California here we come – meet us at the Macworld San Francisco

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Come visit us at the Macworld in San Francisco from January 9th – 12th, 2007. This year we’ll be present with two booths. Visit our phenomenal 400 sqft booth (Booth S2538) where we’ll show you the latest features and enhancements of our product range. We are not going to reveal too much here – so come by and check out our products and meet us personally. And then we’ll have a pod at the ADC Developer Pavilion that sits right behind the Apple booth (Booth S1538-35). Meet our Apple Design Award 2006 winner, iSale and learn more about its latest features.

We are not going to travel thousands of miles without any Exhibition Special. Find great deals of our products including special product bundles worth their money.

You won’t want to miss us! So, see you in San Francisco.

CoverScout 2.3 – iTunes’ Best Buddy just got better

By CoverScout

Sometimes, the Web is just not enough. Google Images and the local fansite won’t find your original, one-of-a-kind, authentic, autographed album cover? And what about that homemade album cover you designed? Don’t worry. CoverScout 2.3 is here with full webcam integration! Just hold your cover in front of a QuickTime™ compatible webcam (like the iSight™), capture and use the built-in cover editor to crop, scale or rotate the result. Then click to apply. That’s it? That’s it. The downside is that our testing library is now covered with images of developers trying to look like rock stars. But since they implemented these great new features and also fixed some known bugs, we just ignored that.

Get your copy today on our website.
This release is free for all registered users of CoverScout 2.x.


Watch out the matchmaker is coming: CoverScout 2.2 is out

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We bring together what belongs together! CoverScout 2.2 allows to easily copy artwork, that was originally applied by iTunes 7, into the music file as standard ID3 tag. You’re asking yourself what the benefit is? Greater flexibility, elevated portability and boundless independance of iTunes 7 are key. Covers applied by CoverScout are attached to its corresponding title or album. So, no matter in which application you play the song, the artwork is shown. That’s not all, CoverScout’s interface now displays both, the current cover status and the cover type (Cover Flow vs. ID3) in the library browser.
To round things up, we’ve additionally fixed some minor issues and improved the compilation feature. Your compilations are now handled transparently as having no particular artist.
For all CoverScout 2.x users this update is free of charge.
Visit our website to learn more and download a fully featured trail version now.
For only $19.95/€19.95 you can purchase CoverScout directly at our secure online store or at one of equinux’ authorized resellers. .

Every hero needs a sidekick. CoverScout adds a bit of flavor to iTunes.

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iTunes’ new Cover Flow is great, but together with CoverScout 2.1.1 it is even better. Have you been able to find those hard-to-get covers like the Beatles’ White Album or maybe Wierd Al Yankovic’s Alapalooza? The latest version of CoverScout has you covered as the perfect complement to iTunes. With the ability to easily search and find high-resolution images from sources like Amazon and Google Images, CoverScout is the ideal cover art application tool.

With the release of iTunes 7, much of CoverScout had to be streamlined for optimal performance with iTunes 7. The developers have worked hard to maintain the look and feel of the application while changing just about everything under the hood. With this latest tune up we’ve made sure to keep your albums perfectly covered.

Get more information about the latest release and all of CoverScout’s features on our website. This release is free for all CoverScout 2.x users. The Coverscout 2.x trailversion is available online and is also available for purchase at the equinux Online Store.

Watch out Paris – equinux is coming

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From September 12th to 16th we will be at the Apple Expo in Paris, France. Find us at the Business and Innovation Solutions Center C30/D30.

Come by, and take the chance to see us live at the Apple Expo! Take advantage to gather first hand experience testing our products and questioning our team. We would love to see and talk to you!

And the best is, you can get in for free! What are you waiting for. Register until 48 hrs in advance of the show to get free entrance admission.

You won’t want to miss us. So, see you at the Apple Expo in Paris.

Get ready to update to CoverScout 2.1

By CoverScout

CoverScout the must have for every iTunes/iPod user has been improved.

We know you have been longing for an updated version of CoverScout and here it is: CoverScout 2.1 is out there, waiting to be downloaded.
Go ahead and add covers to your iTunes library now much more efficiently. The new release offers an advanced search function with which you can search not only for artists but also entire albums. That’s not all, also take a closer look at your found covers. To do so, we implemented a size slider that allows you to shrink or expand the preview size of the found artwork.
There is no stopping us in improving CoverScout. So, we asked ourselves: What’s searching for album art without listening to your music? Consequently, we’ve added a new contextual menu item to let the music play, while CoverScout is searching and applying your artwork. Just click on the music title within the application. You want more? Okay, we’ve also included the possibility to view the source of your music files in the Finder.

To finalize the update, we worked hard on exterminating a couple of bugs. Therefore, the issue causing covers to be displayed upside down in 10.3.9 and 10.4 has been eliminated. Additionally, the occurence of the apple script error when assigning art to multiple albums has also been extinguished.

To enjoy CoverScout 2.1 and all new features, iTunes 6.0.2 or higher has to be installed.
Start to scout your covers and download CoverScout 2.1 today. For all existing CoverScout 2.x users this update is free of charge.
All others can purchase CoverScout at our online store.

CoverScout is out!

By CoverScout

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been secretly working on a new project. Today it’s ready to be uncovered – and start covering. CoverScout 2 is the most advanced solution for album art management for Mac. It’s seamlessly integrated with iTunes and offers a host of powerful features:

  • Automatic synchronization with your iTunes music library
  • Bulk search for multiple albums
  • Integrated with Amazon and the iTunes Music Store
  • Integrated browser for Google Images and the Web
  • Powerful filtering by artist name, album title, cover status or album type
  • Artwork clipboard
  • Search, apply or remove artwork with a single click
  • Search history to navigate through your searches

We’re quite excited about this release – please check it out at


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