Does your Mail have enough attitude? 7 Mail Designer tips to make your newsletter the next top model!

Digital mailboxes are the catwalk for today’s email marketers. You only have a short time to make an impression for your Spring SALE or your up-coming event. It’s time to get your newsletters into shape! These 7 Mail Designer tips are sure to make your next campaign a hit!


1. Word up  – 3 new Design fonts you absolutely need

Elegant fonts help turn any newsletter into a glamorous performance. With Mail Designer Pro, you can install more than 500 web fonts to use in the text area. Some of our favorite fonts can be seen in this video…
If you’re looking for even more fonts, then check out It’s full of great fonts for styling your newsletter headlines and captions.


Thin, graceful fonts for a slim look on top of a blurred background are still very popular.
Here are a few of our current favorites…


2. Call for Colors – become a master in color matching
Which colors are hip and which fit together? Usually, you just need the right combination. If you’re looking for some good color schemes, check out the Web Color Generator Pull out some cool spring hues and match them with stylish Design colors. So much inspiration!

Do you prefer material Design colors? Then give a whirl.



3. Get the Look: How to create cool picture leads in minutes
Pictures and photographs build a relationship between newsletter and recipient. Dynamic content gives you a greater share in your campaign. Mail Designer gives you many possibilities for how you can put yourself directly into the scene.

Drag your lead picture into an image area. To make it more attractive and easier to see a text, first choose a geometric shape to lay over the picture and adjust the color transparency to around 25%. Then you can integrate your text into the upper most area, making it more visible.



3. Shake your hips – How to create GIF animations in only seconds 
Make a great impression with some hot moves in a GIF animation. If you only need to capture a short bit for a tutorial, then give Record it a go.  Just choose your screen section, record, and a GIF is automatically created. If you already have a video, then the quickest possibility is Drop to GIF. App:  your video in  - GIF comes out - it’s that easy!



5. Layout blocks and make up – This trick gives your newsletter more depth

Bring more depth to your newsletters by connecting pictures from two image areas. With this trick you can create more elegant and interesting transitions. Just copy your chosen picture twice into two image areas arranged above one another.

Now you can move them around and adjust them just the way you want. One very effective way is to use a white background for the lower image area and a mood picture as a background for the upper image area - as seen in the example picture.




06_Buttons_klein6. How to create touchy call-to-actions buttons you have to push

Fact is, more than half of all your recipients will open your newsletter from a mobile device. This makes it even more important to Design enticing call-to-action buttons for the mobile version of your newsletter.
A general rule of thumb is, the width should never be more than 44 px, the diameter of the average finger. The position is also key. Often buttons have a different effect when they are embedded into the context of a picture.



Instead of simply labeling with “Click here!”,  it’s important to use active language to motivate your recipient by giving them clear instructions of why they are clicking. For example: Download the app for free


 Clear, rectangular shapes with large font are the standards for most buttons. However, in some areas, a round Call-to-action button can look very elegant and be super click friendly. Give it a try for for videos, downloads, or sales!


Not only the shape can affect the effectiveness of a of a button, but also the chosen colors. It’s best to test the colors for effectiveness depending on the your own brand or your specific purpose.

RED  has an alarming impact and is energetically charged
BLUE conveys trust and security at first glance
YELLOW arouses interest and has a positive, sunny effect
GREEN stands for relaxation, sustainability, and growth
ORANGE s buoyant, motivating, and conveys motion


7.  Why real text links are still in

Apple introduced 3D Touch along with the new iPhone 6s. If you build text links into your mobile newsletters, iPhone 6s users can catch a preview glimpse of your website with only a short touch. It’s possible to jump directly to map apps with a link or to automatically add dates into your calendar. In the Style Palette from Mail Designer Pro, you’ll find tools to help make your text links more interesting. Find out more about Peek and Pop Design this in this article.

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