VPN Tracker for teams: How to manage teams easily with my.vpntracker.com


With the new Team Management at my.vpntracker.com you can now get your team up and running with VPN Tracker 365 in minutes. Lists with activation codes are a thing of the past. Invite your staff and colleagues via mail to your team with just a few clicks.

Less stress, more team. Here's how – watch the video!

All your VPN Tracker 365 plans at a glance

Log in to my.vpntracker.com using your equinux ID. You'll find all of your VPN Tracker 365 plans under your Account.

Team Managing: Invite team members via email

Click on Team Management to create a team and invite team members by entering their names and email addresses. Team Management lets you create your team and invite new members by sending them an email directly from my.vpntarcker.com.


Assign a plan to a team member

Even before your team member accepts your invitation you can assign them a plan by clicking Change Plan. This lets your team member get started right after accepting your invitation. Clicking Revoke will remove the plan from your team member.

Get to work!

Your colleague accapted your invitation? They can now use their plan in the VPN Tracker 365 app. Export your connection using VPN Tracker's export feature and send your team members the connection file in a separate message for added security.

Download the newest VPN Tracker version here.

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