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Just because we’re cyber nice …

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You’re in luck – our Black Friday offers have been extended for 1 more day for Cyber Monday!

So you have 23 hours more to buy an extra Christmas present for a family member, a friend, or even for yourself. Get an early jump on holiday gift buying to start the Christmas rush with a little less stress.

Plan ahead and save, but only if you buy today – It’s definitely your best and last chance for such bargain bundles!

The Black Friday Bonanza Begins!

By CoverScout, equinux Product Pages, iSale, MediaCentral, SongGenie, Stationery Pack

The bargain bundles have been released for you to grab as fast as you can! Take a quick look at all the savings (up to 65%!!) and act now to snap up the specials.


There are 2 bundles to choose from:

* Master your Mail *
+ Stationery Pack
+ Stationery Pack 2
+ Love & Romance Collection
+ Summer Spirit Cards
= $49 USD (RRP $115 USD)


* Boost your Mac Life *
+ Stationery Pack
+ Stationery Pack 2
+ Love & Romance Collection
+ Summer Spirit Cards
+ CoverScout
+ SongGenie
+ iSale
+ MediaCentral
+ Season’s Greetings Vol. 1
+ Season’s Greetings Vol. 2
= $99 USD (RRP $282.50 USD)

PLUS you can sweeten either bundle with a TubeStick hybrid for only $59 USD more and watch TV from your Mac… and your iPhone too!

If you snooze, you lose – these bundles are only available this weekend.

Have a bargain-ful Black Friday!

Black Friday Sale: The black blitz is back…

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A few hours left till equinux starts slashing the bucks off, with specially prepared value bundles, to make sure you get the best Black bargains!

Put a reminder straight away in your iCal (with an alarm) to check back here on the equinux website at: Thursday 26th November 2009 at 5am (EST)

So, don’t be sleepy or just plain stupid and miss out on this limited chance to really seize super savings!

PS. Don’t worry non-Americans, you can also benefit from Black Friday, even if you’re not familiar with the tradition.
All you need to know is Black Friday = Big Bargains 26-28th November only!

Revamp your holiday greetings this year!

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We’ve been busier than Santa’s elves this year, creating 22 high-quality email templates with countless variations. What’s more is, you can totally personalize each greeting by dropping your favorite pics into the funky frames. Its easy as (pumpkin) pie…

If you’re looking for that homemade look – check out ‘Christmas Sack’. Otherwise, you can count down the days with your friends with the ‘Advent Calendar’ or even create a business greeting for your clients. Now you can send festive wishes to as many family, friends and colleagues as you like throughout the holiday season! There’s no postage required with these greeting cards – how’s that for an early Christmas bonus!

To preview these and plenty more, simply download Stationery Pack or visit the equinux Online Store to start impressing all your friends with unique holiday greetings today.

We’ve got spirit, yes we do!We’ve got spirit, how about you?

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summerspiritcardsboxleft2Today we took the lid off of Summer Spirit Cards, a fantastic collection of 20 templates that celebrate what we all love most about summer.

Summer Spirit Cards let you create picture postcards of your vacation, invitations for your friends and family to next weekend’s BBQ and if you think people really want to know, announcements informing all your friends that you’re back on campus. Summer Spirit Cards are the perfect accessory if you’re a Mac user with an eye for design – of course you have an eye for design if you have a Mac 🙂

Top-notch backgrounds, elaborate mask effects and perfectly positioned picture drop zones make each greeting card perfect for all of you wanting to create jaw-dropping emails.

Summer Spirit Cards can be found at just about every Apple Store in the US for only $19.95. If your nearest Apple Store is actually far away – just head on over to our online store

Love is in the mail…

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Tell your loved ones just how much you care! The Love & Romance Collection is available just in time for Valentine’s Day! With these 7 lovingly designed templates, you’ll have the perfect frame for that special message. Transform the 7 templates into 13 attractive designs. Then personalize them with your own photos and message. Make every day Valentine’s Day with these charming templates.

And to keep up with our latest releases and special offers or just to chat with us, check out our Twitter feed!

Season’s Greetings – With Stationery Pack

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You thought we couldn’t come up with anymore classy, clever and “customizable” e-mail templates for Leopard Mail? Well, we could, we did and here they are, hot off the press: the Season’s Greetings ’08 Collection for Stationery Pack.

With these festive and sophisticated templates, you can design your own personalized Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s greeting cards. Spice ’em up with family photos, wax poetic in the adaptable text fields and send these babies to your nearest and dearest. Sounds easy, right? It is. Happy holidays!