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Have you thought about using Stationery Pack for your business but wanted a little more customization? Our newly announced Stationery Pack Business Edition might just be what you were looking for.

Over time we have had numerous requests from small business owners, ranging from updated template designs to new features. Whereas we have often offered smaller, themed collections in addition to our more general bumper packs, it was clear to see Business Edition was no small undertaking.

The concept of Business Edition became clear: not to produce specific, single-use templates, but instead allow business customers to use the stationery in a way that suits them.

For example, instead of labeling templates by occupation (architect, designer, etc.), we've taken the names of famous places around the word. Looking for a traditional, authoritative board room feel? Look for Boston or Cambridge. Something light and breezy? Stockholm or Miami. A design with texture? San Francisco or Hong Kong.

We've made Business Edition such that no matter which design you choose, there's a business use case behind it too. The Directions template offers room for a map, Invoice features confidential and urgent stamps, and Business Card lets you drag in a portrait photo for sharing contacts.

Photo drop zones are always a popular part of any Stationery collection we offer. For that reason the Offers templates include good-sized placeholders in both portrait and landscape. Portfolio includes up to six photo placeholders, whilst Newsletter features a photo area that spans the entire width of the template.

Especially for Business Edition users, each new template has a placeholder for a company logo, pre-defined legal disclaimer and contact info. Many also include a drop zone for a signature. Each of these is designed to add an extra touch of authenticity to your business emails.

It may be the case that your logo, photo or signature doesn't automatically fit the layout. No problem. We've built-in a really simple tool. Drop any image into our Image Perfect tool and it will automatically create images that will work in any of the placeholders.

With 12 original designs, each featuring 17 layouts, the new Business Edition has over 200 new templates to use. Once you have added your own photos, you have an infinite number of possibilities when sending emails to customers, colleagues and contacts.

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