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We’ve got spirit, yes we do!We’ve got spirit, how about you?

By equinux Product Pages, Stationery Pack

summerspiritcardsboxleft2Today we took the lid off of Summer Spirit Cards, a fantastic collection of 20 templates that celebrate what we all love most about summer.

Summer Spirit Cards let you create picture postcards of your vacation, invitations for your friends and family to next weekend’s BBQ and if you think people really want to know, announcements informing all your friends that you’re back on campus. Summer Spirit Cards are the perfect accessory if you’re a Mac user with an eye for design – of course you have an eye for design if you have a Mac 🙂

Top-notch backgrounds, elaborate mask effects and perfectly positioned picture drop zones make each greeting card perfect for all of you wanting to create jaw-dropping emails.

Summer Spirit Cards can be found at just about every Apple Store in the US for only $19.95. If your nearest Apple Store is actually far away – just head on over to our online store

CoverScout 3.2.1 speeds up search w/ Google Images

By CoverScout, equinux Product Pages

coverscouticon0709You may have read in the tabloids that the relationship between CoverScout and Google images has been a bit rocky of late.

Not to worry we’ve sent our relationship experts (aka the equinux developers, not to be confused with actual marriage counselors) in to sort out the issues. So you can now use the Google images’ search in CoverScout 3.2.1 without fear of CoverScout stopping to respond. While our experts were in the counselors’ office they managed to make the Google Image search even faster and more stable than before. With improved stability all round, now you won’t be able to leave those two alone!

You can download the CoverScout 3.2.1 from our website here

We’ve discovered there are some music lovers in China

By CoverScout, equinux Product Pages, SongGenie

chinesecsupdateIt’s been a hard few months but with lots of practice and determination all our developers have at long last learned Chinese 🙂 As a result of this exciting development both SongGenie 1.2 and CoverScout 3.2 are now fully localized in Simplified Chinese.

Better still even though our developers have been extremely busy learning Chinese they have somehow still found the time to prepare both programs for the next big Mac Cat. While they were tinkering around under the hood they’ve also managed to increase the efficiency of both programs so they now use much less of your system resources.

You can download the SongGenie 1.2 and CoverScout 3.2 updates from our website – simply click the highlighted links.

Get ready for Harry Potter with MediaCentral

By equinux Product Pages, MediaCentral

mediacentral-icon-07-09Can’t wait to see Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince for yourself? Well we thought we’d really get your mouth watering! We’ve just uploaded the latest trailer to the MediaCentral trailers database. All you have to do is open up MediaCentral to take a peak at Harry Potter along with all the other Summer blockbusters.

Don’t already have MediaCentral our fully featured Mac mediacenter app. No problem you can download a free full functioning demo here.

TubeStick Map – What will you be able to Watch?

By equinux Product Pages, TubeStick

TubeStick Map exampleHere’s something special for all of you out there thinking about getting a TubeStick TV Tuner for your Mac – The brand new TubeStick Map!

TubeStick Map is a brand new resource for all of you out there not sure which digital free-to-air TV Channels you will be able to receive with a TV tuner for your Mac. Based on Google Maps the interactive TubeStick Map allows you to select your country along with your ZIP code to view the channels TubeStick users are able to receive in that area.

In case you were curious all this info hasn’t just come from anywhere – its from all the fantastic TubeStick users who have been kind enough to share their channel lists.

And for all of the wonderful existing TubeStick users out there why not help out your fellow Mac users by submitting your tuning info when you search for channels in The Tube. All you have to do is select the option to send your tuning info to equinux after you channel search.

iSale 4 is a go – Thank you for your help and patience

By equinux Product Pages, iSale

We are proud to say that iSale 4 is up and ready to tackle eBay once again. While in the corner between rounds we took this opportunity to improve its integration with Safari 4, add more auction details for several eBay countries and also remove the eBay Express marketplace as eBay has already discontinued this service. You can download the iSale 4.4.6 update here.

Thank you for your patience and happy selling.

iSale 5.5.3 – Give your buyers even more info

By equinux Product Pages

iSale AuctionLooking for more ways to communicate with your eBay buyers? You’ll be glad to know we’ve just updated iSale to version 5.5.3 adding support for eBay handling times. You’ll now be able to let your buyers know how long it’ll take for you to ship their item after the auction has ended.

We’ve also made several other improvements: Having trouble with text wrapping not working correctly when you copy and past text into auctions? This has now been fixed so your auctions will look perfect every time. We’ve also added auction duplicate and delete buttons into the context menu making it much easier to manage your auctioning.

Launch iSale and select “iSale > Check for updates” to automatically download the latest version, or grab it from our website.

As always the iSale 5.5.3 update is a free update for every iSale user. Enjoy your eBay auctioning!

Let our experts help you

By equinux Product Pages

expertWe’ve revamped our support pages from the ground up: You’ll find downloads, manuals and FAQs for your favorite equinux products.

We’re also proud to announce equinux Expert’s Day! Got a question that can only be answered by a pro? No problem! The equinux development team is personally available to answer your questions and hear your suggestions – on Expert’s Day. Check our support page for details.