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MediaCentral now available in English. And in Chinese, Danish, French, German, Italian and Russian

MediaCentral is the most versatile media center solution for the Mac, and we made sure to include exciting online content for many languages. Today, we’re taking the next step with the release of MediaCentral 2.2 – fully localized in seven languages! With the help of the user community, the interface has been translated to Chinese, Danish, […]

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Watch out Paris - equinux is coming

From September 12th to 16th we will be at the Apple Expo in Paris, France. Find us at the Business and Innovation Solutions Center C30/D30. Come by, and take the chance to see us live at the Apple Expo! Take advantage to gather first hand experience testing our products and questioning our team. We would […]

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MediaCentral improvements

MediaCentral has been updated to make watching TV streams a little more fun. We’ve improved the overall playback quality in the TV module and created a more optimized onscreen display. Additionally, the Apple Remote now works perfectly when autostarting. The MediaCentral 2.1.1 update is free to all MediaCentral 2.x users, so be sure to update […]

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Watch out! New IP TV content in MediaCentral

Thank you so much for the huge amount of ideas concerning further content for MediaCentral. We have tried to blend your suggestions to an exciting media cocktail in order to meet with your expectations. We have included new IP TV content for you. In the German section, you’ll find: Lindenstraße (The latest 5 episodes) Best […]

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MediaCentral 2.1 featuring Skype

You might have noted that we kept releasing new versions of our products during the past weeks. In fact, our developers are so excited about their new MacBooks Pro that they deliver improvements and new features by the minute. 🙂 Today, MediaCentral 2.1 became ready for release. The impressive list of feature now includes a […]

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MediaCentral 2.0.2 released

We have just released MediaCentral 2.0.2. It fixes some minor issues and is recommended for all users. Among the fixes are improved compatibility with Samba shares as well as full support for older models of the DVB-T device Terratec Cinergy T2. For a full list of improvements, please take a look at the version history. […]

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New Movie Trailers Available in MediaCentral

Have a look at the latest trailers added to MediaCentral. Just hit Shift-ESC or launch MediaCentral to view the latest trailers. You will find the following and then some in the “Movies” > “Movie Trailers” folder: A Prairie Home Companion A look at what goes on backstage during the last broadcast of America’s most celebrated […]

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20+ New Movie Trailers Available for Your Enjoyment

It has been some time since we updated the movie trailer component of MediaCentral. Today we have added way more than handful of new trailers to your MediaCentral experience. Just hit Shift-ESC or launch MediaCentral to view the latest trailers. You will find the following and then some in the “Movies” > “Movie Trailers” folder: […]

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