SongGenie and CoverScout are getting closer

We have just updated SongGenie and CoverScout with cool features and a closer integration. Both programs now interact with each other, in order to make your music library look the best it can. SongGenie now shows for each identified song all available music album titles as a selection. And you can apply all of your found music information at once - if you want to totally automatically.

Now when you are using SongGenie and you notice that some of your songs don't have any album cover or the wrong one you can begin a CoverScout search with just a click of your mouse. No longer will missing or incorrect track information hamper you cover art searches in CoverScout, CoverScout 3.1 allows you to start a search for the missing info in SongGenie with just the click of a button. Integration between SongGenie and CoverScout also ensures that changes are synchronized between both programs.

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