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Advanced mailto-links, poster images and more in Mail Designer Pro 3.2.2

Mail Designer Pro 3.2.3 adds some great new options to your creative email marketing toolkit: Poster layout blocks – stylish header images for magazine-like layouts We’ve added new layout blocks for one large poster image plus two or four smaller detail images. These are great for magazine-style layouts, or when you want to split a larger image up […]

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Mail Designer Pro 3 brings the power of Touch to email design

Mail Designer Pro 3 is the only email newsletter design app for macOS that lets anyone create mobile-responsive email newsletters. And with the brand-new version 3.2.1, we’re bringing Touch Bar and iPhone 7 support to Mail Designer Pro. Mail Designer Pro: Touch Bar Details We looked at the features email designers most often need while using the keyboard and […]

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Mail Designer Pro 3.1.1: Leaner, faster-loading email newsletters

Faster loading newsletters with PNG image compression in Mail Designer Pro 3.1.1 Modern eye-catching newsletters tend to use a lot of images and large photos. That can lead to large overall email files sizes that will take longer to load. The latest Mail Designer Pro update (Download 3.1.1) now offers lossless PNG compression, which decreases the size of your […]

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5 Tips for Perfect Email Newsletter Call-To-Action Links

A good call-to-action link the most important part of any newsletter. Once you’ve convinced readers they should click your link, the design, position and destination of your link need to be optimized to offer a good experience to your reader and help them reach your destination. Here are a few essential tips to make sure your links […]

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Good Teams Communicate

In the hustle and bustle of everyday work, it’s easy to forget to communicate with your team. You know what you’re working on, why write a long email about it? But bringing everyone up to speed on projects, releases or new initiatives is important for overall team performance and a culture of trust. So how […]

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Jingle Apps, Jingle Apps, Jingle all the way!

Did you notice that Christmas is in less than four weeks away? Don’t panic yet, you can now send your greetings from your iPhone wherever you like – while waiting in a line at the toy store or sipping eggnog in front of the fireplace. Send warm tidings to all your loved ones near and […]

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