MediaCentral got a new TV engine

Even though The Tube is just a bit younger, it can still teach MediaCentral a trick or two. MediaCentral 2.6.2 now uses the same TV engine as The Tube. This allows MediaCentral to perform better on G4- and G5-machines because it uses the Altivec-Engine for Deinterlacing.

We've also improved the search for TV channels and the audio track selection now works more reliably. Czechs will be happy to see that MediaCentral 2.6.2 will show the channel information of the running TV shows now correctly, and we've also fixed an issue that caused picture freezes from time to time on PowerPC-based Macs with G4 and G5-processors. If you haven't yet gotten the chance to get in touch with our ultimate media centre solution for the Mac, you should catch up. It lets you do a little more than just play with YouTube and your iTunes and iPhoto stuff. But don't forget about bringing your own soft drinks and popcorn - it's not included.
The 2.6.2 update is free for every registered MediaCentral 2.x user. Enjoy!

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