MediaCentral adds ZDF Mediathek

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ZDF Mediathek

MediaCentral has some great new content offerings for German Speakers and Learners worldwide. Now integrated into MediaCentral is the ZDF Media Library. For those unfamiliar, ZDF is a German Public Broadcaster that offers a wide array of programming including news, entertainment, education and in-depth reports. All of this is available in Media Central 2.8.2.

Time to spread joy with The Tube & MediaCentral

By MediaCentral, TubeStick

No need to be unhappy about choices that have been made – the future is promising. If you already have a TV receiver you can still enjoy all features of The Tube. Just in time for the European football cup, The Tube is now compatible with even more USB TV receivers.

Gather your friends anywhere you like, pause live TV for individual breaks, watch those unforgettable moments over and over again and get vocal with other The Tube users via TubeTalk. The Tube leaves it up to you. Have the EURO 2008 your way – except maybe for the outcome.

PS: We’ve even updated MediaCentral to run with the same devices. Enjoy live TV within the ultimate media center made for Mac.

MediaCentral lives up it’s name

By MediaCentral

Well, MediaCentral has just one aim: Your entertainment. If you start up the application right now, you’ll find even more choices for your entertainment. We’ve added a lot of science and technology video streams, documentations, podcasts and webradio-stations to our ever-growing media database. And you’ll also notice that there are a lot of new movie trailers as appetizers for your next visit to the movies. Oh… I forgot, with MediaCentral you already have your cinema at home. Well, enjoy the expanded entertainment offerings. And remember! If you find cool new video or audio feeds, that you would like to share with other MediaCentral users, let us know where to find them .

Martin Ott joins equinux

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equinux’ software department just received a valuable addition to its team. On August 1st the former CodingMonkey, Martin Ott started his position as a full time developer for equinux in Munich. Martin is not only known as one of the creators of the widely used SubEthaEdit, but he is also known by his involvement with the online project, ‘My Dream App’. Martin holds a degree in computer science and studied at the Technical University of Munich under Professor Brügge – head of the Chair of applied computer science, as well as an avid Mac enthusiast.
“We are thrilled that another experienced Mac developer joins our team and we’re looking forward to elaborate a lot of innovations with Martin”, says equinux CEO Till Schadde.

MediaCentral got a new TV engine

By MediaCentral

Even though The Tube is just a bit younger, it can still teach MediaCentral a trick or two. MediaCentral 2.6.2 now uses the same TV engine as The Tube. This allows MediaCentral to perform better on G4- and G5-machines because it uses the Altivec-Engine for Deinterlacing.

We’ve also improved the search for TV channels and the audio track selection now works more reliably. Czechs will be happy to see that MediaCentral 2.6.2 will show the channel information of the running TV shows now correctly, and we’ve also fixed an issue that caused picture freezes from time to time on PowerPC-based Macs with G4 and G5-processors. If you haven’t yet gotten the chance to get in touch with our ultimate media centre solution for the Mac, you should catch up. It lets you do a little more than just play with YouTube and your iTunes and iPhoto stuff. But don’t forget about bringing your own soft drinks and popcorn – it’s not included.
The 2.6.2 update is free for every registered MediaCentral 2.x user. Enjoy!

WWDC, iPhone and other Negligibilities

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After three days at WWDC every developer can spell i-p-h-o-n-e forwards and backwards. Apple is heavily promoting development for its upcoming cell phone and wants every developer to polish up on their Web 2.0 skills in order to build something for the iPhone. Maybe the guys in Cupertino are just a little bit nervous about their first step into the world of mobile communications? Anyhow we’re enjoying the conference and ourselves as you can see in our latest pictures.

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