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Versatile is not enough

By VPN Tracker

As if VPN Tracker was not compatible with more than 250 gateways already – we just added two more devices! Why that?

Well, first of all, because you asked us to. Every day, we receive emails requesting support for specific VPN devices. If you’re an admin, you probably know that you can create connection profiles yourself. VPN Tracker is about making things simple, though, and what’s simpler than selecting a pre-defined connection profile. So much for our motivation.

Now for the nerds: Secure Computing’s Sidewinder G2® features a Zero-hour Attack Protections (ZAP™) technology (nice name!), and the EAL4+ certification (what the heck is that?) up its sleeve. The Mako Box is a true network device – fully configurable through Mako’s website right after you plug it in. Even VPN tunnels can be configured using a web browser! That’s what I call remote management.

The update also addresses some minor issues related to timeouts and I/O errors. In fact, the only person complaining about these was one of our own support engineers. He’s happy now.

VPN Tracker 4.9.1 is free if you have a license for VPN Tracker 4. Without a license, the software is fully functional for 30 days (all connections will be terminated after three minutes).

For more info on VPN Tracker, please check out our website. Or go ahead and get a license today!

Easily setup your VPN connection – use VPN Solution for Mac

By VPN Tracker

Ever dreamt of setting up your own VPN connection to securely connect to your home computer or private network? Dreams can come true with our VPN Solution for Mac. This combination of software (our VPN Tracker Personal Edition) together with a NETGEAR® firewall, including the Quick Setup Guide as well as a Setup Assistant, a native Mac application does it all. With just a few steps, you will be able to setup a secure connection then you will be able to access your home or office computer or even network from anywhere that has an internet connection.

If you access to a small home network, the VPN Solution for Mac Home Edition has been designed for this exact situation. The Home Edition includes a NETGEAR® ProSafe FVS114 Firewall.

The Business Edition provides business-class protection and is suitable for up to 8 simultaneous VPN connections. It contains the NETGEAR® ProSafe FVS318v3. The VPN Solution for Mac Business Edition is the perfect solution for accessing internal services like Mail, FileMaker or other internal databases remotely.

This is just the start, visit the VPN Solution website and get connected!

California here we come – meet us at the Macworld San Francisco

By CoverScout, iSale, MediaCentral, VPN Tracker

Come visit us at the Macworld in San Francisco from January 9th – 12th, 2007. This year we’ll be present with two booths. Visit our phenomenal 400 sqft booth (Booth S2538) where we’ll show you the latest features and enhancements of our product range. We are not going to reveal too much here – so come by and check out our products and meet us personally. And then we’ll have a pod at the ADC Developer Pavilion that sits right behind the Apple booth (Booth S1538-35). Meet our Apple Design Award 2006 winner, iSale and learn more about its latest features.

We are not going to travel thousands of miles without any Exhibition Special. Find great deals of our products including special product bundles worth their money.

You won’t want to miss us! So, see you in San Francisco.

VPN Tracker 4.9 supports 12 new devices

By VPN Tracker

VPN Tracker 4.9 continues to expand adding 12 new devices to the VPN Tracker Compatability list – 2 new Collax devices and 10 new Fortigate devices. This is definitely great for VPN Tracker and in combination with a few of the Intel-related bugs, VPN Tracker users (and future users) everywhere are sure to benefit.
A complete compatibility list can be found on the equinux device compatibility website

If you would like more information on VPN Tracker, please check out

Update to VPN Tracker 4.8 today!

By VPN Tracker

We would like to take this opportunity to announce the availability of VPN Tracker 4.8. This latest release adds much needed support for the NETGEAR FVS124G and Fireware 8.x, the latest generation of Watchguard’s Firebox X firmware revision.

VPN Tracker 4.8 also adds support for extended XAUTH communication with Cisco devices. Furthermore, we have improved the compatibility between Cisco Pix devices VPN Tracker.

We have seen a high demand for a great all-in-one VPN Client for the Mac Platform and with this release we are demonstrating our commitment to you to do just that. No matter how small or big a company is – VPN Tracker is the best choice for any VPN solution on the Mac platform.

As always, this update is free for all VPN Tracker 4.x users. For more information about the latest features and additional product details, please visit the VPN Tracker website.

VPN Tracker 4.7 with Linksys Support Released

By VPN Tracker

We’ve extended the list of devices supported by VPN Tracker: Welcome, Linksys RV042 and RV082, to the club of devices tested with VPN Tracker! Some minor issues with DNS servers when using Mode Config were fixed, too. We even found the time to include support for the Netgear FVG318 ProSafe Wireless VPN Firewall.

Now we’ll take a short break (read: a good night’s sleep) and start working on the next release. Stay tuned for more great news in this blog!

The new version is a free update for all 4.x users. Take advantage of the new features and download VPN Tracker 4.7 today!

Have fun!

VPN Tracker 4.6.2 Adds More Flexibility for Intel Macs

By VPN Tracker

With the latest release of VPN Tracker we have made a variety of improvements. From certificate creation on Intel Macs to additional DHCP functions for SonicOS Standard, we have packed plenty of fixes into this release. Additional improvements include:

  • Mode-Config will work with larger remote networks
  • If configured, log files will not be overwritten
  • DHCP requests are performed three times before a connection is stopped
  • Under certain circumstances, VPN Tracker claimed to many buffers (mbuf)
  • Traffic indicator functional under Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3
  • Connection files can be imported from the “File” menu

VPN Tracker 4.6.2 is a free update for all 4.x users. Download VPN Tracker 4.6.2 today!
If you are a VPN Tracker 3.x customer, upgrade to 4.6.2 today – from $39.00/€40,60.
($ Prices exclude any applicable sales tax, € Prices include Mwst/VAT)