The new Scout makes your covers rock!!

The wait is over - CoverScout 3 is here, and it's better than ever! The new Cover Flow interface dazzles but CoverScout 3 is much more than just a pretty face.

It brings the search power you need to simultaneously search multiple sources (including Amazon websites, Google Images and WalMart) for multiple albums and displays the results on a single shelf with stars for quality.

CoverScout's handy web search also lets you use your own URLs to customize your search.

You've got rare or homemade albums? No problem. Point your iSight camera at them and shoot.

Who needs Photoshop when you've got the cover editor? Take your cover art and flip it, chop it, frame it, play with the levels and Presto! Your perfect album cover in no time.

Now that you've perfected your iTune library, why not make your CD shelf rock too? Just print out our up-to-date CD cover and inlay templates.

Whether your albums flow through iTunes, your iPhone, iPod or Apple TV, the new CoverScout 3 has you covered!

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