New: Connect to Your VPN on iPhone & iPad

VPN Tracker for iPhone and iPad

The big day is here: After a highly successful beta program, we're thrilled to announce that VPN Tracker for iPhone and iPad is now available to download on the App Store!

TLDR - all you need to know:

  • VPN Tracker is now available for iPhone and iPad!
  • Get private access to your own network, at work or home - wherever you are
  • Supported protocols: IPSec, OpenVPN, SonicWALL SSL, SSTP, Fortinet SSL, Cisco AnyConnect SSL, WireGuard (beta coming soon!)
  • Bring your own VPN gateway (compatible with all leading vendors: SonicWALL, Netgear, Cisco, Fortinet, Sophos, Synology, etc.) 
  • 100% secure, fully end-to-end encrypted, no port forwarding required
  • Get on your local network: Remotely access file servers, Smart Home devices, Macs and PCs
  • VPN Tracker for Mac users: TeamCloud and Personal Safe connections auto-synced on iPhone & iPad PLUS exclusive upgrade discounts

Your new go-to remote access solution for iPhone and iPad

New VPN Tracker for iPhone and iPad enables you to securely connect to your home or office network and get work done on the go. 100% private access, end-to-end encryption and no complicated setup.

Zero configuration - get connected in seconds

Just like VPN Tracker for Mac, VPN Tracker for iPhone and iPad also supports all leading VPN gateway setups. All you need to get connected on iPhone and iPad is a VPN gateway and some basic network information. We'll take care of the rest!

300+ ready-to-run profiles and step-by-step guides for popular devices make getting connected a breeze.

Pssst... Already using VPN Tracker on the Mac? Then it's even easier! All your compatible TeamCloud and Personal Safe connections will be auto-synced as soon as you log in on iOS - you don't need to lift a finger. Get VPN Tracker for iPhone and iPad.

Get secure office access wherever you are

Numbers of remote workers have never been higher than during the last few years - with thousands of people working from home and requiring quick access to their office network. Being able to work on an iPad or even iPhone makes you even more flexible and literally able to work anywhere.

With VPN Tracker, you can create a secure connection to your company network and perform key tasks on the go:

  • Use the Files app to connect to file servers
  • Open and edit files on the go
  • Connect to databases
  • Access your company intranet
Securely connect to file servers on your iPhone or iPad with VPN Tracker

Cloud control: Fully end-to-end encrypted

Whether you're rolling out VPN to new staff members, accessing client networks, or sharing connections with friends and family, VPN Tracker enables you to do this quickly and securely.

Secure, end-to-end encrypted TeamCloud technology keeps your connections safe and ensures only you and your trusted team members have access. Learn more.

One VPN client to rule them all

Multiprotocol support

Finding a powerful VPN client for iOS with multi-protocol support has proven to be an impossible task - leaving many professional users stuck switching between multiple apps just to access connections and get work done.

Get all your essential connections in one app - with support for practically all setups (even SonicWALL IPSec!) and killer connection speeds.

3x faster than SSL VPN

Sick of using slow SSL VPN on your iPhone? Connect to SonicWALL IPSec VPN in VPN Tracker for up to 3x faster connection speeds on iOS.

VPN Tracker iOS 1.0.1 Build Number 105243 tested against SonicWALL Mobile Connect App using iPerf running on iPad (9th Gen). Learn more about SSL vs IPSec VPN.

How to connect to your VPN on iPhone & iPad

Get started with VPN Tracker for iPhone and iPad today! Download VPN Tracker from the App Store and start your 7 day free trial to unlock secure remote access on iOS.

VPN Tracker for Mac user? Explore your exclusive upgrade options.

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