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pouches_small.jpgFor those who didn’t know, equinux provides more than just Mac software. We are also doing hardware. We mean: real hardware! Beside our TV receiver TubeStick, there’s also a SpaceStick available: a slick and tiny USB stick with about 1 GB free space for your data. And if there’s not enough space on it and you actually have to carry your laptop with you, you’ll be happy with one of our cool blue Laptop pouches. Ah, and there’s one more thing: Yes, we’re also offering the all new iPad. The perfect fit for every computer mouse: No matter which mouse you actually prefer.

Check out in the equinux Online Store.

If you’re going to San Francisco…

By equinux Product Pages

new-office_blog.jpgequinux is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Germany. But even in our US office space has become a rare good. This is why we moved to a new office. Not very far, but so big and so cool… here’s our new address:
equinux USA, Inc
100 Produce Ave. Suite L
South San Francisco, CA 94080

equinux hosts CocoaDevHouse Munich 2008

By equinux Product Pages

A few of you may already have noticed: This year’s CocoaDevHouse Munich will take place at the equinux campus in Munich. Mac OS X developers are very welcome to join in on the free [gratis] workshops focusing on cocoa frameworks. So, if you’re interested in one of the most profound (and hopefully joyful) events for programmers, make sure to sign up today. Find out more at CocoaDevHouse Wiki!

TubeStick hybrid got “2008 Macsimum Macworld Award”

By equinux Product Pages

We’re very thrilled that equinux got the “2008 Macsimum Macworld Award “for the newly announced TubeStick hybrid. We’re very happy about that and we invite you all to come and check out TubeStick hybrid with its The Tube software and the all new TubeToGo webservice. It allows you to watch, schedule and publish your TV recordings while you’re on the go. So TubeStick hybrid is the best of iPhone and iPod touch.

macsimumaward1.jpg macsimumaward2.jpg

pods1.jpg salescounter1.jpg salescounter21.jpg

If you’re going… to Macworld Expo

By equinux Product Pages

You already may have noticed, that equinux is at the Macworld Expo this year as well. We’re more than happy that so many people came to our booth (S-937) to see our new products – especially TubeStick hybrid with its thrilling new TubeToGo feature. For all of you, who can’t attend the show this year, we give you a short impression, how our booth looks like…

_theatre2.jpg _theatre2.jpg booth2.jpg
onetoone1.jpg onetoone2.jpg theatre1.jpg

iSale 5 has arrived.

By equinux Product Pages, iSale

All you iSale 4 fans out there need not wait any longer. We have just released the newest version of our ebay auction management software, iSale 5, at the 2008 Macworld. The new version takes creating auctions and auction management to a whole new level.

For starters, we have completely redesigned the user interface, so it blends in perfectly with Leopard, making online auction management much easier and much more intuitive. You can now even edit your own templates, wit the new Template Editor. And the Research Assistant gathers information from the web about your product, to help you write your product description.

Plus, keeping track of your old auctions isn’t as complicated as you think. iSale 5 allows you to archive old auctions in a number of different libraries and easily search for them, using Finder’s QuickLook.

Basically, you can create, manage and archive all of your auctions with as much flexibility and ease as you’d like.

iSale 5 is available as a single license and as a multiple license Family Edition. Check out our website for more information about our new features, as well as how to upgrade your current license to iSale 5.

VPN Tracker 5’s New Year Resolution…

By equinux Product Pages, VPN Tracker

In the spirit of the new year, we’ve had a little time for reflection and decided to add some improvements to VPN Tracker 5. For starters, it is now possible to connect to remote networks that are a supernet of the current local network. System administrators will also be happy to know that the automatic deployment feature now also works even if the trial version has expired.

And lastly, we’ve added a new warning message that will alert you when other software is already using the default network ports used by VPN Tracker. In this case, VPN Tracker will simply select other free ports.

Just a little stocking stuffer for your Mac…

By equinux Product Pages, TubeStick

For all of you who are enjoying TubeTalk with The Tube 2.0, we’ve got some good news: Yesterday, we released The Tube 2.0.1. This maintenance release offers increased stability and adds a few new enhancements to the newest The Tube feature, TubeTalk.

For starters, signing in to TubeTalk is much faster, and the chat history is now saved when switching back and forth between channels. We’ve also improved the Spotlight search for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) users, and we’ve improved support for public channels in Austria (ORF).

The problem with entering a wrong password, and getting stuck in a continuous loop has been fixed… so no need to worry about that anymore. You also don’t need to worry about disk space: If you’re saving a recording on an external drive, The Tube will check the space on that and not the space on your internal drive.

That whole issue with the sidebar getting broken and elements of the sidebar disappearing has also been resolved. And last but not least, we’ve integrated a more flexible handling of iTunes locations (when exporting to iTunes).

So, as always – download the latest version and have fun with The Tube!

…And happy holidays from everyone here at equinux!

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