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Beta 1 of VPN Tracker 365 for OS X El Capitan is available now

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The world is changing and your security needs to evolve with it. We’re pleased to announce that the first beta of VPN Tracker 365 is available for download. Our development team is looking forward to your feedback to improve the forthcoming version.

Interested developers, consultants and security experts with access to OS X El Capitan will be able to take an early look at the VPN Tracker 365.

The next generation of VPN Tracker is about: highest data security on the internet for all of your Macs — when and where you need it. VPN Tracker 365 will be available as a service plan later this year, alongside OS X El Capitan and replace the existing VPN Tracker.

The first VPN Tracker 365 Beta is now available for download on our OS X El Capitan technology preview page.

VPN Tracker 8.1: convenience and security for Fritz!Box users

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VPN Tracker 8, makes it easy and convenient to connect a Mac remotely with a home network via a Fritz!Box. A new device profile for the Fritz!Box router is included with the newest VPN Tracker 8.1 update.

In order to setup a VPN connection via a Fritz!Box, it’s necessary to have at least the firmware version 6.05 (or newer). The VPN connection can then be setup over a web-interface. A new device profile for the Fritz!Box router is included with the newest VPN Tracker 8.1 update which is easy to configure.

Those who wish to use “LAN over VPN” via their Fritz!Box, can configure this option using our free VPN Tracker Wizard App. The app sets up configuration data for VPN Tracker and the Fritz!Box. Once set-up, either all internet traffic will be allowed over the VPN or only LAN traffic over the VPN tunnel. With the VPN Tracker Wizard, both iPhones and iPads can also be configured.
Further information for configuration of a VPN via a Fritz!Box can be found in our current handbook.

VPN Tracker is the market leading IPsec based VPN client for the Mac which was developed for professional use. VPN Tracker 8 is optimized for OS X Yosemite and offers many tools and features appropriate for daily business use. For years, VPN Tracker has been deemed a standard for secure VPN connections on Mac and is used on a regular bases by leading Mac consultants.

Yosemite is here! VPN Tracker 8 is ready…

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We’ve prepared VPN Tracker for the future. Our security experts have completely optimized VPN Tracker 8 for Apple’s new OS X Yosemite and have improved VPN and security features. The new VPN Tracker 8 comes equipped with useful functions for use in the professional realm.

New VPN Engine, more control

The all new VPN Tracker 8 was now redesigned from the ground up to perfectly match the features and new streamlined look of Apples next-gen OS. The new Status View clearly reflects what VPN Tracker is doing at each step, and even displays the most current log message right at the top, and takes you to the log if necessary.

VPN Tracker can manage numerous VPN tunnels simultaneously. The new Traffic Control feature makes it possible to in- or exclude entire IP-ranges from VPN tunnels. It’s even more convenient to work on a VPN desktop: You can solve common address conflicts between local subnets and remote networks.

Price and availability: VPN Tracker 8 is now available starting at $99.90 in the equinux Online Store. VPN Tracker 8 requires at least Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks and has been optimized for OS X Yosemite.


How to setup a secure VPN Connection with OS X Yosemite

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Is your VPN secure and future-proof? Change systems without security concerns.  Our security experts have completely optimized the VPN Tracker 8 for Apple’s newest operating system OS X Yosemite. In order to increase your security level and protect your data transfers it’s important to stay up-to-date.

Secure your company’s data under OS X Yosemite. With the new VPN Tracker 8, you can connect your Mac to the company network, giving you secure, encrypted access to any confidential business data.

Switching from Cisco VPN Client to VPN Tracker hassle-free

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You’re looking for an alternative to Cisco’s Mac VPN client? Cisco previously discontinued support for its Cisco VPN IPsec Client. With Yosemite ahead, you may be looking for a rock-solid alternative: VPN Tracker allows you to connect your Mac to your Cisco gateway smoothly.

Import your Cisco VPN Connection

Switching to VPN Tracker is easy: Pull up VPN Tracker’s “import” menu and choose your .pcf connection files. VPN Tracker will automatically import your connections. VPN Tracker supports all Cisco VPN Client connection files that use group password authentication.

Easy setup with Cisco EasyVPN

VPN Tracker supports the simplified configuration and administration of VPN connections through Cisco EasyVPN. VPN Tracker also includes a generic device profile for Cisco VPN gateways that support EasyVPN. This profile allows you to set up VPN Tracker without having to know the exact Cisco VPN gateway that’s on the other end of the connection.

VPN Tracker has specific settings that can speed up connecting to Cisco devices and improve compatibility.

You can try VPN Tracker 30 days for free. You’re already running OS X Yosemite? Take an early look at VPN Tracker 8 Beta – it’s also free.

VPN Tracker 8 Beta no. 5 released

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We’re pleased to offer all OS X Yosemite users our next technology preview release of VPN Tracker 8.

  • The Scanner and Accounting views have an updated look for Yosemite
  • The Log has moved next to the Configure button

Note: This is an early beta that allow you to start testing your VPN connection and new VPN Tracker features with OS X Yosemite Developer Preview.

Buy VPN Tracker 7, get VPN Tracker 8 for free

If you purchase any version of VPN Tracker 7 today, you’ll get a free upgrade to VPN Tracker 8. This offer is for all VPN Tracker 7 products, including Business Packs and Upgrades.


Which equinux apps work with OS X Yosemite?

By CoverScout, iSale, Mail Designer, MediaCentral, SongGenie, Spot Maps, Stationery Pack, The Tube, tizi, TubeStick, VPN Tracker

os x yosemiteNow that OS X Yosemite Public Beta is out, you’re probably wondering which apps work with Yosemite so you can start testing Apple’s latest and greatest. The good news: most of your equinux apps already work with OS X Yosemite.

Here’s the full rundown:

Work great

  • CoverScout
  • Greeting Cards / Stationery Pack
  • iSale 5
  • Mail Designer 2
  • Mail Designer Pro 2
  • MediaCentral
  • SongGenie 2 (one minor font issue will be fixed soon)
  • Spot Maps
  • tizi for Mac
  • TV for Mac
  • The Tube
  • VPN Tracker 8

VPN Tracker note

Apple has changed a fair bit under the hood for networking, but we’re offering VPN Tracker 8 beta as a free download during the beta for all Yosemite users. Your existing connections will be copied into VPN Tracker 8 automatically, allowing you to test Yosemite with your VPN connections. For more details, head over to the VPN Tracker 8 beta page.

That wraps up our first Yosemite overview — if you have any question, just send us an email or get in touch on twitter.

Back to the future – with VPN Tracker 8!

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We’ve opened the door to our development lab: Give VPN Tracker a try with OS X Yosemite now. Take a sneak-peek at our VPN Tracker 8 Technology Preview with a brand new VPN-engine. The newest features and an adapted user interface will be introduced in a later version. 

We know you are eager to test OS X Yosemite, so we’re offering early preview access to VPN Tracker 8. This early beta will allow you to start testing with OS X Yosemite, but does not yet include all the new features and UI changes that will be in the final version. Just import your existing VPN-connection, your current VPN set-up will remain untouched.

Buy VPN Tracker 7 now, get VPN Tracker 8 free!

With the purchase of VPN Tracker 7 (starting at 79.90 Euros + 19% VAT / $99.90) you automatically get VPN Tracker 8 as well. As soon as the final VPN Tracker 8 is available, you can switch over to the new version without any extra costs. With the additional Protection Plan all future upgrades as well as top level support with our VPN experts are included for 36 months!


How secure is your home office?

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To protect your confidental data VPN Tracker is based on the IPsec protocol technology and not on SSL. Further on we are supporting you with the most modern security standards for encryption. Connect your home office Mac to your company network safely, it’s easy…


secure_dI think I’ll work from home today! 

No problem! VPN Tracker supports AES-256 encryption. Use the highest security standards to work with company data in an environment that lets your creativity flow.


Productive project management

Organize your workflow: Create Secure Desktops for each of your projects. Access the right server connection or website with a click.


Weekend contingency plan?

VPN Tracker offers risk-free and reliable remote access to all-important company resources. With just one click, the Network Scanner in VPN Tracker 7 connects you to your devices and network services.


Turn your home office into a secure office, and see an increase in productivity with VPN Tracker 7 and VPN Tracker 7 Pro (Feature comparison). Now available from only € 79.90 (plus VAT).