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CoverScout flows even better now

CoverScout 3.0.2 improves your cover search to ensure an even better CoverFlow experience! It reads song information better, gives you improved stability when you’re performing Wal-Mart or Google searches, filters search terms better and now provides a quick way to find or delete missing tracks. It also shows covers in the album list instantly after […]

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The new Scout makes your covers rock!!

The wait is over – CoverScout 3 is here, and it’s better than ever! The new Cover Flow interface dazzles but CoverScout 3 is much more than just a pretty face. It brings the search power you need to simultaneously search multiple sources (including Amazon websites, Google Images and WalMart) for multiple albums and displays […]

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CoverScout 2.3.9 update makes your Grid Complete

In this latest update we have improved CoverScout’s integration with iTunes 8. The included enhancements will make your grid view glisten. Additionally, we have updated our amazon search feature to help you find the highest quality images possible. This is a free update for all licensed CoverScout 2.x users. CoverScout is available for purchase in […]

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Dis|Cover|Scout 2.3.8

You may be asking yourselves what could have been changed in this, the latest update of CoverScout 2. Well, we’ve got you covered with this new release: CoverScout now adds support for iTunes 7.7.1. We have even updated the menu’s and interface wording just a bit to make it even more intuitive. So keep covering […]

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Better search results with CoverScout 2.3.7

Are you also annoyed by those grey gaps in Cover Flow on your iPod and iPhone? This is when CoverScout comes in… Get the latest update CoverScout 2.3.7 with an improved search plug-in for Amazon and many fixes. If you’re still a registered CoverScout users, you’ll be able to get the update for free. Full […]

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CoverScout 2.3.5 is out

CoverScout fills the shoes of iSale and now works with Apple’s new WebKit in Safari 3 Public Beta. But the latest release of Safari 3 wasn’t the only issue CoverScout had to deal with: CoverScout 2.3.5 also improves compatibility with iTunes 7.3.2 and preserves the quality of pictures stored in the clipboard. So if you’re […]

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Martin Ott joins equinux

equinux’ software department just received a valuable addition to its team. On August 1st the former CodingMonkey, Martin Ott started his position as a full time developer for equinux in Munich. Martin is not only known as one of the creators of the widely used SubEthaEdit, but he is also known by his involvement with […]

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Still looking forward to the next WebKit

Apple has updated its Safari Public Beta to version 3.0.2. It addresses all known security issues, increases stability and improves WebKit support for Mail, iChat and Dashboard. Unfortunately there are still some issues in WebKit that prevent both iSale and CoverScout from working properly when the Safari 3 Beta is installed. We’ve already informed Apple […]

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