Is your VPN secure? Tips against potential threats

Security is crucial for VPN

Security is a crucial point for any VPN service. As VPN is your shield from web attacks and data leaks, a VPN service must be highly trusted and not be a danger itself. Find out what kind of threats a VPN service may have for your security.

Traffic logs

Today almost every VPN service provider has a strong encryption, allowing to protect your traffic. It is really difficult to break a modern encryption, so you should be aware of another potential threat to your data.

Make sure that your VPN service provider doesn’t log your browsing history, data destination or data content. It may seem harmless to log encrypted data, as it is unreadable without the encryption key. However VPN providers hold such keys. For example, Facebook used to have data tracking apps, including Onavo VPN, that collected and stored users’ private information. Facebook was able to decrypt and analyze all the phone’s activity, including browsing history and private messages, even though the data had been previously encrypted.

So if your data is logged and anyone has the keys, they can easily track all your browsing history. Check the privacy policy of your VPN service provider and its country of origin. Some countries require services to log all the clients' information.

No matter which VPN product you are using, we always strongly encrypt each piece of your information before sending it. Moreover we don’t log or store any of your traffic info, we only collect minimum necessary information to fulfil your support requests and run our cloud features. We are based in Munich, Germany, so we must comply with strict EU data protection policies.

Selling customers’ personal data to third parties

You may not know it, but some VPN service providers can be selling their customers’ data to third parties, typically to advertisers. You may find it ridiculous, but in fact it is easily explainable. If a VPN service is free of charge, developers still need to cover their costs. Some may be showing you ads, but others prefer not to interrupt your VPN experience and make money using your data. It is relatively easy to check if your VPN service provider may be doing this.

There are numerous lists of such providers around the internet. You can also simply check its Privacy Policy. If you see something like “we may share your email address with our marketing partners” - have in mind that your privacy is in danger.

Here at equinux we don’t need to sell your data to any advertisers. Our VPN services are not free, so you can be sure - your data is under protection.

Former team members

Surprisingly former team members can be even of a greater threat to your corporate security than professional web hackers. Your former colleagues can easily get an access to the sensitive corporate data, if they still have an access to your private network.

Unfortunately that can happen with any company. For example, an employee can still have a set corporate VPN connection on their personal Macbook. At the same time they may have an access to the VPN account, if there was just one for the whole team. Make sure that your VPN service has some security measures for such situations.

VPN Tracker 365 has everything to protect you from this threat. First of all, we advise all our clients to use Team Management. It is an intuitive system that allows you to manage accounts of your employees, granting and retrieving VPN Tracker licenses. You can even see, who has an access to each VPN connection and prevent unauthorised usage.

Another great thing is Remote Connection Wipe. If you are using Team Management you can remotely remove a team VPN connection from a member’s computer. So you don’t need to worry if a former employee still keeps it on their device.  Please check our Whitepaper for more info.

Make considerable decisions and choose a VPN service that will actually secure your data.

Check our privacy policy page to learn more about the VPN Tracker security approach. You can also contact us if you have any other questions.


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