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So, just a few small changes…

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Today we released VPN Tracker 5.0.1. And no, you do not have to pay for this update (that is, if you already have VPN Tracker 5). We didn’t make too many changes, but we wanted to fix a few issues and make the demo version easier to use. For starters, DHCP leases will be handled more reliably when connecting via alternative network access methods (such as mobile phones or PPPoE). VPN Tracker 5 now connects flawlessly to Juniper Netscreen devices with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) enabled. We improved the overall handling of connections to multiple networks and last, but not least – SmartCard support can now be tested in demo mode.

Oh, and there’s one more thing: We also decided to change the default behavior regarding the ports used for establishing connections. VPN Tracker 5.0.1 uses static ports (500/4500) by default to increase compatibility with certain devices. If you use Back to my Mac in Mac OS X 10.5, you can always switch back to dynamic ports in the preferences.


The last Thursday in November can only mean one thing…

By equinux Product Pages

iSale 4.4.1 has just been released! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there. For those of us not able to stuff our faces with turkey, pie and mashed potatoes, there is something to look forward to: iSale 4.4.1. This new version fixes a problem with the popular iPhoto integration – your iPhoto Library will be directly accessible from iSale again. This release also includes solutions for two minor display issues: Picture distortion in certain templates is prevented more reliably, and horizontal space between picture zones is preserved at all times. This release is free for all registered iSale 4.x users, and can be downloaded here.

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