billion people around the globe are swiping and typing as you read this. The performance values of modern devices are shooting up to new heights: Whether Apple’s A8 chips or the newest  Snapdragons – Apple, Samsung, Nvidia and Qualcomm are constantly pushing the limits of performance for their mobile processors so that we can enjoy HD gaming, super high speed internet, and slow motion videos while out and about.


Find ways to keep your batteries fit

But the problem with this constant boost of performance is that batteries are being pushed to their limits. Despite the fact that the leading smartphones have actually doubled their battery capacity in the last couple of years (the iPhone 6 Plus now uses a 2.915 mAh battery), most smartphones batteries don’t even last a day.  This is truly cumbersome for businesses or anyone else who counts on their devices functioning throughout the day. The good news is, that with the right amount of care, it’s possible to extend the life of your batteries.

We’ll get you up-to-date with the leading myths revolving around batteries, since things have greatly changed over the years. Most batteries used in mobile devices today are either lithium-ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po).


iphone_enThe best time to charge

Here is the most gentle way to re-charge: don’t let your battery get under 30% before plugging it in. You don’t have to wait till the battery is almost empty, it’s safe to start re-charging from 70% on.


The life of battery is longer than you think 

Here’s the truth about your battery’s life: As a rule, batteries can manage around 1,000 full charges (cycles).  If you charge your battery while it’s at 50% then you only use a half cycle. If you charge your smartphone battery daily, it should last up to 3 years before it loses capacity.
In fact, frequent charging might actually extend your battery’s life. And the idea that one needs to “train” their battery is also a thing of the past. Li-ion batteries are intelligent and don’t memorize the last charging status like their predecessors, the NiMH batteries. While out and about, you can use the tizi Fachmann or tizi Kraftprotz  to rejuvenate your smartphone or tablet.


More SPEED — Charge your batteries faster

Of course there’s no risk involved with charging your iPhone with the Apple charging device. However, there are ways to charge your devices faster and more gently. The new iPhone 6 comes with a 5 watt charging cable which “only” delivers up to 1A power despite the fact that the new iPhone 6, just like the ipad, can be charged with higher power, up to 2.1 A. With their high power ports, specialized charging devices, such as the tizi Tankstelle, tizi Tankstation, and tizi Turbolader, can charge your iPhone double as fast as the included Apple charging cable.



Charge every device gently and with the right level of power 

Is this really possible? Yes it is! Our tizi Tankstation, as well as the tizi 3x Turbolader MEGA, is equipped with Auto Max Power technology. This dynamically recognizes the appropriate charging power for each USB device. Whether an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Kindle, or Nexus, every family of devices receives exactly the right amount of amperage. As soon as you plug it in, the tizi Tankstelle “assesses” what is needed. The “charging monitor” then recognizes your device and what level of power it requires.
Note: The management of this procedure weighs heavily on the individual manufacturer of the device. The “charging monitor” then takes care that the battery remains in a “safe zone” so that it doesn’t get too warm, over charge, or under charge. In general, it can be said that Apple uses high quality power controllers and power management ICs. The life expectancy of a battery (also known as cycle stability), as stated in the points above, can also be influenced by the user.


Be aware of high quality charging cables 

flipRule #1 - The best charging cable is the one you have with you. A little tip: our tizi Schlingel Lighting cable easily attaches to your keychain so you never leave home without it!
Rule #2Try to find charging cables which are Apple certified (MFI – Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod), such as the tizi Flip or the tizi Schlingel, to be sure that the Apple specifications are upheld. Apple has very strict guidelines for certifying accessories and monitors  their compliance meticulously.
For example, Apple  has set a maximum resistance in order to deliver enough power to devices and sets limits for the crosstalk and signal quality for USB data cables. Generic or cheap merchandise from Asia is much less likely to hold true to these safety standards. Using these products could result in an early demise of the lifecycle of your battery.
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Team & Business Communication Collection for Mail Designer Pro – Now available as an add-on

Posted on 13. March, 2015 in Company, Mail Designer


Invite your creative team to a brainstorming session, introduce a new employee, prepare participants via email for an up-coming company workshop: There are dozens of email related office tasks to organize each day.

The Team & Business Communication Collection comes packed with more than 40 stylish and professional email templates, making your work day more efficient and even a little more fun. And the best thing is, they look great both on a desktop computer and any mobile device!


You’re the boss
Every template can be creatively arranged and edited with Mail Designer Pro 2: Add your company logo, choose colors which fit your CI, use check boxes and picture placeholders, add a link to your product videos, etc…Within minutes, you’ve created completely original business email stationery for correspondence, team motivation, or for events and invitations. The 40+ designs are sure to inspire your creative soul.

With the current  Mail Designer Pro version (Download Mail Designer Pro), you can unlock the Team & Business Communication add-on for only $19.99.

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Max it out! Create newsletter layouts with a full surface backgrounds

Posted on 9. March, 2015 in Mail Designer

Full surface backgrounds leave lasting impressions in any inbox. Mail Designer includes Design ideas incorporating this style, giving you a taste of how affective they can work. With Mail Designer and Mail Designer Pro, it’s easy to create this newsletter style. Here’s how…

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We got you covered! No worries for a smooth move with your iTunes library – here’s how…

Posted on 26. February, 2015 in Company, CoverScout


We all know the problem – Wham bam! The newly installed SSD on your Mac is full to the brim. What’ll you move to the external drive? Normally, video and audio libraries are first in line for emigration. Why not move your iTunes songs to a new home to save some space? If you’ve already assigned covers to your music with CoverScout, you don’t have to worry about losing the artwork during relocation.


Forever united
Whether top 10, special editions, bootlegs, live recordings, or your own mixes, CoverScout helps you find covers for every song. CoverScout even continues working hard in the background,  saving your covers directly to the ID3 tags of your songs. This means that the picture data is always available in full quality, no matter where you might copy your tracks to in the future. The best thing is, CoverScout does this all automatically so you can just chill out, relax, and enjoy the tunes.

Have you been thinking of a possible alternative to iTunes? As soon as your covers are saved to the ID3 tags, they will show up in other apps, operating systems, or music players such as  Tomahawk,  or Highend-FLAC-Players such as Fidelia. Oh yeah, your high quality covers will even show up in your DJ software too such as, djay or Traktor DJ.


Some hints: Outsourcing your iTunes library
Before you make the big move, make sure to run a Time Machine Backup of your system first, and then, open iTunes.

• Go to File > Library > choose Organize-Library
• Choose Consolidate Files
Now close iTunes; You can now copy the complete iTunes folder onto your new hard-drive. Caution: The copying process will take a very long time.

After copying, open iTunes while holding the alt key and choose the iTunes Library data with the data ending >.itl < in your iTunes Folder, found on your external hard-drive.

Discover more features from CoverScout here.

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Use the plug-in power from Mail Designer! Export newsletter projects to MailChimp

Posted on 13. February, 2015 in Company, Mail Designer


Is your newsletter distribution list skyrocketing? For a larger target group, it is recommended that newsletters be exported to an email marketing service such as MailChimp. This way it’s much easier to manage recipients as well as review the success of your newsletter campaign. Thanks to Mail Designer Pro’s plug-in power, you can export newsletter directly from Mail Designer Pro to MailChimp.



Step 1: Create a MailChimp account
To get started, you’ll need to create a MailChimp account. Just go to to create your account.  For smaller distribution groups, the American email marketing service still offers its services free of charge.

  • Log in with your MailChimp Name and password.
  • On the MailChimp dashboard, you can create your recipient list and manage your campaign.


Step 2: Generate a MailChimp API Key
In order to upload your Designer template directly from the app, you’ll need an appropriate API key for your MailChimp accounts.

  • to do this, go to your MailChimp-Account-Settings.
  • And choose Extras from the menu.
  • In this drop-down menu you’ll find API keys
  • Here you can generate your own API-Key.


Step 3: Prepare to upload
You’ll definitely need an unsubscribe link in your Mail Designer newsletter, so that recipients can easily unsubscribe.

Here’s how to create an Unsubscribe link…

  • Add a simple layout block with text
  • select the text
  • and choose Insert from the Menu
  •  MailChimp -> Unsubscribe Link

Mail Designer creates the unsubscribe link for you in this layout block.

Hey, still working with the free account of MailChimp?
In this case, you’ll aslo need to add a Rewards Button which is a MailChimp logo linked to their website.  To do this, just choose Rewards from the menu. If  you see rewards in your layout then you’ve done everything right.


Step 4: Upload your design
To upload your newsletter, click the Export button and choose MailChimp template. Now Mail Designer asks you for your API key.

  • Copy the key into the field
  • Dave the API key in your keychain for further projects.
  • Now click Export

Now you can view your design directly via MailChimp. Review your newsletter and send a testmail. Don’t worry, your rewards mailchimp logo first appears once the actual campaign has been sent.  With your new MailChimp account, you can now save your Mail Designer template under Save Templates. Now you’re ready to send. Happy trails!

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