Beta 1 of VPN Tracker 365 for OS X El Capitan is available now

Posted on 22. June, 2015 in Company, VPN Tracker


The world is changing and your security needs to evolve with it. We’re pleased to announce that the first beta of VPN Tracker 365 is available for download. Our development team is looking forward to your feedback to improve the forthcoming version.

Interested developers, consultants and security experts with access to OS X El Capitan will be able to take an early look at the VPN Tracker 365.

The next generation of VPN Tracker is about: highest data security on the internet for all of your Macs — when and where you need it. VPN Tracker 365 will be available as a service plan later this year, alongside OS X El Capitan and replace the existing VPN Tracker.

The first VPN Tracker 365 Beta is now available for download on our OS X El Capitan technology preview page.

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Distribute content curation via email

Posted on 17. June, 2015 in Mail Designer

With Mail Designer Pro 2.3, you can create your own curated newsletters.

Mashable and Pinterest have shown how it’s done and many other curated content platforms, such as; Webdesigner News or Designer News, have since followed suit. The idea behind content curation is to find, filter, and share interesting content and now, this is conveniently possible to do by Mail. The new Mail Designer Pro 2.3 has greatly improved link formatting options making it easy to share your curated content by email. Even the biggest names in business rely on emails since email marketing has been shown to be around 40 times more effective than Facebook! It’s no wonder that widely-reached curated websites happily send informative emails or newsletters to their users, keeping them in the loop and sharing exciting content.

Give it a try: Test drive Mail Designer Pro for free (download)

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VPN connections under OS X El Capitan: VPN Tracker 365 Beta available soon

Posted on 10. June, 2015 in Company, VPN Tracker

VPN Connections El Capitan
OS X El Capitan is approaching. We’re thrilled to announce, that you’ll be able to protect your most sensitive data with a brand new version of VPN Tracker. We’re busy working on a first VPN Tracker 365 beta. You’re a developer, consultant or simply an early bird? Sign up here for an exclusive early look.

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tizi Turbolader 4x Mega – Grab the SUV of USB car chargers

Posted on 27. May, 2015 in Company, tizi

tizi Turbolader 4x

The tizi tuning team has maximized the charging power and connection possibilities for your cockpit: Get the ultimate energy boost with tizi Turbolader 4x MEGA and leave those other chargers in the dust.

Maximum speed: Your new charging highway

Get in gear with the tizi Turbolader 4x MEGA, offering 4 USB ports with maximum charging power for your USB devices all at the same time (up to 2.4A on each USB port).


Maximum capacity: Backseat gadgets welcome
The “intelligent charging assistant” – The Auto Max Power™ Technology determines the perfect charging power for each device: iPads charge with high power and your iPhone charges 2x faster than with its original charging cable!


02-Turbo-4x-Mega-incarSafety first!
The big, robust body of the tizi Turbolader 4x Mega is designed to stay cool and not overheat. The rugged, off-road design also ensures that the tizi 4x MEGA fits snuggly into the cigarette lighter port. You’re always sure to find a parking spot for your devices here.


Maximum style 
Convenient cockpit charm? The red/silver aluminum design is a real eye-catcher for any vehicle, from family van to sporty convertible, it just looks good.


With four ports, you’re ready for every scenario… 

  • Family trip – Lights, camera, and never ending action: Finally a charging device with enough space and power for smartphones, tablets and even more juice left over for the GPS, Kindle, camera, USB fan, mini fridge, handheld game device etc…
  • Power-up for those Business trips: On the road again and this time, fully charged: Keep the juice flowing for your smartphones, Netbooks, smart watches and mobile batteries.
  • Road trip with friends: Connect four! Off to a festival, comic convention, or to chill on the beach?  Now it’s possible to all arrive with a fully loaded smartphone.

Get the tizi Turbolader 4x MEGA now for only 39.99 Euros at Amazon.


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Watch out! Mail Designer Pro 2.2 is here!

Posted on 13. May, 2015 in Company, Mail Designer


Are your newsletters really ready for Apple Watch? With the Mail Designer 2.2 update, you can optimize your design ideas for the newest Wearables. The following five new features give you even more control of your text workflows, design creations and inspiration. Here we go…


MD2.2WatchHands Up! Optimize emails for the new Apple Watch
You can create responsive designs for desktop, the newest smartphones, and now also for the Apple Watch: with an intuitive Plain Text Design Tool, your newsletter messages come across just as they should, even on Apple’s newest wearable trend. Optimize your message layouts for easy reading on the Apple Watch.


Look & Feel: Smart Apple Watch preview
Don’t have an Apple Watch? No problem, our nifty Apple Watch Preview shows you exactly how your newsletter message will look in real time! Virtually scroll through and edit your text and layout to create the coolest newsletters any wrist has ever seen!


Increase opening rates: Brand new Inbox Optimizing Tool
It only takes a few seconds for the recipient to decide whether or not to open your email.  It’s advisable to avoid email faux pas such as, “If you are unable to read this email, please click here” – totally lame! The Inbox Optimizing Tool transforms you into a true communications professional with the ability to tune your opening rate easily.



Spice up your subject lines and include creative text snippets which make your recipients more inclined to click and open your newsletter. Our Inbox Optimizer shows you everything as a preview as well.


Improved Picture Workflow: Support of Apple Photos App 
Do you have a huge collection of photos? Put them to use! Access your new OS X Photos library right within Mail Designer Pro. Just drag and drop your coolest photos from the newest Photos App from OS X 10.10.3 into your newsletter.


Force TouchThe Pressure’s on: Now you can design with Force Touch
Mail Designer Pro 2.2 is in perfect tune with the newest generation of MacBook tools. Increase your design productivity with Force Touch shortcuts on the latest trackpads. You’ll be surprised how easy you can force click to jump into background edit mode.


You’d like to get on board the creative train and download Mail Designer Pro 2.2? The app is still available for a short time at a upgrade price of only 49.99 EUR. Mail Designer Pro 2.2 is available for download in the equinux Online Store as well as in the Mac App Store.



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Thin, light and dented – our 12″ Retina MacBook unboxing

Posted on 11. May, 2015 in tizi

Our brand new 12″ MacBook just arrived and it’s thin, light and… dented? Right out of the box we noticed two large dents on the bottom case!

We make tizi accessories & gadgets for iPhone, iPad and Mac (including chargers and flip-cables), so we asked our tizi packaging and product engineering team to investigate with their years of experience in product-packaging design.

Our tizi engineers discovered that the European power supply must have been jostled during transport, causing the rear edge of the power adapter and the front end of the plug to push up into the underside of the MacBook.

This won’t be an issue in the US, where the power adapter has prongs that fold up into the power brick – which is probably why the engineers in Cupertino didn’t catch it.

When you line up the power supply with the dents, you can see they line up perfectly. The little instruction booklet included with the MacBook also has marking on it, confirming the theory:


We’ve contacted Apple about the issue and they’ll replace our Macbook — so if you’ve ordered a new 12″ MacBook in Europe, be sure to check the underside of your new machine for dents once you get it!

equinux make apps and the tizi line gadgets for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Check out the new tizi line of products — now available in the US from

· tizi flip: The awesome, flippable lightning charging cable for your iPhone & iPad
· tizi Schlingel: The handy lightning charging cable that clips to your bag or keychain
· tizi Turbolader 3x Mega: The V12 turbo for your gadgets: charge 3 devices in your car

If you have Apple Watch, check out our free tizi Calc design calculator!

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Calculated Design. The missing calculator for Apple Watch: tizi Calc

Posted on 24. April, 2015 in Company, tizi



Apple Watch + tizi Calc = Your Style: You can count on tizi to turn your brand new Apple Watch into a hip, yet practical trend-setter. Introducing the new tizi Calc, the incredibly cool calculator app for the Apple Watch. 20 stylish number-crunching designs that complement your Watch and strap perfectly.


You can really count on tizi Calc
Each of the awesome tizi Calc designs allow you to change the colors to match your armband or your current mood. Whether pulsating, magical, or totally posh, you’ll get inspired by the variety of styles which are sure to turn your Apple watch display into a mighty eye-catcher.

Oh yeah, and besides the typical plus, minus, multiplication, and division possibilities, we’ve thrown in a handy tipping calculator. Your tizi Calc automatically throws out some tipping percentages as suggestions.


Find your own pocket calculator look

  • Impress your nerdy friends with an 80’s LCD retro Tokio design or your science fiction buddies with a Starship style like Farpoint.
  • Amaze your stylish BFFs as you calculate your shopping purchases on a glamorous leopard skin design – Meow!
  • Crunch those numbers Wall St. style over a cup of joe, with the chromatic München display
  • Or dive into the bubbly world of numbers with the playful Barcelona design. It’s up to you!



tizi Calc is available immediately as a free app in the App Store. With an in-app purchase, you can unlock the multitude of great calculator design themes.

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