Le tizi on TV

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Bonjour tizi fans!

The popular morning show Télématin on the major French TV channel FR2, had a special segment featuring tizi today. Our distribution partners, Computers Unlimited France showed off tizi and the app running on an iPhone and iPad.

If you speak French, be sure to check out the full video below – c’est bien!



P.S. Don’t have a tizi yet? Head over to the equinux Online Store or find your nearest local reseller.

Two new tizis: tizi White Edition & tizi go

By tizi

We have two bighuge tizi announcements for you today:

tizi White Edition

That’s right, our hugely popular mobile TV hotspot, tizi, is now available in white – a perfect match for your new white iPad or iPhone. We spent a lot of time finding just the right material and color shade for tizi White Edition and think you’ll love the new look:

It looks stunning and offers the same performance and industry-leading picture clarity as the original tizi. Now you get to choose a tizi to match your iPad: black or white.

tizi White Edition can be ordered through the equinux Online store, as well as from Amazon and other retailers, it starts shipping immediately.

tizi go

tizi go is a brand new product that we’re announcing today. tizi go connects directly to the dock connector on your iPad 2 and is small enough to fit into any pocket or travel bag. It’s tiny and looks great:


That loop at the back of the device is the antenna – it’s flexible so it won’t get damaged when in your bag or pocket.
tizi go comes with a mini USB cable that can be used to charge its rechargable internal battery.

We’re really excited about this new addition to the tizi family and look forward to the big launch later this year. tizi go will be available from Belkin powered by the equinux app and will be sold through all major electronic retailers, Amazon and the equinux and Belkin websites.

Totally tizi

We’re really excited about these two new mobile TV devices and know you’ll love watching TV on your iPad with tizi White Edition and tizi go.

equinux at the iPad 2 launch

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Last Friday, we were following the european iPad 2 launch on twitter and saw lots of tweets from people waiting in line outside the Munich Apple Store. Some of them had been waiting overnight, so we thought we would go and reward them with a few freebies and demonstrate tizi for everyone waiting in line.

In total we gave away four boxes of freebies, everyone in line got a chance to play with tizi on the iPad (and to answer the most popular question, yes – tizi works beautifully with iPad 2 as well) and had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone at the big launch.

Check out the video: