Back to the future – with VPN Tracker 8!

Posted on 22. July, 2014 in Company


We’ve opened the door to our development lab: Give VPN Tracker a try with OS X Yosemite now. Take a sneak-peek at our VPN Tracker 8 Technology Preview with a brand new VPN-engine. The newest features and an adapted user interface will be introduced in a later version. 

We know you are eager to test OS X Yosemite, so we’re offering early preview access to VPN Tracker 8. This early beta will allow you to start testing with OS X Yosemite, but does not yet include all the new features and UI changes that will be in the final version. Just import your existing VPN-connection, your current VPN set-up will remain untouched.

Buy VPN Tracker 7 now, get VPN Tracker 8 free!

With the purchase of VPN Tracker 7 (starting at 79.90 Euros + 19% VAT / $99.90) you automatically get VPN Tracker 8 as well. As soon as the final VPN Tracker 8 is available, you can switch over to the new version without any extra costs. With the additional Protection Plan all future upgrades as well as top level support with our VPN experts are included for 36 months!


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Boring emails are free…amazing emails just $9.99! Welcome to Mail Designer 2!

Posted on 10. July, 2014 in Company, Mail Designer


Celebrate the launch of Mail Designer 2 with us. As a gift to all of our customers, we’re offering this amazing one-time chance to upgrade to Mail Designer 2 for only $9.99 (8.99 Euros)! Get on over to the Mac App Store right away since this incredible offer only lasts till July 17th, 2014. 


Movies, movement, and much more!

Set things in motion! It’s time to level up, and discover the array of possibilities Mail Designer 2 has to offer. Now it’s easy as pie to integrate GIF animations and even imbed your own videos directly into your email. You can create your own buttons and other design elements with the new Shape Tool right in Mail Designer. There are also slues of new templates and awesome graphics to inspire and help turn your visions into professional emails. With the new team feature, you can work on your designs with colleagues to really optimize your newsletters.

  • Add eye-catching gifs and videos to emails
  • Drag and drop, no HTML
  • Fully-customizable designs, backgrounds, buttons & more
  • Works with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Apple Mail…
  • Perfect for businesses, bloggers, event organizers, teams, creatives and more.
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The new Mail Designer gives “moving” a whole new meaning

Posted on 10. July, 2014 in Company, Mail Designer

Please fasten your seat belts, and get ready for the new moving designs featured in the new Mail Designer! Mail Designer 2 is packed with awesome new goodies, including integrated animation, a slue of original tools, and brand new templates! 


Emails with drive

Animation and impressive content in emails and newsletters are the hit! With Mail Designer 2 , it’s now super easy to create that WOW effect by integrating animated GIFs into your emails. Impress your recipients with pulsating buttons, flashing sales advertisements, or even integrate your product film from YouTube or Vimeo directly into your next newsletter!



Become a button designer

Stylish headers and buttons turn any email into a special email. The shape tool makes it possible to create cool vector objects directly in the app without being a professional designer. Create flat designs, 3D designs, use new shapes, and even add shadow effects or create transparencies. Your visions will become reality with the incredible set of buttons and headers included with the new Mail Designer 2!

Share, test, send

Email templates can now be lent to others directly from the app. This makes it possible to share and optimize your design ideas by lending your template to  friends, group members, and colleagues for feedback. With the new Send Engine, you can send test emails or finished templates. To make sure everything runs smoothly, the intelligent Check Engine takes a look at your design and  warns of any potential problems.


blog_md2Keep it simple

The new Mail Designer continues to use the incredibly easy drag and drop way of creating emails and newsletters. You don’t need to know anything about HTML and you definitely won’t have to call your computer buddy for any coding tips at 3:00am. Picture and text content, as well as animations and video place-holders, can easily be dragged into your design layout – Done! With more than 30 email templates, tons of layout elements, new graphics, textures, and social link batches, you’ve got a complete creative construction kit for any kind of newsletter at your fingertips!


Get it until July 17th – it’s worth it! For a limited time only, the new Mail Designer 2 is available in the Mac App Store for the introductory price of only 8.99 Euros ($9.99)! A perfect offer for those whom already use Mail Designer!

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How secure is your home office?

Posted on 25. April, 2014 in VPN Tracker

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-25 um 14.29.44

To protect your confidental data VPN Tracker is based on the IPsec protocol technology and not on SSL. Further on we are supporting you with the most modern security standards for encryption. Connect your home office Mac to your company network safely, it’s easy…


secure_dI think I’ll work from home today! 

No problem! VPN Tracker supports AES-256 encryption. Use the highest security standards to work with company data in an environment that lets your creativity flow.


Productive project management

Organize your workflow: Create Secure Desktops for each of your projects. Access the right server connection or website with a click.


Weekend contingency plan?

VPN Tracker offers risk-free and reliable remote access to all-important company resources. With just one click, the Network Scanner in VPN Tracker 7 connects you to your devices and network services.


Turn your home office into a secure office, and see an increase in productivity with VPN Tracker 7 and VPN Tracker 7 Pro (Feature comparison). Now available from only € 79.90 (plus VAT).

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Totally EGGciting! Save up to 50% off equinux products

Posted on 17. April, 2014 in Company


What a surprise! We’re giving you up to 50% off apps and tizi gadgets on our equinux Spring Special 2014 page.

Get started now! Pick out the best offers. For half price, you can put Mail Designer Pro or the stylish digital TV receiver tizi for Mac into your basket. Don’t miss the free iPhone & iPad apps as well as many other surprises guaranteed to give you spring fever!

This deals are available from now until Easter Monday, April 21st 2014!
Hop on over to the equinux Spring Special 2014.

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Save up to 33% – Team up with our Macworld Special

Posted on 28. March, 2014 in Company


Mail Designer and our 40 creative Team & Business Communication templates are ideal for creating professional looking emails while avoiding technical hurdles. Get the perfect combo and boost your newsletter creation, event organization and in-house communication skills.

For a limited time only! Save and get our Macworld / iWorld special bundle price for only 39.99 Euros.

Team up with us! This offer is only available till Monday, March 31st, 2014.

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Lightning cable on fire

Posted on 21. March, 2014 in Company

Lightning Cable

Yesterday those lightning charging cable (picture) in our company caught fire and broke an iPad Air. The iPad was connected to its power supply when suddenly a flame shot out of the cable near the lightning connector. Luckily, our colleague was able to unplug the iPad immediately as he was next to the device. Otherwise something else on his desk could have caught fire. The iPad Air will no longer charge and is probably broken.

It was a first gen Apple lightning charging cable that had ‘bulges’ next to the plug (you can see them on the unburned end in the picture) but no cracks or breaks. The bubbles seem to appear as a result of normal usage, causing a shift of the internal cable shield. This obviously lead to a short-circuit that caused the fire.

As a precaution, we now disconnect all charging iPads at night and have replaced any lightning cables with suspicious bulges.

[UPDATE:] Apple replaced the device today in the Munich Apple Store. Initially a replacement was refused due to ‘wear and tear’, but after we asked to speak to a manager, the seriousness of the problem was recognized and the iPad was replaced.

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