Share The Tube in iChat Theater

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Just imagine, you’re watching TV while chatting with a friend and all of a sudden something crazy is about to go down on Top Model… Just invite your friend to a video chat, drag The Tube’s application icon into the iChat window and show your buddy exactly what’s going down. If you want to TimeShift and rewind the live feed to show them the whole thing, just do it. Whatever appears in The Tube will appear in your iChat theater.

This is just one example of The Tube’s new PlaceShift feature. And to be honest, it has been one of the most fun features to test… just ask our lead graphics designer Kay ;).

If you are interested in this novel feature, have a look at our TubeStick PlaceShift page. The Tube supports both our TubeStick andTubeStick hybrid devices.

TubeStick Hybrid has arrived!

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TubeStick hybrid meets the MacBook AirOur American customers will be surely be happy with this news – our new USB television receiver, TubeStick hybrid, is now shipping. Together with The Tube, equinux’ TV viewing application, TubeStick hybrid brings both digital and analog television to Mac. The stylish white USB-stick and mini-antenna flow seamlessly with the current design of Apple products.

The intent of TubeStick hybrid, and specifically The Tube, is to bring the TV-community together and make it even easier to watch TV-recordings while on-the-go with one’s iPod or iPhone.

With TubeStick hybrid and The Tube, television is just fun. You can watch a program, pause live TV, chat with the other The Tube users and record any program that you would like.

TubeStick hybrid is available now for $129 (USD) at the equinux Online Store (all orders placed at the equinux Online Store include free shipping within the continental United States) and will soon be available at local Apple retailers. Get yours today and enjoy!

The Tube: Staff Picked by Apple

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By way The Tube 2.5.1 is out now for a week. And while we actually fixed some bugs, one of the guys at Apple kept an eye on the latest release of our TV software. Check out the Staff Pick at the Apple Downloads
Did you already try The Tube 2.5.1 with the cool new TubeToGo feature for watching your TV recordings on the go? With the TubeToGo, it’s possible to watch your recordings on the go with your iPhone. It lets your publish your The Tube recordings in a webgallery and manage them remotely. And last not least: TubeToGo is free of charge for existing The Tube users. Get instant access to your favorite TV shows – no matter where you are!

Your TV recordings on the Go: The Tube 2.5 is out!

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Not enough space for your TV recordings on the iPhone? The Tube 2.5 solves your problem. Checkout the cool new TubeToGo web service to watch, record and publish your recordings to your personal online web gallery. With TubeToGo and an Internet connection, you’ve always got access to your recordings library. Isn’t that amazing? Absolutely, but there are many more reasons to get the latest and greatest The Tube 2.5 now. Saving the best for last. . . If you’re a user of The Tube, TubeToGo is free! And if you aren’t, get your TubeStick today and tune in to The Tube. It’s your television on your Mac and beyond.

The TubeStick hybrid has landed. Where? The U.S.

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At this year’s Macworld, we announced the launch of the TubeStick hybrid. This small, compact TV receiver allows you to watch digital television, as well as cable television on your Mac. Our TV software, The Tube, is included with every TubeStick hybrid purchase, along with a white antenna for improved reception.

The Tube software, that has already gained wide-spread popularity in Europe and Australia, is best known for its affordability and array of features. Everything you need in one application: timeshift, scheduled recordings, and the ability to pause and rewind live television, etc. Additionally, The Tube offers new features, that are completely unique. The TubeTalk feature gives users the ability to chat within the application and discuss the current show. And the BuddySurfing feature allows you to channel surf with other users.

We’re even making it possible to save and post your recordings to an FTP server like .Mac, with our optional web service, TubeToGo.

Watch. Chat. Record. Go.

Everything you need to watch TV on your Mac and have fun while you’re doing it. For more information about TubeStick hybrid and TubeToGo, visit our website.

Just a little stocking stuffer for your Mac…

By equinux Product Pages, TubeStick

For all of you who are enjoying TubeTalk with The Tube 2.0, we’ve got some good news: Yesterday, we released The Tube 2.0.1. This maintenance release offers increased stability and adds a few new enhancements to the newest The Tube feature, TubeTalk.

For starters, signing in to TubeTalk is much faster, and the chat history is now saved when switching back and forth between channels. We’ve also improved the Spotlight search for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) users, and we’ve improved support for public channels in Austria (ORF).

The problem with entering a wrong password, and getting stuck in a continuous loop has been fixed… so no need to worry about that anymore. You also don’t need to worry about disk space: If you’re saving a recording on an external drive, The Tube will check the space on that and not the space on your internal drive.

That whole issue with the sidebar getting broken and elements of the sidebar disappearing has also been resolved. And last but not least, we’ve integrated a more flexible handling of iTunes locations (when exporting to iTunes).

So, as always – download the latest version and have fun with The Tube!

…And happy holidays from everyone here at equinux!

Cheer up, mate – The Tube 1.5.5 is here!

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So it looks like England & Wales won’t be going to Euro 2008 after all…
But it’s not all bad news: The Tube users in the UK who update to version 1.5.5. should see better results from their channel searches. And as for all you other The Tube users, who’s team is actually going to the European Cup, you can also enjoy some other improvements included in this version. The current recordings are now displayed properly in the EPG list, the update mechanism for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) has been improved and OSD control has been revised to avoid the annoying “bouncing OSD” effect. You can download the new version here.

Plays nice on your Mac: The Tube 1.5.2

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World peace and bug-free software – we decided to take up the second challenge.

The Tube 1.5.2 comes with a vastly improved crash reporter, so we know exactly how, and why The Tube misbehaved on your Mac. We also compile the crash reports more efficiently, which makes them much easier to read (for our developers, that is, the reports are still no replacement for your favorite bedtime story).

While we are quite sure that The Tube plays nice – if it does quit unexpectedly, we’ll know what’s going on. Please try for yourself and update to The Tube 1.5.2. The update is available right within your favorite TV application.

Just in time for IFA: The Tube 1.5 release version

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After a successful 4 week public beta, The Tube 1.5. is ready. Thanks to your great feedback and suggestions we’ve made a few additional improvements and now all registered users can enjoy scheduled recordings and a free electronic program guide with The Tube.

We’ve also added a few new features to this release version that weren’t available in the public beta:

  • TV Tip:
    Users can now also send other users of The Tube a ‘TV Tip’. TV Tips can be sent from a currently running show, the EPG or the timed recordings schedule.
  • Extended Applescript support:
    You can now access the scheduled recording features of The Tube via Applescript, making it even easier to add The Tube support to your own applications and widgets.
  • Visual scheduling feedback:
    The Tube will now subtly indicate which programs can’t be scheduled for recording, if they conflict with a recording scheduled earlier.
  • Support for custom EPGs in the XMLTV format:
    The Tube 1.5 will display all available EPG data from the DVB-T data-stream in a convenient list view and can also display details about individual shows. Users who would like to find pictures or further information about a show can start a Google search from the context menu. The EPG data received via DVB-T can be supplemented or replaced by user-specified EPG data in XMLTV format.

You will be automatically prompted to update to the release version of The Tube 1.5 the next time you start the application. This update is free to all registered users of The Tube.

Don’t have a TubeStick? Grab one today in the equinux Online Store.