VPN Tracker has been updated to 6.0.2

We have gone ahead and made a few more minor tweaks to VPN Tracker 6 as well as added a purchase alert to let you know if you're settings require VPN Tracker Professional.

Here's the list of the changes that have been made:

  • File URLs in Secure Desktop items are no longer automatically modified to end in a forward slash (/)
  • The Secure Desktop assistant now also works properly with file servers
  • Fixed an issue where changes to connection actions would not be saved if you quit VPN Tracker right after
  • VPN Tracker will now let you know if a connection created with the demo requires a Professional Edition license, if you're using Personal Edition
  • Passwords stored in a connection are now more reliably added to your keychain after being imported

This update is free to VPN Tracker 6 users and can be acquired within the application or downloaded.

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