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Black Friday Sale: The black blitz is back...

A few hours left till equinux starts slashing the bucks off, with specially prepared value bundles, to make sure you get the best Black bargains! Put a reminder straight away in your iCal (with an alarm) to check back here on the equinux website at: Thursday 26th November 2009 at 5am (EST) So, don’t be […]

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Make sure you cover up this winter

Just to keep your Cover Flow flowing beautifully, we’ve improved SongGenie and CoverScout a further few notches. Find what you want: Now the switch between the two programs works more smoothly to assure you can find what you want when you want. Apply what you want While CoverScout runs around the web searching for the […]

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We've discovered there are some music lovers in China

It’s been a hard few months but with lots of practice and determination all our developers have at long last learned Chinese 🙂 As a result of this exciting development both SongGenie 1.2 and CoverScout 3.2 are now fully localized in Simplified Chinese. Better still even though our developers have been extremely busy learning Chinese […]

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SongGenie and CoverScout now even smoother

Fantastic news for real music lovers: SongGenie and CoverScout have both been updated and now feature improved integration with each other and with iTunes. Both apps are also much more stable allowing you to sit back and rediscovering your music. CoverScout now works even better with iTunes to display all of your existing album art […]

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SongGenie and CoverScout are getting closer

We have just updated SongGenie and CoverScout with cool features and a closer integration. Both programs now interact with each other, in order to make your music library look the best it can. SongGenie now shows for each identified song all available music album titles as a selection. And you can apply all of your […]

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Give your iPod shuffle something to talk about

The new iPod shuffle tells you what you are listening to. But what if your song names consist of ‘Track 01.mp3’, ‘Unknown Album’, ‘Unknown Artist’? Using an acoustic fingerprint of your music track SongGenie recognizes the missing and incorrect track information in your music library, allowing the new shuffle to really speak its mind. Go […]

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SongGenie: Now available in a retail box

For all you music lovers out there: Check out the new SongGenie retail box. It’s one of the coolest looking boxes we’ve created for this great product. Give it away to a loved one or just keep it all to yourself 😉 Clean up your music library with style. The SongGenie box is now available […]

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SongGenie 1.0.1: Fresh and French

For those of you who have been a bit shy when testing out our cute little SongGenie, we’ve extended the trial phase. SongGenie 1.0.1 now identifies up to 10 music titles while in demo mode. If you haven’t decided to give SongGenie a go, give her a try and see what happens … SongGenie can […]

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Trumpets please: equinux introduces....SongGenie!

Is your music library littered with incomplete names, song or album titles? Do your tracks look more like code than music? Example: “01 Title 1_” or “03Cool.mp3” Annoying, isn’t it? And so time consuming to fix each entry… Well that’s where SongGenie comes in. This little gal is all you’ll need to tidy up your […]

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