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VPN Tracker has been updated to 6.0.2

We have gone ahead and made a few more minor tweaks to VPN Tracker 6 as well as added a purchase alert to let you know if you’re settings require VPN Tracker Professional. Here’s the list of the changes that have been made: File URLs in Secure Desktop items are no longer automatically modified to […]

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VPN Tracker 6.0.1 is now available

We just wanted to let you know that we have made a few tweaks and made a few fixes to our initial VPN Tracker 6 release. The following changes have been made: Automatic VPN availability test stall has been corrected Cisco UDP encapsulation functions normally when NAT-Traversal cannot be used Fixed a bug that occurred […]

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VPN Tracker 6 - Revolutionizing the way Mobile Mac Users Connect

Today we have released an all new VPN Tracker – the best VPN Client ever designed for Mac. VPN Tracker 6 offers more security, better certificate management, better integration with numerous VPN Gateways and now offers “Secure Desktop”, the place to go to connect you to the files servers and documents you need most. Security […]

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You've got a license to Barbecue

Sound the trumpets, gather the veggies and why not pick up a couple of steaks while your at it! Today we are proud to announce “Barbecue” – the iPhone app for the grill-meisters of this world who just can’t grill enough. Toss on a steak, kebab or a frankfurter and serve it to all your […]

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CoverScout 3.2.2 - Keepin' You Covered

We have made a couple of under-the-hood tweaks to improve CoverScout’s performance on Mac OS X 10.6 and with iTunes 9. Additionally, we have also restored Google Image Search making it easy as every to find, edit and apply the perfect album art. This update is free to registered CoverScout 3 users.

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VPN Tracker is now 100% Snow Leopard Compatible

For all the Snow Leopard users out there, we are proud to announce that VPN Tracker is ready for business. In this release we have updated the split DNS component of VPN Tracker in addition to a few other minor tweaks. This update is free for all registered VPN Tracker 5 users.

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Snow Leopard - our apps purr with the new Big Cat

You may have noticed that Apple came out with Snow Leopard on Friday. We just wanted to drop you a line that all of our consumer applications work really well with Mac OS X 10.6. You’ll find none of them in the ‘incompatible Software’ list for Snow Leopard. What does Snow Leopard mean to you: […]

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