Start 2014 with mobile-optimized newsletters

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Over 50 percent of all emails are read on mobile devices – time to whip your newsletters into shape for the new year! Responsive email designs technology makes all the difference. And with Mail Designer Pro you can create stylish newsletters for the desktop as well as an adapted mobile version for smartphones.

Get into mobile layout mode: responsive Mail Design made easy!

  • Create: Mail Designer Pro automatically creates a mobile version of your newsletter layout
  • Optimize: Rearrange specific, mobile layout blocks, use fallback font and picture compression.
  • Check: Use our realistic mobile preview to simulate how your design looks on a smartphone.

Mail Designer Pro is available now for only €89.99 in the equinux online store. Download the demo now with numerous mobile-ready demo designs to test.




Reach mobile target-groups with responsive newsletters

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The new means and value of marketing has been around us for some time now. From YouTube subscribers to Twitter followers, and back again to Facebook-likers, businesses invest a lot of time and money gathering as many customers as possible via various social platforms. But do fans and followers really become customers? Does social-marketing really pay off?


Newsletter marketing pays

A recent study from an E-Commerce Analyst from Custora has the answer: The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). A customer panel was gathered together via a variety of online channels: search engine marketing, mail campaigns, affiliate marketing, banners, Facebook, and Twitter. The value of each customer was based on their ‘willingness to buy’ and measured over a period of four years. The results are astounding!


Acquistion Channel_2

Newsletter marketing is more successful than activities on social media


The results show, that customers who stumble upon a company via Twitter have a 23% lower average CLV than all other customers. The highest CLV value belongs to customers who happen upon a company while searching organically. Search engine marketing obviously pays off, followed by AdWord campaigns. When comparing many of the most common means of online marketing, email campaigns had an above average CLV value (+12%), banners (+1%), Facebook (+1%), and then Twitter (-23%).



Far behind: Twitter, Facebook and co.


Customers buy on the go!

A further trend, in regards to monetization, is the increase in mobile purchasing. According to the „IBM Black Friday Report 2012“ , every 6th Dollar was spent using a mobile device. Around 10% of all E-commerce turnover will be made using the iPad, followed by 8.7% with an iPhone.


IBM Mobile Sale

Mobile shopping behaviour in the US has increased significantly


Once we lay the results next to each other , another question arises: Where is the largest marketing potential? How can this be most effectively tapped? The advertising branches discovered “mobile marketing” long ago. In general, that means, creating websites that are optimized for iPhones and co. But how do you get customers to these sites in the first place? After all, people just don’t have the same attention span when using a mobile device as they do on their desktop. Mobile e-mail marketing has the answer…


Success with e-mail marketing

One of the most well known mobile success stories is Lufthansa, who create successful newsletters with a responsive design. The Lufthansa newsletters automatically adapt to the viewer’s screen size for optimal readability. But the German airline is an exception to the rule. Our own study of 10,000 sales newsletters shows that only around 11% were optimized for viewing on a mobile device.


Create newsletters with a responsive design

You don’t need a six-figure budget to create your own responsive Mail Designs. With Mail Designer Pro, every freelancer, artist, or small business owner, can create incredible, mobile optimized newsletters on their Mac. Mail Designer offers a live preview, displaying your design exactly as it will appear on a Blackberry, iPhone, or Android Galaxy smartphone. It’s quite surprising that not even Apple or Google optimize their campaigns for smartphones.
Even Apple’s latest “Back-to-school” campaign ,targeted to high-school and college students, is not optimized for viewing on an iPhone.


Mail Designer Pro

Mail Designer Pro: Perfect responsive newsletter design for desktop and smartphone


Generation Smartphone

Students have become even more interesting for marketers. According to a study from Ball State University in Indiana, more than 3/4 of all students own a Smartphone (as of February 2013). Remember the last back-to-school campaign of the big Silicon Valley giants? Neither Apple nor Google send out their email blasts in a mobile friendly design.

Why responsive emails matter

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A few days ago we enhanced our productivity portfolio with Mail Designer Pro. You can create newsletters with responsive mail design without HTML programming.

Today every second email is opened on a mobile

Email communication still plays a very important role within the digital marketing mix of businesses. But the recipient’s behavior has changed tremendously thanks to the smartphone boom: studies say from 42% to 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. Every second email is no longer read on the big screen of a desktop PC but on the small screen of a mobile.

Mail Designer Pro automatically suggests a mobile variant of your newsletter

The paradigm of creating newsletters always starts with the desktop variant. If you want to have a mobile responsive mail, you have to program the HTML code manually which takes time and effort. Mail Designer Pro lowers the effort by suggesting a mobile variant right after you’re done with your desktop newsletter. You can optimize your mail design comfortably by replacing existing items with mobile optimized items, by implementing mobile only items and by deleting items to shorten your newsletter.

Convince yourself

Mobile optimized newsletters are rewarded with higher click and conversion rates. Try Mail Designer Pro now for free.

Black Friday Sale!

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Enjoyed your Thanksgiving turkey? Then let the shopping season begin! Until November 26th we’re getting into the seasonal spirit with our annual Black Friday Sale! And this isn’t just you run-of-the-mill sale: all our Black Friday offers are an incredible 50% off.

This one-of-a-kind deal includes our productivity tools Mail Designer for just $34.99 or Stationery Business Edition for $24.99. And we’ve got amazing deals for mobile workers as well: get VPN Tracker Personal for just $64.50.

There’s something for everything in our big 50% off special, so head on over!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Euro 2012 in the sun? Hello tizi!

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Quite honestly, what better way is there to watch some of the best football players in world battle it out than in the sun with friends? The problem is that this is only really possible in beer or pub gardens and if we don’t want to be squashed next to a pile of sweaty men, or have to queue for ages just to find a place to sit, then we end up watching it inside. Still enjoying it with friends, but no sunshine on our faces. Of course there’s always barbecues or garden parties but it’s not often we know someone with a TV outside.

However, without being too overdramatic, thanks to tizi it’s not going to be a problem this year! Hoorah! All our lucky tizi users can just grab their iPad (or iPhone) and their tizi, sit in the sunshine and watch the game. Problem. Definitely. Solved.

Here at equinux our team is from all over Europe – let’s hope we can stay friends throughout the tournament!

Mail Designer 1.2.2: Improvements and fixes

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Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve just released Mail Designer 1.2.2. Those of you running the App Store version should see the update within a few days once it has been approved by Apple.

This update fixes a crash that could occur when sending your design to MailChimp, solves one or two formatting problems and has a few other improvements.

Open Mail Designer to get your free update, or head over to our website to download a free trial today.


Steve Jobs

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This is the email that Till sent to the equinux team this morning after we heard the news.
A translation is below. Rest in peace Steve.

Dear Team,

This morning we woke up to very sad news: Steve is no longer with us. I wanted to share an experience I had at WWDC this year with you all:

I was watching the keynote and was sitting in the fifth row near the front, along with Bernd Brügge. After the presentation, I watched Steve leave the stage and head over to his wife, Laurene, who was sitting in the first row. They rested their heads together for a few moments. He was done. One last keynote, his farewell.

I was a few meters away and watched the scene, which seemed to go unnoticed by the mainstream press audience who were rushing out of the hall. The scene left a lasting impression on me. The next morning, I opened my hotel room door to find a copy of the SF Chronicle with that very same image on the front cover – such a moving moment.

Steve inspired us, but also demanded a lot from the Apple community. He led us through transitions and changes that weren’t always easy. We’ve been amazed by new products and dismayed by App Store regulations and rejections, often all on the same day.

But above all, Steve was passionate about everything he did (I’m reminded of his brilliant article on Adobe Flash), and it was that passion that we believed in and helped us overcome any doubts we may have had.

Steve built an amazing company, and it remains to be seen whether his self-confidence and conviction will live on at Apple. However, I trust that Tim Cook knows what he needs to do and Apple will continue to flourish.

Thanks for everything Steve!

P.S. Instead of tomorrow’s hawaiian shirt day, we’ll be having iOutfit day instead.

Mail Designer on the Mac App Store!

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We know you guys love the App Store, so we’re pleased to announce that Mail Designer is on the Mac App Store!


All the great layout-changing, link-editing, design-creating goodness is in there – just now you can get it through the App Store if that’s the way your prefer to get your apps. In order to comply with the App Store guidelines, we have made a few changes minor to Mail Designer on the Mac App Store though. For full details, please visit our Mail Designer Mac App Store page.

This latest version was released as an update, so Mail Designer 1.1.1 is now available for all users.

We’re really proud of Mail Designer and hope you love it too. Enjoy!

Team equinux

P.S. If you purchase Mail Designer on the Mac App Store, please leave a review and let us know what you think! Lots of shiny review stars are even better than coffee for our developers…

Mail Designer meets MailChimp

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When we first released Mail Designer, we knew that one of the most popular use cases would be for creating email newsletters. So we’re very pleased to announce our first email marketing service API partner, MailChimp!

You can now export designs directly from Mail Designer up to MailChimp. So you can create stunning designs and send them to your subscribers with MailChimp’s powerful distribution service. We’ve also built-in support for MailChimp’s placeholders, so you can take advantage of their powerful mail merge capabilities and build-in links to forward your newsletters, manage subscription preferences and more.

MailChimp have free and paid plans, so if you plan on sending messages to a larger customer base, or just want to have more flexibility and control over your campaigns, check out their service.

Other mail services

A lot of you have also contacted us and asked about support for other email services. Mail Designer now offers an API that third-party services can use to built their own Mail Designer plug-ins. If you have an email service you would like to create a plug-in for Mail Designer, please get in touch.

We think you’re going to love MailChimp integration and the extra power it adds to Mail Designer, let us know if you have any thoughts!


Ready to roar: OS X 10.7 Lion and VPN Tracker 6

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With rumors heating up that OS X 10.7 Lion is about to be released, we wanted to give you an update on the current status of VPN Tracker with Lion.

With today’s update, VPN Tracker 6 is fully Lion compatible. We fixed a few smaller issues mostly related to multiple connections.

VPN Tracker 6 also has full support for new Macs that automatically boot with a 64-Bit only kernel, so if you’re using Apple’s latest & greatest hardware and software, you’re ready to roar.

We urge all users of older versions to upgrade to VPN Tracker 6:

  • It’s ready for the future, with support for OS X Lion and new 64-bit only Macs
  • Secure Desktop makes working over VPN easier and more productive
  • Upgrading will not affect your settings and connections – it just works

OS X 10.7 is a great update to the world’s best operating system and we think VPN Tracker 6 and Lion are a great match. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please let us know.

Team equinux