iPhone 6 and 6 Plus charging secrets revealed

Posted on 22. September, 2014 in tizi

tizi Power devices with high-speed charging

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both come with Apple’s regular 5 watt power adapter that charges them with 1A USB power. But our tizi Power engineers have discovered that both new iPhones also support high-speed charging.

Connect either new iPhone to a newer Mac and the system profiler app reveals the following specs:

iPhone 6:
Current Available (mA): 500
Current Required (mA): 500
Extra Operating Current (mA): 1600

iPhone 6 Plus:
Current Available (mA): 500
Current Required (mA): 500
Extra Operating Current (mA): 1600

This means that both new iPhones support Apple’s high-power spec that lets them charge with up to 2,1A — just like the iPad.


High-speed charging for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


tizi Tankstelle USB ports

If you connect your new iPhone to a tizi Tankstelle power adapter, tizi Kraftprotz mobile battery or tizi Turbolader car charger, they will be charged at the higher speed:

tizi Tankstelle: 2x High Power (2,1A); 2x Full Power (1A)
tizi Turbolader: 2x High Power (2,1 A); 1x Full Power (1A)
tizi Kraftprotz: 1x High Power (2,1 A); 1x Full Power (1A)

All listed tizi devices support Apple’s official High-Power charging spec (see Apple’s Article on High-Power charging). A lot of 3rd party chargers claim to support higher power rates, but won’t charge your new iPhone at higher speeds, as they don’t correctly support Apple’s standard.

And since this is Apple’s official high-power charging protocol, the devices determine how much power they draw, so your iPhone 6 will only pull in as much power as it can handle, ensuring a safe and battery-friendly fast charge.


So how fast will the new iPhones charge?


The iPhone 6 battery has 1810mAh, the iPhone 6 Plus has 2915mAh.

In our tests, an iPhone 6 can be completely charged in about 1h 15min, the iPhone 6 Plus needs between 1,5h and 2h. That’s almost twice as fast as Apple’s included power supply, which needs 2 – 2,5h for the iPhone 6 and 3 to 3,5h for the iPhone 6 Plus.


Charge your iPhone 6 faster


If you need the fastest charger for all your gadgets, tizi Tankstelle offers fast charging for up to four devices (2 high speed, 2 full speed). In the car? No problem, tizi Turbolader can charge up to 3 devices in your car and also supports high-speed charging. And for fast-charging on the go, tizi Kraftprotz has got your back, with enough charging power to fully charge your iPhone 6 3,5 times, or your iPhone 6 Plus 2,5 times.

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Designing emails for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Posted on 15. September, 2014 in Mail Designer

While huge screens are nothing new in the Android world, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the first smartphones that will have mass consumer adoption and also have best-in-class support for responsive emails. So what does this mean for us email designers?


Pixels vs. Points

First, it’s important to understand how the new screen’s pixel dimensions affect your email layout:
The original iPhone had a 320px wide display. This gave you 320 ‘points’ of screen space to work with. The iPhone 4 thru 5s all had 640 pixels wide retina displays. Apple used those extra pixels to increase the crispness of text on the display (i.e. “retina”), so the available width for your layout was still just 320 points.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The new ‘Retina HD’ displays on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the first iPhones to offer content more width on the display. The iPhone 6 is 750 pixels wide and the 6 Plus is 1080 pixels wide. This translates to 375 points on the iPhone 6 and 414 points on the the iPhone 6 Plus.


Device mode Original iPhone iPhone 5 iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus
Portrait (pixels) 320px 640px 750px 1242px
Portrait (points) 320pt 320pt 375pt 414pt
Landscape (pixels) 480px 1136px 750px 2208px
Landscape (points) 480pt 540pt 667pt 440pt (effective)


Until today, designing for 320 points has ensured that your mobile layouts will fit perfectly on all iPhones. With the new device sizes, you can start to optimize for the larger size!

Choose a mobile width of 375 points in Mail Designer Pro and your entire message content will fit perfectly on the iPhone 6, be scaled up to fit the iPhone 6 Plus, and will also be displayed in its entirety on older iPhones, as they automatically scale down the message (to approx. 85% of the original size).

Mail Designer Pro makes this easy to do: just pull up the mobile options from the File menu and enter your new mobile layout width:

Mail Designer Pro mobile layout

So why not go even larger and use the iPhone 6 Plus resolution? Well, if you choose 414 points as your default size, your message will shrink down to 75% of their original size on older iPhones, which will make fonts and buttons too small to read for many users.


What about landscape?

In landscape, you have two options on the new devices: either continue to display your new mobile variant (375 pixels wide), or switch to showing your full-sized desktop layout. However, despite being the bigger of the two, the iPhone 6 Plus uses its additional screen space to show the user a list of messages on the left hand side of the screen, so the actual space left for displaying your message will be just ~440 points.

iPhone 6 Plus landscape mode

It’s counter-intuitive, but it means that the bigger of the two iPhones will actually have less space to show your email in the regular landscape layout. This means that your mobile layout is probably still the best choice for the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape mode. (Note: it’s possible that you might be able to swipe away the list view, but it doesn’t look as though that is the case at the moment) Update: The iPhone 6 Plus offers a ‘zoom’ button that will make the email fill the entire screen in landscape layout, however the default view is with the sidebar layout.

The regular iPhone 6 does not support the new landscape layout, so your email can take up the entire 667 points of the display – giving it more than enough room to show a desktop email layouts.


The bottom line

The new sweet spot for mobile-optimized portrait layouts is the iPhone 6 screen width with 375 points. Your designs will scale up to look great on the 6 Plus in portrait ands still scale down nicely to look great on older iPhones as well.

Set your mobile layout breakpoint to 500 points to show your desktop layout to iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 users in landscape, or to 580 points to only show iPhone 6 users a desktop layout on their new larger screens. And don’t forget to check your mobile layout design on the iPhone 6 Plus as well.


P.S. Create iPhone 6 ready layouts today

Mail Designer Pro offers you the flexibility you need to design for a range of mobile devices. Preview iPhone 6 and 6 Plus layouts today using custom device previews — we’ll have more iPhone 6 and iOS 8 news for you in the near future.

Mail Designer on the Mac App Store


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tizi.tv 1.3.1 available for download

Posted on 1. September, 2014 in Company, tizi

We released version 1.3.1 of tizi.tv for Mac which is available for download. With the update we have fixed a few bugs with scheduled recordings and prepared tizi.tv for Apple’s next operating system OS X 10.10 Yosemite by fixing an issue here, too.

You can download the latest version of tizi.tv for Mac after logging in to our website my.tizi.tv.

You have a TV receiver from Elgato, iCube or Hauppauge? In this case TV for Mac is perfect for you. Download the latest version of TV for Mac from tvmac.de/en.

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Switching from Cisco VPN Client to VPN Tracker hassle-free

Posted on 25. August, 2014 in Company, VPN Tracker

You’re looking for an alternative to Cisco’s Mac VPN client? Cisco previously discontinued support for its Cisco VPN IPsec Client. With Yosemite ahead, you may be looking for a rock-solid alternative: VPN Tracker allows you to connect your Mac to your Cisco gateway smoothly.

Import your Cisco VPN Connection

Switching to VPN Tracker is easy: Pull up VPN Tracker’s “import” menu and choose your .pcf connection files. VPN Tracker will automatically import your connections. VPN Tracker supports all Cisco VPN Client connection files that use group password authentication.

Easy setup with Cisco EasyVPN

VPN Tracker supports the simplified configuration and administration of VPN connections through Cisco EasyVPN. VPN Tracker also includes a generic device profile for Cisco VPN gateways that support EasyVPN. This profile allows you to set up VPN Tracker without having to know the exact Cisco VPN gateway that’s on the other end of the connection.

VPN Tracker has specific settings that can speed up connecting to Cisco devices and improve compatibility.

You can try VPN Tracker 30 days for free. You’re already running OS X Yosemite? Take an early look at VPN Tracker 8 Beta – it’s also free.

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VPN Tracker 8 Beta no. 5 released

Posted on 21. August, 2014 in Company, VPN Tracker


We’re pleased to offer all OS X Yosemite users our next technology preview release of VPN Tracker 8.

  • The Scanner and Accounting views have an updated look for Yosemite
  • The Log has moved next to the Configure button

Note: This is an early beta that allow you to start testing your VPN connection and new VPN Tracker features with OS X Yosemite Developer Preview.

Buy VPN Tracker 7, get VPN Tracker 8 for free

If you purchase any version of VPN Tracker 7 today, you’ll get a free upgrade to VPN Tracker 8. This offer is for all VPN Tracker 7 products, including Business Packs and Upgrades.


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Back to Business – Mail Designer 2.0.2 Update with a productive gift

Posted on 21. August, 2014 in Company, Mail Designer


Surprise! Our latest version Mail Designer version 2.0.2 comes with a free design idea called „Meeting“ – ideal for business mails and other correspondence. Of course we also improved the performance of the app and fixed a couple of small bugs, too. Have fun! Download the new version 2.0.2 here.

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Saddle up! CoverScout 3.6 is here!

Posted on 21. August, 2014 in Company, CoverScout


Mac OS X Yosemite is coming and we are combing all our apps. We have technical improved CoverScout for Apples forthcoming OS release and fixed also some small issues. So keep your app up to date with the latest 3.6 update and download your update here.

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