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Introducing the Next Generation of E-Mail. Introducing Stationery Pack 2.

By equinux Product Pages, Stationery Pack

Stationery Pack 2 sure packs a wallop. It offers more than 660 designs that are accessible from 122 wonderfully unique templates.

What is also great is that both Stationery Packs are available in the latest Stationery Pack application, so if you’d like to have a Quick Look at what it has to offer, simply download the new application. If you don’t have time for the download, just visit our Stationery Pack 2 categories online. If you see a red corner, just click it for a subtle surprise – Just like in the application itself.

A little note from Till Schadde, CEO:
We are proud that Stationery Pack 2 expands Mac OS X Leopard with a new feature: interactive e-mail designs. Particularly MobileMe users, who used to send greeting cards with .Mac, find Stationery Pack, with its wealth of e-mail choices, an ideal successor with even more possibilities.

Stationery Pack 2 is now available in the equinux online store at from $49.95. The software will soon be available in a high-quality package and will be coming soon to an Apple retailer near you.

MediaCentral adds ZDF Mediathek

By equinux Product Pages, MediaCentral

ZDF Mediathek

MediaCentral has some great new content offerings for German Speakers and Learners worldwide. Now integrated into MediaCentral is the ZDF Media Library. For those unfamiliar, ZDF is a German Public Broadcaster that offers a wide array of programming including news, entertainment, education and in-depth reports. All of this is available in Media Central 2.8.2.

VPN Tracker 5.3 adds Mode-Config support for Netgear devices and more.

By equinux Product Pages, VPN Tracker

VPN Tracker 5.3 now supports Mode Config for Netgear gateways. This will streamline VPN setup for thousands of current and potential VPN Tracker Users. Just be sure you have one of Netgear’s Mode Config-capable VPN gateways. The supported devices include: FVS338, FVX538, FVS336G, DGFV338 and FVS124G.

This wasn’t the only fine-tuning we have done. VPN Tracker 5.3 provides significantly improved device profiles for the most popular VPN gateways including new device profiles for the SonicWALL NSA 2400 Series.

VPN Tracker 5.3 also integrates even better into Mac OS X. The user interface contains numerous helpful improvements that make everyday work with VPN Tracker easier. These improvements include enhanced PPPoE-connections compatibility and the application of RSA secure ID tokens.

VPN Tracker 5.3 is a free update for all registered users of VPN Tracker 5. New licenses for VPN Tracker 5 are available at the equinux Online Store starting at € 69 (excl. German VAT). To test the latest version of VPN Tracker, visit the VPN Tracker download page.

A better view: The Tube 2.8.1

By equinux Product Pages

Ready for even better TV watching? How, you ask? Well, check out this free update and you’ll notice the improvements we’ve made. For one thing, manual recordings now always record the right channel. We’ve also fixed a few annoying glitches like problems with audio reception. Also, crashes due to bad reception or disconnected antennas should be a thing of the past. Happy viewing!

Let’s have a Blast at Summer Blast!

By equinux Product Pages

We just wanted to let all of you in the Portland, OR vicinity know that we will be heading up to Portland to participate in SummerBlast ’08, Portland’s biggest Macintosh expo. We are big fans of Mac Expos, but when we heard the phrase free BBQ… there was no resisting!

So what’s on the agenda?

  • Hot vendors including Apple, Adobe, equinux and M-Audio
  • Big giveaways every 30 minutes
  • Seminars and vendor demos throughout the day
  • Free BBQ, frosty drinks, and ice cream
  • Free T-shirts to the first 500 people

Join us to learn more about equinux Software and to simply have a blast at Summer Blast.

Saturday, August 16th
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
MacForce, 100 SE Salmon, Portland, OR 97214

The iSale Tripple Play Update

By equinux Product Pages, iSale

The latest shipping offerings by eBay have been included in the latest updates of iSale 3, iSale 4 and iSale 5. The latter two also fully support the recently released MobileMe Service. iSale 5 has added the ability to rotate any image placed in a Drop-zone. Lastly we have also done a little fine-tuning of iSale 5 in an effort to further optimize performance.

Be sure to get your update today.
For those who have never used iSale, why not give it a go?

New Movie Trailers in MediaCentral!

By equinux Product Pages

MediaCentral follows current events! We added today new movie trailers to our home theater application so why not have a look? You’ll be able to peruse the movies about to start and those currently in theaters right now. What better way is there to choose your Saturday night film? Just remember, popcorn’s not included.

Share The Tube in iChat Theater

By equinux Product Pages, TubeStick

Just imagine, you’re watching TV while chatting with a friend and all of a sudden something crazy is about to go down on Top Model… Just invite your friend to a video chat, drag The Tube’s application icon into the iChat window and show your buddy exactly what’s going down. If you want to TimeShift and rewind the live feed to show them the whole thing, just do it. Whatever appears in The Tube will appear in your iChat theater.

This is just one example of The Tube’s new PlaceShift feature. And to be honest, it has been one of the most fun features to test… just ask our lead graphics designer Kay ;).

If you are interested in this novel feature, have a look at our TubeStick PlaceShift page. The Tube supports both our TubeStick andTubeStick hybrid devices.

Free Stationery Pack Template for Mother’s Day!

By equinux Product Pages, Stationery Pack

The greeting card has been sent and the flowers have been arranged, but why not surprise the Mom in your life with an unexpected email? equinux provides you with exactly what you’ll need – a free Stationery Pack template for Leopard Mail, specially designed for Mother’s Day.

Three steps to get your free template and make your Mom happy
1. Download Stationery Pack
To access our free Mother’s Day template, just download and install Stationery Pack. You can also browse through the 111 other templates that are included in the full version of Stationery Pack.

2. Install free templates
Open Stationery Pack and when the feature screen appears, click on “Try Free Stationeries.” Our Mother’s Day template will then be installed into Mac OS X Leopard Mail.

3. Put a smile on your Mom’s face
Toss in a photo, write a little note and make your Mom proud. Your favorite photos can be dropped into both the red heart and the center of the red daisy.

Another Milestone for VPN Tracker 5

By equinux Product Pages, VPN Tracker

vpnt5_logo.jpgVPN Tracker 5.2 is out and incorporates Simple Client Provisioning (SCP) for SonicWALL’s gateway firmware. VPN deployment and management are almost effortless using Client Policy Provisioning, which enables VPN Tracker to download VPN configuration data directly from the VPN gateway. SonicWALL provides client provisioning for VPN Tracker with its SonicOS Standard 3.9 or higher which is shipped with its SMB solution line starting with TZ 180; and SonicOS enhanced 4.0 or higher which is shipped with the current PRO and NSA lines. Simple Client Provisioning for SonicWALL is available in VPN Tracker 5.2 Professional edition.

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