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Mail Designer Pro 3.0.6 — new Image-Workflows and Style improvements

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Autumn is a golden time of year. A perfect time to cuddle up with your Macbook and let your creative juices flow. We hope that our newest update for Mail Designer Pro 3.0.6 inspires you to create even more amazing newsletters. We’re happy to announce that as of today you can download the Mail Designer Pro 3.0.6. The new version has a lot of improvements for creative professionals.

NEW: Replace Image

We’ve all been there: You’ve designed a great header image with the perfect font, logos, call-to-action button – everything. Then your clients asks you to change the background photo for something “more fun”. Ugh.

Introducing ‘Replace image’ – simply swap out any image for a “better” one, while keeping the size, position and layout of the original.

It’s easy to replace the original picture with a new one in exactly the same location, with the exact same size as before, and all of the original layout properties of the picture layout block. When you replace a picture, the graphics and fonts remain where and how they were.


Mini Makeover: Style improvement

It’s easy to lose track of everything when you use a lot of styles. You guys have told us what you like about styles and what needs improving: First off, the lock is gone. Next: we’ve improved the indicator that lets you know which style is currently selected. And we’ve also fixed a few bugs that could occur when switching between styles and ’No style’ text. And we’ve also removed the confusing ‘All emphases’ option – simply select all text and hit ‘Remove’ instead.



Additional Improvements

  • Shadows are exported correctly
  • The color picker has been improved and we’ve fixed some color profile issues that could lead to colors being slightly off
  • You can now hit Shift+Return to inert a simple line break instead of starting a new paragraph
  • Resizing with modifier keys works like in other apps
  • An issue that could cause exported PDFs to cut off has been fixed
  • Alignment guides are now underneath layout block edges, so they aren’t accidentally selected when you’re trying to adjust your layout

Let us know if you have any comments or thoughts on the new update! Your Mail Designer Pro Team


Get ready for our Mail Designer Pro 3.0.5 performance update

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Nǐ hǎo – We’re excited to say that as of today you can download the new Mail Designer Pro 3.0.5. #GoChina! Our developers are pleased to announce that the new Mail Designer Pro is now also available in Chinese! But that’s not all. We also pushed the performance of our design engine and added some two new useful shortcuts.

All the changes:

· New: Hit ⌘ N to instantly start a new blank design
· New: Placeholders for Apple Mail
· ⌘ K is now the default shortcut for creating new text links
· Mobile device previews now correctly reflect web font support in Gmail
· Clarified how placeholders work with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor
· We now show a hint on how to accurately preview your design in MailChimp
· Fixed an issue that could cause really wide layouts when adding layout blocks
· We’ve fixed an issue with image backgrounds in Apple Mail
· Improved support for macOS Sierra Public Beta

We can’t wait to see what you create with Mail Designer Pro 3.0.5 (download here).

Team equinux

P.S. If you like Mail Designer Pro, please take a moment to rate it on the App Store – it really helps us out, thanks!

Mail Designer Pro 3.0.3: Set the scene with logos, links, and sales deals

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How the new Mail Designer Pro 3.0.3 update perfects your newsletter Design

The hotter the weather, the hotter the features. With the current Mail Designer Pro update, users can look forward to 3 new productive features.

Brand new layout blocks for headers with logo and navigation menu links

Feature your most important links in the header of your layout as you would on a webpage: It’s easy to do with the new layout blocks. Just add your logo on the left and next to it your important links, such as contact, store, etc…


Strike! Use strike-through formatting on your text – perfect for sales prices and other eye-catchers

Perfect for sales prices, showing the old price with a strike through it. Just select the desired text, chose the Strike function – done.


More space for your Design: Paragraph spacing

Set the amount of space to leave before and after your text paragraphs – for nicer formatting and improved readability. You no longer need to work with placeholders before and after your text layout blocks.


The new Mail Designer Pro 3.0.3 is now available for download.

The Mail Designer Team looks forward to your feedback and suggestions for new features. 

How to create high quality PDFs with Mail Designer Pro 3.0.2

By Company, Mail Designer

PDFs with a click:
We’ve revised the PDF export engine as part of the latest Mail Designer Pro update. Now it’s very easy to export all of your design ideas as high quality, single, full page PDFs. 

Perfect for printing flyers and posters or posting cool news on Facebook. You’d like to use Mail Designer Pro to brainstorm a webpage sketch idea and integrate the results as part of your presentation? With the PDF export, it’s no problem! Now you have even more creative opportunities to make a good impression.


We’ve also improved performance and have included some surprise, creative inspiration. Here’s what’s new…

  • What could be better than 71 Design Ideas? 72! We’ve added a new Design Idea “Furniture”
  • Set the corner radius for rectangles and number of points on stars in the sidebar
  • HTML export: We now remember your export folder name
  • Hold down the shift key when using the resizing controls to increment in 10px steps
  • Designs sent via MailChimp are more compatible with a range of email apps
  • Rotated objects now have correct shadows
  • Improved cooperation when exporting to Apple Mail

Mail Designer Pro 3 is now available at an introductory price of only 49.99 Euros until 07/01/2016.

Be even more creative with Mail Designer Pro 3! Four essential power tips for creative professionals

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It doesn’t matter if you are designing a newsletter for the latest sales campaign or a cool series of events, our greatly improved creative tools in Mail Designer Pro will give you the inspiration you need for all your mailings. Here are 4 of our favorite new features in Mail Designer Pro 3

1. Stay sharp! How to create Retina optic for your newsletters

Sharpen your senses: Mail Designer Pro keeps it in detail. Now you can create desktop and mobile newsletters which arrive crisp and clear in your recipients inbox.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-17 um 17.11.48

Go to File then Design Options and tick the checkboxes, Create retina images and Create retina images for desktop.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-17 um 15.04.31You’ll need to use high resolution pictures. Make sure to double the pixel size of picture sizes. So if your mobile design has a width of 320px, the used picture must be at least 640px wide.

2.  Pick up (all) the pixels! Be even more precise with our latest graphic tools

By using refined design elements, your newsletter is bound to make a great impression. Call-to-action buttons, cool layers, or self-made video placeholders – you can create all of these yourself with Mail Designer Pro. The expanded sidebar increases the ease in which you can access layout blocks, shape tools, fonts, and background pictures.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-17 um 15.02.00
Just like with professional graphic programs, shapes can be created pixel perfectly and positioned precisely. Once you’ve created a new shape element, the exact pixel measurements are immediately seen on the sidebar.

It’s possible to regulate the desired size, pixel by pixel. Maintaining proportions is also easy by simply ticking a checkbox. Now you’ll also find the rotating and mirroring tools for your shapes, directly under the measurements.

3. How to create newsletters to “involve” your readers: freely position background graphics

Now you can give every newsletter the perfect mood.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an event invitation, a summer sale, or an annual update. Once you’ve found a stylish motif for your background, click the paint-roller icon on the bottom left of your screen to switch into background mode.

backgroundsDrag your desired picture into the middle of your design template. By holding down the mouse button, it’s now possible to move the background into the best possible position.

On the side bar on the right, you’ll find a zoom controller, which you can use to enlarge or minimize the size of your picture. It’s time to explore new horizons!

4. Winning titles: How to give your fonts more style

Web fonts are cool, but you can make them even cooler by adjusting the font weights. Now with Mail Designer Pro 3, it’s even easier to define font weights.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-17 um 15.35.17
You can choose between email safe fonts, web fonts, and your own fonts. Add a new fallback font to your main fonts by clicking Add fallback font. This way you’ll be sure that a nice substitute font will be used in case your recipient does not have the chosen font in their system.

For the web fonts, there is a drop-down menu to choose available font weights. For example, It looks great when you choose a very modern, thin font weight. Try it out with the style fonts, Works Sans, Quicksand, or Josefin Slab.

Go for it! Our expanded style refill offers more than 20 brand new newsletter design ideas (in total: 70), making it easy to turn any template into your very own exciting newsletters in only 5 minutes.

The new Mail Designer Pro 3 is now available for a special introductory price of only 49.99 Euros. You can download and test the demo here for free.

Out now! Mail Designer Pro 3 — get ready for Retina-ready newsletters and creativity down to the last pixel

By Company, Mail Designer


Your newsletters deserve the highest level of quality possible. Mail Designer Pro 3 refines the professional layout and design tools in Mail Designer Pro with professional designers in mind, adds Apple Mail integration and now includes over 70 Design Ideas.

The newly optimized Mail Designer Pro 3 now works with improved resolution and pixel perfect graphic tools which makes it easy to create desktop newsletters using high definition retina. Whether being viewed on a computer screen or on any mobile display, every one of your designs will remain sharp, down to the last pixel.

With now more than 70 inspirational, ready-to-use design ideas, nearly pays for itself…

That’s new in Mail Designer Pro 3:

Pixel-perfect graphics tools: determine the size and position of design elements with accuracy

Desktop retina: Send gorgeous retina graphics to retina Macs as well as retina smartphones

Streamlined sidebar: All design tools, grouping controls and layer options are now easily accessible via the sidebar

Send desktop Mails directly with Apple Mail: Send your newsletter designs directly from Apple Mail (desktop layout only)


Flexible Font Weights: Set specific font weights for any text – even works with over 500 web-fonts

Background reposition and zoom: Adjust your newsletter’s background image to show exactly what you want

Desktop email previews: Check out your newsletter in live MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro previews

Improved HTML export workflow: Set a image URL and custom HTML file name per document

Design Idea Categories: We’ve now organized all newsletter projects into categories: Sales, Announcements, Events & Transactional

Text Styles re-imagined: Now with support for fallback fonts and on-the-fly re-ordering

Updated HTML engine: With improved compatibility for all major email apps and services

Quick tips in the app: Learn to use Mail Designer Pro in minutes with our quick tips documents

Get the Mail Designer Pro 3 now!
(Mac OS X 10.9 or later required).

Mail Designer Pro 2.6 — iPad Pro, device scaling and better responsive emails

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We’re excited to launch Mail Designer Pro 2.6 – it’s got some great new features and a lot of improvements we hope you’re going to love. Let’s dive in:

iPad Pro and iPhone SE Device Previews

We’ve added three new mobile device previews for the latest iOS devices: Make sure your newsletters look great on the 12.9” iPad Pro, 9.7” iPad Pro as well as on the iPhone SE.

Scaling option for Mobile Previews on your MacBook

Mail Designer Pro 2.6 introduces a new scaling option, so you can fit any iOS device on your Mac’s screen. Want to check out your design on the 12.9” iPad, but using an 11” MacBook Air? No problem.


Smart Link Checking with the preflight feature

The built-in preflight feature goes through your design and checks things like image size, retina image and all links. We’ve made the link checking much smarter and fixed a few cases where custom URL types weren’t checked correctly.

Improved HTML engine

A lot of work has gone into the new HTML engine in Mail Designer Pro 2.6: We’ve redesigned the way our layout is built and fixed a number of alignment issues, such as those that you could occasionally see in Outlook. In our Mail Designer Pro What’s new section you will find more details about the engine improvements.

Mail Designer Pro 2.6 is now available at a special introductory price of only 49.99 Euros in the  equinux Online Store and in the Mac App Store.

Why creating crisp newsletters with Retina resolution pays – 3 tips to keep your Mails sharp

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Flashback – Close your eyes. Can you remember the smartphone you had 5-6 years ago? You know, those times when you strolled around the city while surfing the web on your iPhone with 3GS? Back then, an iPhone had a measly resolution of only 480×320 pixels. Now hop back into the time machine! In the meantime, the iPhone 6s Plus has reached a whopping resolution of 1920×1080 pixels! Smartphone screens have become so much sharper, quicker, and more sensitive. Whether you’re carrying an iPhone 6s, a Nexus 6 or a Galaxy 7, the pixel density is so high that you’ll hardly believe your eyes.

This is even more reason why your mobile friendly newsletters need to stay crisp and sharp, down to the last detail. Here are 3 Mail Designer Pro tips to help you achieve just that:


1. Totally broad: Find the right width for your mobile newsletters
In order to display as much as possible on mobile screens, the width of your newsletter can easily be adjusted in Mail Designer Pro. You can find the settings File > Mobile Options. Based on our experience, an average width of 375 is usually best.  This covers smaller displays and the iPhone 6s pixel-perfectly. Your newsletter will come across crisp and clear on the iphone 6s, with its higher resolution, yet an outer white border remains. In settings, you’ll need to check the box, Create Retina images.


2. Export high resolution pictures for your mobile version 

When creating pictures for the mobile versions of your newsletters, you must always use the double width of the picture which you previously adjusted under Mobile Options. For a mobile newsletter with a width of 375px, you’ll have to use a picture with at least 750px. It can also be larger, leaving room for scaling.

Using Pixelmator, Adobe Photoshop, or Affinity Photo, you can export your pictures as a PNG with a screen resolution of 150 dpi (bzw. 144dpi in Photoshop). Now you can take your PNG picture and drag it into the picture place holder of a mobile layout block.


When you select the picture, you can view the original resolution by right clicking and choosing Original Size. A red “2x” symbol warns you in case pictures happen to be too small for a Retina presentation.

3. Individually adjust image compression in mobile newsletters
Using lots of high resolution pictures can cause the data volume of your newsletter to add up quickly. If you’d like to minimize the data for individual pictures, you can adjust the compression by going to Menu > Edit > Optimize Image. Switch the tab Format from automatic to JPEG. Then you can adjust the quality down to a value of 75%. Now you’ve definitely reduced the amount of data.


Does your Mail have enough attitude? 7 Mail Designer tips to make your newsletter the next top model!

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Digital mailboxes are the catwalk for today’s email marketers. You only have a short time to make an impression for your Spring SALE or your up-coming event. It’s time to get your newsletters into shape! These 7 Mail Designer tips are sure to make your next campaign a hit!


1. Word up  – 3 new Design fonts you absolutely need

Elegant fonts help turn any newsletter into a glamorous performance. With Mail Designer Pro, you can install more than 500 web fonts to use in the text area. Some of our favorite fonts can be seen in this video…
If you’re looking for even more fonts, then check out It’s full of great fonts for styling your newsletter headlines and captions.


Thin, graceful fonts for a slim look on top of a blurred background are still very popular.
Here are a few of our current favorites…


2. Call for Colors – become a master in color matching
Which colors are hip and which fit together? Usually, you just need the right combination. If you’re looking for some good color schemes, check out the Web Color Generator Pull out some cool spring hues and match them with stylish Design colors. So much inspiration!

Do you prefer material Design colors? Then give a whirl.



3. Get the Look: How to create cool picture leads in minutes
Pictures and photographs build a relationship between newsletter and recipient. Dynamic content gives you a greater share in your campaign. Mail Designer gives you many possibilities for how you can put yourself directly into the scene.

Drag your lead picture into an image area. To make it more attractive and easier to see a text, first choose a geometric shape to lay over the picture and adjust the color transparency to around 25%. Then you can integrate your text into the upper most area, making it more visible.



3. Shake your hips – How to create GIF animations in only seconds 
Make a great impression with some hot moves in a GIF animation. If you only need to capture a short bit for a tutorial, then give Record it a go.  Just choose your screen section, record, and a GIF is automatically created. If you already have a video, then the quickest possibility is Drop to GIF. App:  your video in  – GIF comes out – it’s that easy!



5. Layout blocks and make up – This trick gives your newsletter more depth

Bring more depth to your newsletters by connecting pictures from two image areas. With this trick you can create more elegant and interesting transitions. Just copy your chosen picture twice into two image areas arranged above one another.

Now you can move them around and adjust them just the way you want. One very effective way is to use a white background for the lower image area and a mood picture as a background for the upper image area – as seen in the example picture.




06_Buttons_klein6. How to create touchy call-to-actions buttons you have to push

Fact is, more than half of all your recipients will open your newsletter from a mobile device. This makes it even more important to Design enticing call-to-action buttons for the mobile version of your newsletter.
A general rule of thumb is, the width should never be more than 44 px, the diameter of the average finger. The position is also key. Often buttons have a different effect when they are embedded into the context of a picture.



Instead of simply labeling with “Click here!”,  it’s important to use active language to motivate your recipient by giving them clear instructions of why they are clicking. For example: Download the app for free


 Clear, rectangular shapes with large font are the standards for most buttons. However, in some areas, a round Call-to-action button can look very elegant and be super click friendly. Give it a try for for videos, downloads, or sales!


Not only the shape can affect the effectiveness of a of a button, but also the chosen colors. It’s best to test the colors for effectiveness depending on the your own brand or your specific purpose.

RED  has an alarming impact and is energetically charged
BLUE conveys trust and security at first glance
YELLOW arouses interest and has a positive, sunny effect
GREEN stands for relaxation, sustainability, and growth
ORANGE s buoyant, motivating, and conveys motion


7.  Why real text links are still in

Apple introduced 3D Touch along with the new iPhone 6s. If you build text links into your mobile newsletters, iPhone 6s users can catch a preview glimpse of your website with only a short touch. It’s possible to jump directly to map apps with a link or to automatically add dates into your calendar. In the Style Palette from Mail Designer Pro, you’ll find tools to help make your text links more interesting. Find out more about Peek and Pop Design this in this article.

5 Tips for Perfect Email Newsletter Call-To-Action Links

By Mail Designer

A good call-to-action link the most important part of any newsletter. Once you’ve convinced readers they should click your link, the design, position and destination of your link need to be optimized to offer a good experience to your reader and help them reach your destination.

Here are a few essential tips to make sure your links are ready to go:

1. Build up to it

It’s tempting to put your primary call-to-action link right at the top of your newsletter. While it’s never a bad idea to also link your header image to your target destination, you can’t expect readers to visit your call-to-action link without prior information and convincing arguments.

Make your case in the upper part of your email and use clear, concise text to let your reader know why they absolutely should click your CTA.

2. Size Matters

Your newsletter should make use of attractive photos and eye-catching images to draw in your readers. But make sure your call-to-action doesn’t get lost in the mix: Make your call-to-action nice and large and leave some space between it and other visual elements in your design.

This example uses bright colors and lots of white space around the element to make it stand out and really obvious:

VPN Tracker newsletter call-to-action

This is especially important in your mobile device layout: make sure your link is easily tappable and impossible to miss.

3. Mobile-friendly

Over 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices – so of course your design should be mobile-responsive.

But don’t forget about the places you’re linking to: with Mail Designer Pro, you can create separate call-to-action links for desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to choose a optimized target for each.

For example, if you’re trying to generate leads, you could  send your desktop readers to a sign-up form and add a phone link for mobile users:

mobile-optimized link.png

Or you could link to a different page or even jump into a specific app using custom URL schemes in Mail Designer Pro. At equinux we use this feature all the time to link directly to our apps on the App Store on mobile devices and to a product information page on desktops.

4. Don’t screw up

There’s nothing worse than sending out an email and then realizing a link is broken. Be sure to check all your links before hitting send – or just use the preflight feature in Mail Designer Pro, which automatically checks that all your links work).

Mail Designer Pro preflight link checking.png

5. One message

You’ve probably got a few things to tell your readers. But when it comes to your call-to-action, it’s best to stick to just one per email.Offering multiple main call-to-action links increases the cognitive load on your readers and they’ll often choose to click nothing at all, instead of making a choice.

Pick your most important goal and focus on that.

For more tips, be sure to sign-up for our newsletter. And don’t forget to check out Mail Designer Pro – the easiest way to create mobile-responsive email newsletter with a fantastic CTA 🙂

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