New: Connect to WireGuard® VPN in VPN Tracker

Exciting news: Support for WireGuard® VPN connections is now available in the latest VPN Tracker version! Connect to WireGuard® VPN connections on your Mac, iPhone or iPad with a VPN Tracker Pro, VIP, Member, Member Plus and Consultant plan.

What is WireGuard®?

WireGuard® is a modern, open source VPN standard that works on level 3 of the OSI Model and has been massively growing in popularity over the last few years due to its easy setup and high performance.

VPN connections are made by securely exchanging public keys and can be set up in seconds. Connections can be imported on to your Mac, iPhone or iPad using a dedicated configuration file or QR code - making getting connected to your network a breeze.

Configuring WireGuard® VPN in VPN Tracker

VPN Tracker supports importing WireGuard® .conf files and using setup QR codes to configure your WireGuard® connection.

Here's how to get started with WireGuard® using the new and improved connection editing workflow:

  1. Log in to VPN Tracker on Mac, iPhone or iPad
  2. Add a new connection, switch to the "Protocols" tab and choose WireGuard® VPN
  3. Upload your configuration file or scan your QR code to import your connection settings
  4. Give your connection a name
  5. Create your connection using VPN Tracker Secure Data Transfer to save securely in your account
Upload your WireGuard® configuration file or QR code to VPN Tracker to import your settings
Save your connection using Secure Data Transfer

You now have access to your WireGuard® VPN connection in VPN Tracker!

When you first start your connection, you may be prompted to enter your username and password. In the majority of cases, this will be the login credentials from your VPN gateway. If you don't know these, please get in touch with your VPN admin.

Learn more about WireGuard® VPN.

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