equinux’ Developers arrive at WWDC 2007

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Same procedure as every year: equinux joins Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. In only a few hours Steve Jobs will open WWDC 2007 with his well known keynote. equinux’ developers already arrived and secured their tickets after taking a breakfast. But the main question on first day was: Is 9 am too late for breakfast when you actually woke up at 5 am?

Welcome WWDC! Check-in Breakfast
Apple Store Mosone Centre with Coding Monkeys Expand your universe

MediaCentral 2.6.1 clears away a few stumbling blocks

By MediaCentral

It’s only been a few days since we’ve released MediaCentral 2.6 with the newly integrated timeshift-function, playback of The Tube TV recordings and the simplified organization of TV-channels. Nevertheless, our developers ran into a few minor issues. If you’ve also experienced a few difficulties, you should consider downloading our maintenance release MediaCentral 2.6.1. This new release will help you to quit MediaCentral properly after playing a DVD on a MacBook, view recordings from The Tube in a more stable way and to avoid licensing issues when moving MediaCentral to another computer. However, if you’re perfectly happy with 2.6 and have had no problems- just continue having fun with the latest features for TV functionality.

When the copier is already in use…

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The next stop for equinux’ trend scouters is Taipeh’s Computex, the world’s second largest fair for computer electronics and information technology. It’s fairly unusual to come across cheap knockoffs and even more unusual to see a producer presenting the original right beside the copy. BaLaTV is one knockoff that unmistakably has Apple TV as an archetype. Funny enough… its producer calls itself Macpower. According to the staff at its booth, BaLaTV is just a prototype and is the successor of D7-3500. And it doesn’t take too much to find the inspiration for that machine, either.

Introducing Cross Upgrades

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Do you want to buy another Mac and would like to use your equinux software on that as well? Now users with Personal Pack Single (for just one Mac) or Personal Pack Pro (for up to 3 Macs) licenses can cross upgrade in order to use their software on all the Macs they have.

So if you have multiple Macs, check out our new Cross Upgrades:

Personal Pack Single
Personal Pack Pro
Personal Pack Single
Personal Pack Pro
Personal Pack Jumbo
Personal Pack Jumbo
€19.95* / $19.95**
€29.95* / $29.95**
€39.95* / $39.95**

Our Personal Pack Cross Upgrades are available for iSale, CoverScout, MediaCentral and On Air. Purchase your Upgrade in the equinux Online Store today!

* German VAT included
** Local taxes may apply

California here we come – meet us at the Macworld San Francisco

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Come visit us at the Macworld in San Francisco from January 9th – 12th, 2007. This year we’ll be present with two booths. Visit our phenomenal 400 sqft booth (Booth S2538) where we’ll show you the latest features and enhancements of our product range. We are not going to reveal too much here – so come by and check out our products and meet us personally. And then we’ll have a pod at the ADC Developer Pavilion that sits right behind the Apple booth (Booth S1538-35). Meet our Apple Design Award 2006 winner, iSale and learn more about its latest features.

We are not going to travel thousands of miles without any Exhibition Special. Find great deals of our products including special product bundles worth their money.

You won’t want to miss us! So, see you in San Francisco.

‘Tis the season to watch DVD’s – with MediaCentral 2.5!

By MediaCentral

Dolby® Digital Surround sound
Now MediaCentral supports Dolby® Digital Surround sound (AC3) – for the best DVD experience possible! Just hook your Mac up to your digital receiver, select the digital output and enjoy 5.1 surround sound.

We have also added a new DVD content menu where sound, angle, subtitle and audio track options can all be adjusted mid-movie. Now you have even more control over your movie and your DVD experience. Numerous performance enhancements have been made to MediaCentral 2.5 making it much faster, especially when navigating through very large DVD collections.
Turn on those holiday lights, make a bowl of popcorn, then sit down with family or friends and enjoy your favorite DVDs this holiday season with MediaCentral.

MediaCentral speaks your language
We’re pleased to announce that MediaCentral is now available in several new languages: We’ve added Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch and Czech to bring the total up to 13 languages! Many thanks to all contributers – your support is greatly appreciated!

MediaCentral – Bebidas y palomitas no incluidas.

But wait – is your language still missing? Would you like to see MediaCentral in Japanese or another language? Get involved today! Just send us a short note to to become part of the community and start localizing.

MediaCentral 2.3.1 is performing

By MediaCentral

Our media center solution comes up with an enhanced TV module combining greater stability as well as a more fluid TV reception.
Also, usability is an issue in this maintenance release to enhance the application so you truly can enjoy it. If you wish to use the application in full screen mode you now have the possibility to display the menu bar by simply moving the mouse.

Additionally, we have expanded the manual content. Now it contains a detailed instruction of how to create radio or IP TV playlists, like M3U, PLS, ASX, and RAM. This allows you to easily add favorite radio or IP TV streams to MediaCentral by using the “My MediaCentral” folder concept.

As always, this maintenance release, MediaCentral 2.3.1, is free to all MediaCentral 2.x users, so be sure to update today. If you have yet to try out MediaCentral, be sure to get your free trial today.