VPN Tracker 8.1: convenience and security for Fritz!Box users

Posted on 28. January, 2015 in VPN Tracker

VPN Tracker 8, makes it easy and convenient to connect a Mac remotely with a home network via a Fritz!Box. A new device profile for the Fritz!Box router is included with the newest VPN Tracker 8.1 update.

In order to setup a VPN connection via a Fritz!Box, it’s necessary to have at least the firmware version 6.05 (or newer). The VPN connection can then be setup over a web-interface. A new device profile for the Fritz!Box router is included with the newest VPN Tracker 8.1 update which is easy to configure.

Those who wish to use “LAN over VPN” via their Fritz!Box, can configure this option using our free VPN Tracker Wizard App. The app sets up configuration data for VPN Tracker and the Fritz!Box. Once set-up, either all internet traffic will be allowed over the VPN or only LAN traffic over the VPN tunnel. With the VPN Tracker Wizard, both iPhones and iPads can also be configured.
Further information for configuration of a VPN via a Fritz!Box can be found in our current handbook.

VPN Tracker is the market leading IPsec based VPN client for the Mac which was developed for professional use. VPN Tracker 8 is optimized for OS X Yosemite and offers many tools and features appropriate for daily business use. For years, VPN Tracker has been deemed a standard for secure VPN connections on Mac and is used on a regular bases by leading Mac consultants.

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Mail Designer & Mail Designer Pro 2.0.5

Posted on 22. January, 2015 in Mail Designer

We’ve just released an important update for Mail Designer 2 & Mail Designer Pro 2 that fixes an issue with our design delivery service, as well as a few other bugs. Make sure to update before starting your next project.



Here’s the full list of improvements:

· A problem with the Design Delivery service has been fixed
· An issue while saving documents has been fixed
· Uploads to Campaign Monitor are more reliable
· We’ve fixed an issue with PDF export
· A few visual glitches have been de-glitched

We’ve got a lot planned for Mail Designer this year, so expect to see a few announcements and updates in the coming months!

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5 creative mail design tips for a perfect start in the New Year – Get your newsletter design up to speed for 2015

Posted on 16. January, 2015 in Company, Mail Designer

MD2_DesignA new year is a new chance to introduce new ideas and workflows to up-coming projects. The following 5 Mail Designer tips are your kickstart helping your newsletter styles perform optimally in every mailbox.


Tip #1: Make 2015 smarter and crisper

Meanwhile, there are more than 1 billion smartphones in use worldwide and the new larger phablet displays are becoming more popular. This means that people are increasingly utilizing their smartphones to complete desktop tasks.
Without a user-friendly design, newsletters fail to reach an important target group, since more than half of all users access their email with their smartphones.
With the help of Mail Designer Pro 2, your desktop design can easily be optimized for the newest flagship phone generation such as; iPhone 6 Plus or the Nexus 6. What’s really important is that all graphics remain crisp and in high definition for both desktop and mobile varieties.


Tip #2: Attract attention with full screen backgrounds

Have some great pictures? Why not use one as a full screen background for your next newsletter campaign? Just paste your picture into the background of your Mail Designer project and delete the background of the text blocks. This style of newsletter is particularly inspirational and acts as a real inbox eye-catcher for every promotions, specials, or event announcements.


Background_2Full screen backgrounds are catchy


Tip #3: Keep it moving -  Animate your recipients

GIF animations have had a real come-back in the social media world. Why not include these into your newsletters, creating a fun, lively header to surprise and delight the readers?
200With tools such as the Image GIF Generator, you can create little GIF sequences from your YouTube videos or upload individual pictures and create your own GIF animations. When using this format, you only have 256 colors and a strong compression, which is fine for a cute little animation, but does not offer a higher quality picture. If you need a higher quality animation, use a simple animation, such as those found in the Mail Designer animation palette. You can also embed a YouTube or Vimeo video into your newsletter.


Tip #4: Show your style with cool fonts

Stand out from the crowd by using cool fonts for your newsletter headlines. With more than 500 web fonts (Mail Designer Pro 2 only) to choose from, the doors are open to a world of typographic highlights. If you’re having trouble deciding, search for tipps from design geeks/bloggers such as Katelyn Brooke who have mostly postings of web fonts which are always a hit.



Tip #5: Homemade flat-style

Keep it simple, flat, and transparent: pretentious 3D effects have been out of style for a long time. With the Shape Tool, you can easily design and create your own call-to-action buttons and overlays with a hip but flat design.

Colors: For some cool ideas and codes for flat color design, check out flatuicolors.com.
Shapes: The Shape Tool has what you need for any shape design
Fonts: For labeling, it’s best to use a classic design such as: Helvetica (bold) to name your buttons
Transparency: The opacity of your objects can be edited below in the Color Palette where you can produce transparent overlays.

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Inspiration for cool holiday emails – Season’s Greetings 7 has arrived

Posted on 11. December, 2014 in Company, Mail Designer


Selfies with Santa, glamorous holiday shots, glittery frost patterns – Season’s Greetings 7 features 24 brand new greeting cards perfect for your friends and family. With our most dazzling collection yet, you’re sure to melt the hearts and email accounts of every recipient.

  • Say cheese!: use picture placeholders and create charming selfies with Santa
  • Add moving holiday magic with incredible animations
  • Realistic texture and hand-crafted card look
  • Great selection including Christmas, New Years, and the Year in Review


Get creative with Mail Designer 2!

If you already have Mail Designer 2 then you’re in luck. You can edit and arrange the newest Season’s Greetings collections vol. 5-7 to personalize them even more! Here are some ideas…


„P.S.…I love you!“
Romantic greetings belong to the holidays. Send that special someone a lip smacking holiday greeting with animated mistletoe.


The 2015 Power Team
Send a funny group picture to your team and business partners.


New Years awaits – Make a bang!
With the help of Mail Designer 2, you can create an invitation, including a video of your family fireworks sessions, in one of the charming New Years templates from Seasons Greetings.


2014 in a nutshell. Your year in pictures.
Play around with the picture placeholders and use one of our Year in Review templates to create an exciting comic strip highlighting your year.



Our gift to you: Save 50% off our Season’s Greetings Bundle. With Mail Designer 2, you can edit and arrange the newest Season’s Greetings collections from vol. 5-7. Get all three together in a pack for 50% off the regular price – only 17.99 Euros. Get rolling with more than 70 email ideas! Our current collection, Seasons Greetings 7, is available individually for only 9.99 Euros. Have a very Maily Christmas!

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Five Tips! Sending Business Holiday Greetings by Email -  The Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on 8. December, 2014 in Company, Mail Designer

XMas_SGThe truth is, a traditional paper business holiday card has less chances of surviving than a tasty Christmas cookie with sprinkles on top. The average paper card ends up in the recycling bin shortly after it’s received. It’s almost 2015, so why not send innovative, stress-free, environmentally friendly holiday cards via email?

Do you have Mail Designer Pro? With the incredible Design Blueprints for Christmas & Holiday emails you can easily add CI elements and match the style of your company. Here are 5 tips to make sure your Greetings arrive with jolliness in toe.


1. Express Your Personality
Text-blocks are a no-no for holiday emails and are easy to spot. Try instead to add a personal anecdote, a success story, review the past year, or highlight the philosophy of the company.
Integrate your professional look and use placeholders for your CI elements and logos. With our Design Blueprints for Mail Designer Pro it’s easy to add a scanned signature for a personal touch and perfect way to end a holiday card. Send your emails with Campaign Monitor or MailChimp and use placeholders to personalize titles and salutations.


Android_xmas2. Be an innovator, stay environmentally friendly
„An Email Doesn’t Mean as Much as a Traditional Card“…Not True! You’re the one setting a good example. You’re innovative, up-to-date, and are concerned about protecting our environment with non-paper cards which would end up in the trash anyhow. The money you save by not ordering and sending paper cards can be donated to a worthwhile charity, which you can include on your email card boasting your company logo.

Tips: Why not offer a creative gift to your email card? Offer promo-codes, or include a quiz which rewards recipients with discounts or free shipping. Send a cool paper reindeer or a favorite holiday recipe to print. With just a little imagination, the possibilities are endless!



 DIY Holiday fun: Papertoy example from Media Molecule


3. Think of Other Holidays and Traditions
When dealing with large distributions, it’s never possible to hit on every holiday. Try using a more neutral greeting as not to offend or omit any beliefs or traditions.

Tip: Our Holiday Season Design Blueprints offer a wide range of Holiday Designs, including Christmas, winter, and Hanukkah Greetings.


1909-14. Well Received and Totally Surprised!
A large percentage of recipients will read the email greetings on their smartphones. Make sure your e-card arrives mobile friendly. The Holiday Season Design Blueprints for Mail Designer Pro come packed with festive design ideas which keep their crisp, card-look even on smartphones!

Tip: Try adding your own little GIF animation (snowflakes, stars, candlelights) which is sure to delight on smartphones! It’s easy with Mail Designer 2 & Mail Designer Pro.


Happy_NewYear5. Timing is Everything
It’s true, sending an email means less stress, no ink blotches, and not having to put an order in to the printer’s. If necessary, you could even send your Greetings directly on Christmas or other Holidays. Will it be received and read? Maybe. But remember, many people already begin their travels up to a week before Christmas. Therefore, sending your Holiday greetings 2 weeks before Christmas is advisable.

Tip: The last week of December is a good time to prepare and pre-program the delivery of your New Years Greetings, including a Year-in-Review.

Ring in the New Year with our Design Blueprints for holiday themed business emails! Available now as in-app purchase in Mail Designer Pro.

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UPDATE: 24 hour Black Friday SALE extension!

Posted on 1. December, 2014 in Company

badge_en_03Cyber Monday without equinux? We don’t think so. There’s still time to get your savings game on, as we’ve extended the legendary equinux Black Friday SALE to include Cyber Monday.
Save up to 50% off our apps and snag the coolest tizi gadgets at bargain prices!
Don’t miss your chance to fill those stockings and complete your Holiday shopping while the gettin’s good! And while you’re at it, buy a little something for yourself. You deserve it!
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Save up to 50% – The equinux Black Friday SALE 2014 is online

Posted on 27. November, 2014 in Company, Mail Designer, tizi



The turkey is thawing, the invites are out, it’s time to get shopping without a doubt! Avoid the crowds and the Christmas chaos. Keep it simple and get your shopping done online. There’s something for everyone at the equinux Black Friday SALE.

Through Sunday, November 30 – 2014, you can save up to 50% off cool apps and gadgets for friends, family, and yourself. Let the next click take you where the savings are. Our Black Friday SALE is an avalanche of savings not to be missed!


Tis the season to be jolly and more productive

Get your hands on our professional apps such as Mail Designer Pro 2 or Spot Maps for half off!! Looking to send magical season’s greetings this year? Pick up Season’s Greetings 6 Motion Cards for only 3.99 Euros.

Surprises for tech-savvy friends & family

And don’t forget about our incredible tizi gadgets which make the perfect stocking stuffers for your tech-savvy friends and family. Be the hit of the Christmas party this year and show up with the coolest, portable Bluetooth speaker, the tizi beat bag, on sale for 50% off! Keep the power flowing with the tizi Tankstelle for only 24.99 Euros. Or give the gift of TV with the tizi for Mac TV-Stick (DTT) at 40% off!

It’s so worth it. Come have a look and take advantage of some awesome free apps for iPhone, Pad & Android – there’re even more surprises, but you’ll have to come and see for yourself! Save now at the equinux Black Friday Sale!

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