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CoverScout 2.3.3 prepares iTunes for iPhone

Apple changed the functionality of the iTunes music library with their latest release. If you’ve already rebuilt your library with iTunes 7.2, you should get CoverScout 2.3.3. This release of our CoverScout works even better with the newest release of iTunes. We definitely wouldn’t want you to miss out on any covers you might need […]

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WWDC, iPhone and other Negligibilities

After three days at WWDC every developer can spell i-p-h-o-n-e forwards and backwards. Apple is heavily promoting development for its upcoming cell phone and wants every developer to polish up on their Web 2.0 skills in order to build something for the iPhone. Maybe the guys in Cupertino are just a little bit nervous about […]

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equinux' Developers arrive at WWDC 2007

Same procedure as every year: equinux joins Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. In only a few hours Steve Jobs will open WWDC 2007 with his well known keynote. equinux’ developers already arrived and secured their tickets after taking a breakfast. But the main question on first day was: Is 9 am […]

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When the copier is already in use...

The next stop for equinux’ trend scouters is Taipeh’s Computex, the world’s second largest fair for computer electronics and information technology. It’s fairly unusual to come across cheap knockoffs and even more unusual to see a producer presenting the original right beside the copy. BaLaTV is one knockoff that unmistakably has Apple TV as an […]

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CoverScout now supports iTunes 7.2

You think iTunes Plus is too expensive? Ripping your own CDs also creates DRM-free music. And if you’re using CoverScout, you don’t have to worry about searching for missing cover art in your iTunes library: The latest CoverScout 2.3.2 not only improves compatibility with iTunes 7.2, but it also runs more smoothly with Mac OS […]

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CoverScout gives iTunes a better Flow

Wondering why iTunes can’t find covers for all the music in your library? The secret is: It only checks the iTunes Store. CoverScout fills the gap and searches Amazon and Google for album covers. With this maintenance-release, CoverScout 2.3.1 now also searches Amazon for compilations and can scout album covers on Amazon-websites from all over […]

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