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Stationery Pack 2 is the new favorite at Apple!

By equinux Product Pages, Stationery Pack

The folks at Apple think Stationery Pack 2 is something special. They’ve even voted it Staff Pick. It’s not hard to see why: Stationery Pack 2 offers hundreds of e-mail designs that can be personalized and subtly changed with a mouse click so you always have customized e-mails for every occasion.

Not only does Stationery Pack 2 offer tons of choice, it also provides a user-friendly navigation interface with categories and keywords to help you find just what you’re looking for. The Quick Look window makes it easy to browse the wealth of design possibilities. Add your own photos and pictures into the clever dropzones and voilĂ ! You’ve got unique, eye-catching e-mails for pretty much every situation you can think of.

Check out for yourself what’s got the Apple folks talking!

Stationery Pack 2 is now available in the equinux online store at from $49.95. The software will soon be available in a high-quality package at an Apple retailer near you.

Introducing the Next Generation of E-Mail. Introducing Stationery Pack 2.

By equinux Product Pages, Stationery Pack

Stationery Pack 2 sure packs a wallop. It offers more than 660 designs that are accessible from 122 wonderfully unique templates.

What is also great is that both Stationery Packs are available in the latest Stationery Pack application, so if you’d like to have a Quick Look at what it has to offer, simply download the new application. If you don’t have time for the download, just visit our Stationery Pack 2 categories online. If you see a red corner, just click it for a subtle surprise – Just like in the application itself.

A little note from Till Schadde, CEO:
We are proud that Stationery Pack 2 expands Mac OS X Leopard with a new feature: interactive e-mail designs. Particularly MobileMe users, who used to send greeting cards with .Mac, find Stationery Pack, with its wealth of e-mail choices, an ideal successor with even more possibilities.

Stationery Pack 2 is now available in the equinux online store at from $49.95. The software will soon be available in a high-quality package and will be coming soon to an Apple retailer near you.

Free Stationery Pack Template for Mother’s Day!

By equinux Product Pages, Stationery Pack

The greeting card has been sent and the flowers have been arranged, but why not surprise the Mom in your life with an unexpected email? equinux provides you with exactly what you’ll need – a free Stationery Pack template for Leopard Mail, specially designed for Mother’s Day.

Three steps to get your free template and make your Mom happy
1. Download Stationery Pack
To access our free Mother’s Day template, just download and install Stationery Pack. You can also browse through the 111 other templates that are included in the full version of Stationery Pack.

2. Install free templates
Open Stationery Pack and when the feature screen appears, click on “Try Free Stationeries.” Our Mother’s Day template will then be installed into Mac OS X Leopard Mail.

3. Put a smile on your Mom’s face
Toss in a photo, write a little note and make your Mom proud. Your favorite photos can be dropped into both the red heart and the center of the red daisy.

Good looking E-mails in a few clicks

By Stationery Pack

You thought, your stationery templates don’t need an update? Well, you’re right. But we’ve solved some stumbling blocks in our Stationery Pack application. What? You’ve never opened our Stationery Pack application since you’ve installed the templates? Okay, than you must have either eagle eyes or you’re using a magnifier for choosing between several stationery templates in Mail. But, don’t forget: The update for Stationery Pack 1.0.1 is free to every registered users. We’ve improved the keyword search, the application launches a lot faster and we’ve also corrected an issue with the QuickLook panel and a few other things. You should have a look.

111 Templates for your Leopard Mail

By Stationery Pack

equinux has just released its newest product, Stationery Pack. Stationery Pack adds 111 high-quality templates to your Leopard Mail (yes, Stationery Pack is designed exclusively for Mac OS X 10.5). These templates are designed to help you personalize any type of e-mail you might want to send. The main categories include invitations, congratulations, business, leisure, sports, feelings and vacation. Each template comes with customizable drop zones (allowing you to adjust the size of the picture zones) and adjustable text fields (adjusting to length of your e-mail message). You now have a way to make your e-mails as personal as you’d like and better yet, you have a way to make all of your pictures stand out when you send them to friends and family. After all, picture attachments are sooooo 2006.