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Is your VPN secure? Tips against potential threats

Security is a crucial point for any VPN service. As VPN is your shield from web attacks and data leaks, a VPN service must be highly trusted and not be a danger itself. Find out what kind of threats a VPN service may have for your security.

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NEW in VPN Tracker 36518.1.1: Support for macOS Mojave beta

VPN Tracker Version 36518.1.1 – Ready for macOS 10.14 We’re all super excited for the official release of macOS 10.14 this fall. In the meantime, we’ve already started testing out the beta version which was released on Monday. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably be doing exactly the same thing, which is why we’ve […]

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SHA-1 collision and what it means for your VPN security

Recently, a team of researchers at Google announced that they had successfully created a SHA1-collision. Our VPN experts are going to outline what that means and what security implications it has for VPN users. What SHA1 is used for SHA1 is a cryptographic hash function that is used to verify signatures and other security-related files. […]

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How to protect your personal data on public wifi hotspots

These days, WiFi hotspots are pretty much everywhere: Most airports, cafes, train stations and hotels offer public WiFi which is great news for travelers, or if you’re just trying to stay within your monthly data allowance. But the last thing you need is stress about is the safety and security of your internet connection…   […]

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VPN Tracker for teams: How to manage teams easily with

With the new Team Management at you can now get your team up and running with VPN Tracker 365 in minutes. Lists with activation codes are a thing of the past. Invite your staff and colleagues via mail to your team with just a few clicks. Less stress, more team. Here’s how – watch the video! All your VPN […]

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Even more Compatibility with VPN Tracker 6.0.3

The releases just keep coming and we definitely have some good news. VPN Tracker 6.0.3 is now available and now supports two new NETGEAR devices: FVS318G and SRXN3205. While we were at it, we tightened a few loose screws including a small routing issue with Host to Everywhere connections as well as removed the FileMaker […]

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Just a little fix for VPN Tracker 5

We have just updated VPN Tracker 5 and made a couple of small fixes. This update is free to existing VPN Tracker 5 customers. VPN Tracker 6 is now available and offers all the features of the previous version plus new security features, more device compatibility and, of course, the all new Secure Desktop. If […]

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VPN Tracker is now 100% Snow Leopard Compatible

For all the Snow Leopard users out there, we are proud to announce that VPN Tracker is ready for business. In this release we have updated the split DNS component of VPN Tracker in addition to a few other minor tweaks. This update is free for all registered VPN Tracker 5 users.

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