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CoverScout 3.2.1 speeds up search w/ Google Images

You may have read in the tabloids that the relationship between CoverScout and Google images has been a bit rocky of late. Not to worry we’ve sent our relationship experts (aka the equinux developers, not to be confused with actual marriage counselors) in to sort out the issues. So you can now use the Google […]

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We've discovered there are some music lovers in China

It’s been a hard few months but with lots of practice and determination all our developers have at long last learned Chinese 🙂 As a result of this exciting development both SongGenie 1.2 and CoverScout 3.2 are now fully localized in Simplified Chinese. Better still even though our developers have been extremely busy learning Chinese […]

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SongGenie and CoverScout now even smoother

Fantastic news for real music lovers: SongGenie and CoverScout have both been updated and now feature improved integration with each other and with iTunes. Both apps are also much more stable allowing you to sit back and rediscovering your music. CoverScout now works even better with iTunes to display all of your existing album art […]

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The new Scout makes your covers rock!!

The wait is over – CoverScout 3 is here, and it’s better than ever! The new Cover Flow interface dazzles but CoverScout 3 is much more than just a pretty face. It brings the search power you need to simultaneously search multiple sources (including Amazon websites, Google Images and WalMart) for multiple albums and displays […]

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CoverScout 2.3.9 update makes your Grid Complete

In this latest update we have improved CoverScout’s integration with iTunes 8. The included enhancements will make your grid view glisten. Additionally, we have updated our amazon search feature to help you find the highest quality images possible. This is a free update for all licensed CoverScout 2.x users. CoverScout is available for purchase in […]

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Dis|Cover|Scout 2.3.8

You may be asking yourselves what could have been changed in this, the latest update of CoverScout 2. Well, we’ve got you covered with this new release: CoverScout now adds support for iTunes 7.7.1. We have even updated the menu’s and interface wording just a bit to make it even more intuitive. So keep covering […]

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