Black Friday Sale: The black blitz is back…

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A few hours left till equinux starts slashing the bucks off, with specially prepared value bundles, to make sure you get the best Black bargains!

Put a reminder straight away in your iCal (with an alarm) to check back here on the equinux website at: Thursday 26th November 2009 at 5am (EST)

So, don’t be sleepy or just plain stupid and miss out on this limited chance to really seize super savings!

PS. Don’t worry non-Americans, you can also benefit from Black Friday, even if you’re not familiar with the tradition.
All you need to know is Black Friday = Big Bargains 26-28th November only!

Make some extra cash to do your Christmas shopping…

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…by selling some unwanted stuff on eBay! iSale Auction

To help you get started, so you can rake up enough bucks to hit the shops in December, we’ve just released the updated version of iSale today.

Unlike that cheap Christmas mug you always seem to get from someone at Christmas, with iSale 5.5.5 you are sure to get: more stability, more flexibility and even more options. So to get prepared early for Christmas for once, make sure you download iSale and bringing in some cash for Christmas soon! Find out more about iSale

iSale 4 is a go – Thank you for your help and patience

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We are proud to say that iSale 4 is up and ready to tackle eBay once again. While in the corner between rounds we took this opportunity to improve its integration with Safari 4, add more auction details for several eBay countries and also remove the eBay Express marketplace as eBay has already discontinued this service. You can download the iSale 4.4.6 update here.

Thank you for your patience and happy selling.

iSale 5.5.2 – your direct access to the iSale Lab

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isale-iconWe’ve always had the goal of bringing together the iSale community. With the new iSale 5.5.2 update you have direct access to the iSale Lab. Get inspired by other iSale users and find out how they design their auctions to gain higher bids. There have also been several other improvements that make iSale 5.5.2 an important update for every registrered iSale user: new shipping services, updated payment options, fixes for some glitches and more. And as always – iSale 5.5.2 is a free update to every iSale 5 user. Make selling @ eBay fun again!

Start Taking Advantage of The New iSale Lab

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isale-blackboardIntroducing iSale Lab, the brand new free online service for everyone! iSale Lab will provide you with a whole new world of information. You’ll be able to see at a glance the top ten eBay categories, market places and templates being used by iSale sellers. The Lab will also highlight the daily number of iSale users, and the sales figures achieved with the help of iSale for the current and previous month.

iSale Lab will ensure that the entire iSale community will be kept in the loop. Why not have a look at how others are editing the auction templates, for that extra shot of inspiration.

Take advantage of this new online service, get the award winning iSale at the equinux Online Store and at Apple Resellers from only 39.95 USD

Refresh, refresh, refresh – iSale 3, 4 and 5 have been refreshed…

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60-isale-mobile_tubestickWe just updated iSale 3, 4 and 5 with new settings to make your selling experience even smoother. Among the changes are: We’ve improved the combination of iSale mobile on the iPhone and iPod touch with iSale on your Mac, improved the support for the Best offer option, and added new international shipping settings. iSale now reflects the latest eBay changes, including the updated picture service and changes to the return policy settings.

Draft online auctions on the go – iSale mobile

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isale-mobile_smallequinux is committed to adapting to your mobile lifestyle. You never know when a brilliant auction idea will strike. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to fully draft auctions on your iPhone wherever you are? The free iPhone app, “iSale mobile” takes full advantage of your iPhone’s potential: Take pictures of the products with the integrated camera, access the photo archive, write description texts and even choose from the 222 auction templates iSale offers. You can even set the category, starting price and duration period of your auction.

And then, when you’re back in the same WLAN as your Mac, which has iSale 5.5, just transfer the drafts onto it and put them online. No extra configuration necessary.

iSale mobile will soon be available in the iTunes App Store and requires iSale 5.5 to synchronize auction drafts. Already an iSale user? Then you can get iSale 5.5 as a free update.

iSale 5.5 – sell more whenever, wherever

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iSale 5.5 is just the support you’ll need for the upcoming iPhone app, iSale mobile! With iSale 5.5 and this handy new app, you’ll be able to draft online auctions, take pictures, choose templates and more – with just an iPhone in your pocket.


iSale 5.5 makes it even easier and more fun to sell whenever, wherever.