Make sure you cover up this winter

musiclovers1Just to keep your Cover Flow flowing beautifully, we've improved SongGenie and CoverScout a further few notches.

Find what you want:
Now the switch between the two programs works more smoothly to assure you can find what you want when you want.

Apply what you want
While CoverScout runs around the web searching for the best covers for your albums, now you can simply press Ctrl to apply a cover and continue

See what you want
Since SongGenie, is like CoverScout's little sister, she naturally wanted to copy and also improved a feature - now her search box remains in focus even while search results start to appear

Plus, even more core graphics in both programs have been enhanced, to make sure they match up to the Snow Leopard's elegant skin.

So as you can see, these two are now even more pumped to make your music library the latest, most hip one on the block! Just download the maintenance release to catch up with them.

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