tizi 1.3.1 available for download

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We released version 1.3.1 of for Mac which is available for download. With the update we have fixed a few bugs with scheduled recordings and prepared for Apple’s next operating system OS X 10.10 Yosemite by fixing an issue here, too.

You can download the latest version of for Mac after logging in to our website

You have a TV receiver from Elgato, iCube or Hauppauge? In this case TV for Mac is perfect for you. Download the latest version of TV for Mac from

Which equinux apps work with OS X Yosemite?

By CoverScout, iSale, Mail Designer, MediaCentral, SongGenie, Spot Maps, Stationery Pack, The Tube, tizi, TubeStick, VPN Tracker

os x yosemiteNow that OS X Yosemite Public Beta is out, you’re probably wondering which apps work with Yosemite so you can start testing Apple’s latest and greatest. The good news: most of your equinux apps already work with OS X Yosemite.

Here’s the full rundown:

Work great

  • CoverScout
  • Greeting Cards / Stationery Pack
  • iSale 5
  • Mail Designer 2
  • Mail Designer Pro 2
  • MediaCentral
  • SongGenie 2 (one minor font issue will be fixed soon)
  • Spot Maps
  • tizi for Mac
  • TV for Mac
  • The Tube
  • VPN Tracker 8

VPN Tracker note

Apple has changed a fair bit under the hood for networking, but we’re offering VPN Tracker 8 beta as a free download during the beta for all Yosemite users. Your existing connections will be copied into VPN Tracker 8 automatically, allowing you to test Yosemite with your VPN connections. For more details, head over to the VPN Tracker 8 beta page.

That wraps up our first Yosemite overview — if you have any question, just send us an email or get in touch on twitter.

A real muscle man for weak batteries

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25_krafrtprotz_cryAlready on iOS 7? Have you found yourself turning off services to save battery life? Get tizi Kraftprotz and leave your fear of dead batteries behind! tizi Kraftprotz is your strong friend for weak batteries: It can recharge two USB devices simultaneously. iPad users will particularly  love the High Power port to quickly recharge the device as fast as with the original power adapter. tizi Kraftprotz’s high capacity (10.000 mAh) lets you recharge your iPhone up to 5 times. tizi Kraftprotz power uses Apple’s fast charging technology. But you can of course charge any mobile gadget that can be charged via USB on a Mac or PC.

Btw, a “Kraftprotz” in German means a muscle man … time to get yours – available now at Amazon across Europa for just EUR 69.99 (£59.99).

tizi is ready for iPhone 5 and iOS 6

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In case you missed it with all the iPhone 5 excitement: tizi 2.2.3 is out with full iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support. We now support the new 4″ screen size on the new iPhone 5 and new 5th generation iPod touch.

Widescreen films and TV shows look absolutely stunning on the 16:9 display, making the iPhone 5 the perfect pocketable TV companion for when you’re out and about.

Have fun with tizi and tizi+ on your iPhone 5!

Introducing the Brand New tizi Aerial Adapter

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Today we released our super-fancy, super-simple tizi Aerial Adaper! As portable as tizi is, lots of the tizi community enjoy using it just at home for convenience. tizi@Home mode makes this especially fun as it means you can link tizi up to your Wi-Fi so you can watch TV on your iPad or iPod that doesn’t have 3G and still surf the web while the adverts are on!

However with this little addition you can connect your tizi to an external digital TV (DVB-T) antenna or rooftop aerial. Lots of homes now have these installed and we expect this will help out our customers that live in areas with less than desirable signal strength.

Especially handy if you’re in an area with poor reception or a house with especially thick walls or have a holiday home in the middle of nowhere.

Head over to to pick up one for yourself.

Euro 2012 in the sun? Hello tizi!

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Quite honestly, what better way is there to watch some of the best football players in world battle it out than in the sun with friends? The problem is that this is only really possible in beer or pub gardens and if we don’t want to be squashed next to a pile of sweaty men, or have to queue for ages just to find a place to sit, then we end up watching it inside. Still enjoying it with friends, but no sunshine on our faces. Of course there’s always barbecues or garden parties but it’s not often we know someone with a TV outside.

However, without being too overdramatic, thanks to tizi it’s not going to be a problem this year! Hoorah! All our lucky tizi users can just grab their iPad (or iPhone) and their tizi, sit in the sunshine and watch the game. Problem. Definitely. Solved.

Here at equinux our team is from all over Europe – let’s hope we can stay friends throughout the tournament!

tizi & the UK Digital Switchover

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It’s been just over a month since the hugely publicised UK Digital Switchover was completed in London.  The UK’s garbage dumps brimmed with old TV sets and Twitter was bombarded by Londoners’ pictures of the Crystal Palace tower’s light show that took place to celebrate it.

Check out Andrew Grantham’s snap of the 18th April in London on the left.

With our great tizi product range, we here at equinux were keeping a keen eye on all the happenings around that time to see what people were making of it.

So what’s it all about?

We got a lot of questions from customers asking us what they needed to be aware of.
Basically, almost the entire country has now completed the digital transition, thus analogue TV signals have been switched off in most areas of the UK. This is interesting, because the major broadcasters; such as the BBC, ITV and Channel 4; who dominated the analogue signals, are now simply broadcasting over digital like every other Freeview channel.

It also means digital TV reception will improve in these areas and higher quality programmes being broadcast but also requires some action to gain the optimal viewing experience: You’ll need to retune to make sure you have all the correct digital TV frequencies.

Luckily with tizi it’s simple. Users merely tap on “Search for Channels” in settings and they’re done. tizi showing again exactly how convenient it can be. Just throw it in your bag with everything else and you’ve got mobile TV wherever you go!

Bottom line is: if your area recently switched, simply run a new channel search. Then tizi can make use of all the great new signal strengths that are finally flying around the UK and you can have a quick flick through the channels whenever you like. So why not hook yourself up with a tizi now!

TV on iPad with tizi: New remote control without voice control

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As of today, an update for tizi Remote is available on the App Store. In a nutshell: you can no longer change channels using voice control on the iPhone 4S. We greatly appreciate all of the compliments and positive feedback we’ve received from you for the tizi Remote – thank you very much! Unfortunately, we have no alternative but to remove the voice control feature.

What happened?

tizi Remote used the voice dictation feature that can be found in many other apps on the iPhone 4S: notes, writing apps and other third party apps. The integration of state-of-the-art technology into tizi and tizi go, is exactly what we always offer with tizi: mobile TV with well-thought-out features for both iPad and iPhone. But the way we used integrated the voice dictation building block was so creative, that Apple feels their intellectual property is being taken advantage of.

The good news is that tizi Remote is still a great remote control for tizi and tizi go: flip through channels, pause live TV and start recordings, right from your iPhone.

Other changes in tizi Remote 1.0.1:

  • The volume slider now works on all iOS devices
  • You can choose whether tizi Remote will go to sleep or not
  • Other minor fixes
And no worries, we promise you that there are many creative ideas and functions to improve your tizi on the horizon.
Team equinux

Free Christmas surprise: tizi Remote

By tizi

We’ve had a lot of fun with tizi this year and while we were getting ready to release tizi go, we decided to do something special for all our new tizi fans this Christmas and came up with a little surprise for all tizi and tizi go owners…

Introducing tizi Remote!

tizi Remote allows you to take full control of your tizi using your iPhone as a remote control for your iPad.

With tizi Remote you can:

  • Flip through channels
  • Pause live TV (Timeshift)
  • Record your favorite shows
  • Zoom the picture to fill your iPad’s screen
  • Adjust the volume or instantly mute tizi
  • Display current and upcoming show information
  • Automatically pause TV when you receive a phone call
  • Turn tizi on or off

App design

When designing the app, we made sure that you can use tizi Remote with one hand, just like you would a real remote control. tizi Remote works with tizi go and with tizi from equinux or Belkin.

In order to use tizi Remote, you’ll need the latest free update for from the App Store and your iPhone, iPad and tizi all need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

We’ve put together a little video to give you an idea of all the things you can do with tizi Remote (it’s in German, but we think you’ll get the gist).

Get tizi Remote – free on the App Store

We hope you like our Christmas surprise! If you’re enjoying tizi and our latest updates, be sure to spread the word.

Have a great holiday season and have fun with tizi Remote!

tizi go is here. Mobile TV for iPad 2

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We’ve just released our brand new digital TV receiver for the iPad 2, tizi go. It’s really easy to use – you just plug tizi go into the dock connector on your iPad 2 and the app even opens automatically!

It picks up digital TV (DVB-T / DTT), so you can watch live TV directly on your iPad 2. You don’t need an internet connection and there are no additional fees.

Stunning Design

tizi go is small enough to take everywhere, so we made sure it’s not just small, but suitable for everyday use: the flexible loop antenna offers great reception, and it’s flexible (like a headphone cable), so won’t accidentally snap off or get lost.

Powered by 2

tizi go works with our brand new app, 2 (free on the App Store), which offers incredible new features like visual timeshift, déjà vu recording, split-view with TV and EPG at a glance, full landscape and portrait controls – all with a best-in-class UI design and attention to detail.

tizi go: available in Germany this Christmas

We’re launching tizi go today in Germany for just €99,99, we’ll be announcing additional availability early 2012.

Go and find out more about tizi go, or if you’re in Germany – go and buy yourself one for your iPad 2 this Christmas…