Out now! Mail Designer Pro 3 — get ready for Retina-ready newsletters and creativity down to the last pixel

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Your newsletters deserve the highest level of quality possible. Mail Designer Pro 3 refines the professional layout and design tools in Mail Designer Pro with professional designers in mind, adds Apple Mail integration and now includes over 70 Design Ideas.

The newly optimized Mail Designer Pro 3 now works with improved resolution and pixel perfect graphic tools which makes it easy to create desktop newsletters using high definition retina. Whether being viewed on a computer screen or on any mobile display, every one of your designs will remain sharp, down to the last pixel.

With now more than 70 inspirational, ready-to-use design ideas, nearly pays for itself…

That’s new in Mail Designer Pro 3:

Pixel-perfect graphics tools: determine the size and position of design elements with accuracy

Desktop retina: Send gorgeous retina graphics to retina Macs as well as retina smartphones

Streamlined sidebar: All design tools, grouping controls and layer options are now easily accessible via the sidebar

Send desktop Mails directly with Apple Mail: Send your newsletter designs directly from Apple Mail (desktop layout only)


Flexible Font Weights: Set specific font weights for any text – even works with over 500 web-fonts

Background reposition and zoom: Adjust your newsletter’s background image to show exactly what you want

Desktop email previews: Check out your newsletter in live MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro previews

Improved HTML export workflow: Set a image URL and custom HTML file name per document

Design Idea Categories: We’ve now organized all newsletter projects into categories: Sales, Announcements, Events & Transactional

Text Styles re-imagined: Now with support for fallback fonts and on-the-fly re-ordering

Updated HTML engine: With improved compatibility for all major email apps and services

Quick tips in the app: Learn to use Mail Designer Pro in minutes with our quick tips documents

Get the Mail Designer Pro 3 now!
(Mac OS X 10.9 or later required).

How Apple is experimenting with tvOS top charts

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Apple changes its Apple TV tvOS Top Charts algorithm

Is Apple trying to give the Apple TV App Store a boost? That might explain why Apple has changed the way the Top Charts algorithms work on tvOS. We noticed this major change last week and have figured out what’s going on.

Where did our apps go?

After we released an update to Live TV (German TV Streams) last week, we were shocked to see it had disappeared from the Top Free charts. Live TV has been one of the most popular apps on the Apple TV in Germany and has been in the Top 10 almost since day 1, so for it to disappear completely was inconceivable.

We checked and double-checked iTunes Connect, refreshed the App Store, checked our crash logs, but nothing stood out.

Apple-TV-App-Store-1 Apple-TV-App-Store-2


The change

In turns out, Apple now hides an app in the charts once you’ve installed it. Give it a try: Go install TV Pro Mediathek (VOD for German TV content) from the App Store (currently #3 Top Grossing in Germany) and then go back in to the App Store: boom – it’s gone from the charts and the next-placed app has moved up.

This tvOS top charts algorithm change even affects featured apps on the start page: TV Pro Mediathek no longer shows up in its featured slot on the start page of the German App Store once you’ve installed it.

Apple’s intention with the change is presumably to make the charts appear ‘fresher’ and users see more apps that they haven’t installed yet.

The downside is that the charts don’t really show an accurate picture of what the ‘Top’ apps are, instead they show ‘Top apps that you haven’t installed yet’.

So maybe this is what Phil Schiller meant when he said:

At equinux, we make apps for Macs, iOS and Apple TV. If you’re an app developer reading this, you need Mail Designer Pro – the best way to create mobile-responsive newsletters that look great in all mail clients and can be sent with all popular newsletter services.

The new tizi Flachmann Express delivers the speed that other batteries can only promise

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Fast, slim, smart: The tizi Flachmann Express, is a thin and elegant portable battery. Thanks to the Auto Max Power™ technology inside, the speed and performance even surpasses many smartphone chargers. Make sure to reserve a space in your pocket for this one.

#jeansgate: Finally, a portable powerbar that doesn’t leave a bulge in your pants. The glossy tizi Flachmann Express easily fits into tight jeans or a shirt pocket.

Turn it on, plug it in and boom! It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone, a Nexus, a Galaxy or a One, thanks to Auto Power On, the tizi Flachmann Express automatically starts charging. The cool blue status LEDs display how much power reserve you still have.

Express yourself! Last longer and enjoy more freedom. Somehow every smartphone always seems to be running on empty. With a whopping 4000 mAh, you can completely re-charge your smartphone up 2x! Now that’s performance.

The super portable tizi Flachmann Express is available now at a special to-go price of only 19.99 Euros. You’ll also get a 12 month tizi/club membership as welcome bonus. Who doesn’t need power in their pocket?

VPN Tracker 9: A new VPN Tracker option for OS X El Capitan

By Company, VPN Tracker

VPN Tracker is the market-leading VPN client for OS X. Our team hears from customers every day who rely on VPN Tracker to get work done remotely on their Mac. Last year, we launched VPN Tracker 365, our first service-based version of VPN Tracker. With VPN Tracker 365, customers benefit from ongoing improvements and service-based features such as Remote Connection Wipe, as well as free major upgrades and security updates.

After launching VPN Tracker 365, we received feedback from some customers who told us they prefer a traditional license-based model, or that subscription purchases are tricky within their company or organization.

Today we’re introducing VPN Tracker 9: a brand new version of VPN Tracker designed for OS X El Capitan that can be purchased as a one-time license:VPN Tracker 365 and VPN Tracker 9.png

VPN Tracker 9

VPN Tracker 9 supports the latest IPSec VPN security encryption standards and convenient productivity features, including VPN Shortcuts, Automatic Connection Actions, Quick launch menu bar and location triggers.

VPN Tracker 9 is also available as a Pro edition, designed for consultants and admins: VPN Tracker 9 Pro offers additional features including Accounting, Network Scanner, connection export and more.

Teams, Enterprises and Workgroups will love new Team Management and Deployment options included with VPN Tracker 9 that make it super simple to deploy VPN Tracker to everyone on staff.

Here are the main differences:


The Future Roadmap

Going forward we’ll continue to offer both models: VPN Tracker 9 customers will have the option of upgrading to future major versions for a low upgrade price, and VPN Tracker 365 customers will receive all upgrades free of charge for the lifetime of their plan.

VPN Tracker 9 is available immediately from the equinux Online Store as a one-time purchase. It supports OS X 10.9 – OS X 10.11. Existing VPN Tracker customers can purchase a discounted upgrade. Future upgrades will also be available to existing customers with a discounted upgrade price.

VPN Tracker is also available as VPN Tracker 365 – a service offering the same great connectivity features, plus ongoing major upgrades for all OS X versions and additional service-based features including SecureDrop encrypted file sharing and Remote Connection Wipe – now included with all VPN Tracker 365 plans.

We’re committed to offering the best and most secure VPN experience on the Mac and are pleased to do so with VPN Tracker 9 and VPN Tracker 365.



Mail Designer Pro 2.6 — iPad Pro, device scaling and better responsive emails

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We’re excited to launch Mail Designer Pro 2.6 – it’s got some great new features and a lot of improvements we hope you’re going to love. Let’s dive in:

iPad Pro and iPhone SE Device Previews

We’ve added three new mobile device previews for the latest iOS devices: Make sure your newsletters look great on the 12.9” iPad Pro, 9.7” iPad Pro as well as on the iPhone SE.

Scaling option for Mobile Previews on your MacBook

Mail Designer Pro 2.6 introduces a new scaling option, so you can fit any iOS device on your Mac’s screen. Want to check out your design on the 12.9” iPad, but using an 11” MacBook Air? No problem.


Smart Link Checking with the preflight feature

The built-in preflight feature goes through your design and checks things like image size, retina image and all links. We’ve made the link checking much smarter and fixed a few cases where custom URL types weren’t checked correctly.

Improved HTML engine

A lot of work has gone into the new HTML engine in Mail Designer Pro 2.6: We’ve redesigned the way our layout is built and fixed a number of alignment issues, such as those that you could occasionally see in Outlook. In our Mail Designer Pro What’s new section you will find more details about the engine improvements.

Mail Designer Pro 2.6 is now available at a special introductory price of only 49.99 Euros in the  equinux Online Store and in the Mac App Store.

Why creating crisp newsletters with Retina resolution pays – 3 tips to keep your Mails sharp

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Flashback – Close your eyes. Can you remember the smartphone you had 5-6 years ago? You know, those times when you strolled around the city while surfing the web on your iPhone with 3GS? Back then, an iPhone had a measly resolution of only 480×320 pixels. Now hop back into the time machine! In the meantime, the iPhone 6s Plus has reached a whopping resolution of 1920×1080 pixels! Smartphone screens have become so much sharper, quicker, and more sensitive. Whether you’re carrying an iPhone 6s, a Nexus 6 or a Galaxy 7, the pixel density is so high that you’ll hardly believe your eyes.

This is even more reason why your mobile friendly newsletters need to stay crisp and sharp, down to the last detail. Here are 3 Mail Designer Pro tips to help you achieve just that:


1. Totally broad: Find the right width for your mobile newsletters
In order to display as much as possible on mobile screens, the width of your newsletter can easily be adjusted in Mail Designer Pro. You can find the settings File > Mobile Options. Based on our experience, an average width of 375 is usually best.  This covers smaller displays and the iPhone 6s pixel-perfectly. Your newsletter will come across crisp and clear on the iphone 6s, with its higher resolution, yet an outer white border remains. In settings, you’ll need to check the box, Create Retina images.


2. Export high resolution pictures for your mobile version 

When creating pictures for the mobile versions of your newsletters, you must always use the double width of the picture which you previously adjusted under Mobile Options. For a mobile newsletter with a width of 375px, you’ll have to use a picture with at least 750px. It can also be larger, leaving room for scaling.

Using Pixelmator, Adobe Photoshop, or Affinity Photo, you can export your pictures as a PNG with a screen resolution of 150 dpi (bzw. 144dpi in Photoshop). Now you can take your PNG picture and drag it into the picture place holder of a mobile layout block.


When you select the picture, you can view the original resolution by right clicking and choosing Original Size. A red “2x” symbol warns you in case pictures happen to be too small for a Retina presentation.

3. Individually adjust image compression in mobile newsletters
Using lots of high resolution pictures can cause the data volume of your newsletter to add up quickly. If you’d like to minimize the data for individual pictures, you can adjust the compression by going to Menu > Edit > Optimize Image. Switch the tab Format from automatic to JPEG. Then you can adjust the quality down to a value of 75%. Now you’ve definitely reduced the amount of data.


iPad Pro Charging Secrets

By Company, tizi

With the introduction of new USB-C peripherals for the iPad Pro, our engineers took a closer look at the charging capabilities of the latest iPads. And since we know a lot of you are eager to know what the iPad Pro is capable of, here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve discovered.

iPad Pro 12.9″: Charge twice as fast

The larger iPad Pro supports the very latest USB-C charging technology, also known as USB-C Power Delivery. This means a device can request more voltage from a power supply, allowing it to be charged faster.

The big iPad Pro initially starts charging with at 5 volts and then switches to Power Delivery mode, drawing a massive 12 volts and allowing to to be charged twice as fast as previous iPads.

Interesting note: It looks as though the iPad Pro 12.9″ will charge with 12 volts up to about 90-95%, then it switches back to 5 volts to top off the battery.

If you try to charge the iPad Pro through the new USB 3 camera adapter, it will not charge at 12 volts.

Our tizi hardware engineering team is working on new tizi charging products for the new iPad Pro and other USB 3-capable charging devices – sign up to be the first to know when they’re available.


iPad Pro 12.9″ charging with 12 volts


iPad Pro 9.7″: Charge at full speed

The smaller iPad Pro does not support USB 3 Power Delivery, so with the right power adapter, it’ll charge at 5 volts like previous iPad generations. Given the smaller battery size, that’s still fast enough to charge it pretty quickly.


iPad Pro 9.7″ charging at 5 volts

The future

Fast USB 3 Power Delivery is coming to the tizi lineup soon and will let you charge your giant iPad Pro about twice as fast. Sign up to be the first to know when they’re available.


How to use a USB card reader with your iPad Pro

By Company, tizi

Apple sells a USB adapter as well as an SD card reader for iOS devices. The SD card reader isn’t quite as flexible, but has the advantage that it, well – reads SD cards.

The USB adapter can read photos from a camera, but if you plug in a USB card reader, you’ll usually get an error message that the device needs too much power.

But if you have Apple’s new USB 3 adapter, you can get it to work anyway. Here’s how:

  1. Plug your SD card reader into the USB adapter
  2. Connect a Lightning cable to the USB adapter’s lightning port (like our hot pink tizi Flip reversible lightning cable)
  3. Plug in a power adapter, or high-power capable battery (e.g. a tizi Tankstation or tizi Kraftprotz)


Now you can plug the USB adapter into the iPad and it will import your photos just fine.

Happy importing!
Your tizi team

Using wired ethernet networks with an iPad

By Company, tizi
tizi USB 3 ethernet adapter using a tizi Tankstation 5x MEGA for power supply

tizi USB 3 ethernet adapter using a tizi Tankstation 5x MEGA for power supply

Internal corporate and networks in educational institutions are often restricted to devices with ethernet access and in many hotels you can often get much faster internet speeds over a wired network connection. But what if you’ve got an iPad or iPad Pro – how can you get on a wired network with that?

Luckily, we’ve been working on a solution to make that possible, here’s how it works: There’s a new Apple USB adapter that  supports USB accessories as well as an additional power source. Combine that with our upcoming tizi ethernet adapter, and you’re all set:

  1. Connect the USB adapter to the Lightning port on your iPad or iPhone
  2. Plug a Lightning cable into the adapter and connect it to a charger
  3. Connect a tizi USB ethernet adapter to Apple adapter


That’s it. Now you just plug in a network cable and you’re ready to go.

Details for the technically inclined :

  • The USB adapter plus ethernet adapter need 1.5A of power – so you’ll need a decent, reliable power source
  • The iPad doesn’t give you any sign or icon to let you know that you’re connected over ethernet – it just magically starts working
  • The tizi USB 3 ethernet adapter supports USB 3 and Gigabit Ethernet speeds – and so does the big iPad Pro
  • This setup works with all iPhones and iPads that have a lightning port – the big 12.9″ iPad Pro will support Gigabit ethernet speeds, all others will support up to 100 mbit


Travel tips: For a more mobile setup, you can also use a tizi Flachmann powerbank as your power source.

The tizi USB 3 ethernet adapter is coming soon and will be available in two versions:

tizi USB 3 ethernet adapter: Suitable for iPad, iPhone and all Macs with a regular USB port

tizi USB C ethernet hub: Designed for the new 12″ MacBook and all devices with a USB-C port.

Sign up and we’ll let you know when it’s available.

Does your Mail have enough attitude? 7 Mail Designer tips to make your newsletter the next top model!

By Company, Mail Designer

Digital mailboxes are the catwalk for today’s email marketers. You only have a short time to make an impression for your Spring SALE or your up-coming event. It’s time to get your newsletters into shape! These 7 Mail Designer tips are sure to make your next campaign a hit!


1. Word up  – 3 new Design fonts you absolutely need

Elegant fonts help turn any newsletter into a glamorous performance. With Mail Designer Pro, you can install more than 500 web fonts to use in the text area. Some of our favorite fonts can be seen in this video…
If you’re looking for even more fonts, then check out It’s full of great fonts for styling your newsletter headlines and captions.


Thin, graceful fonts for a slim look on top of a blurred background are still very popular.
Here are a few of our current favorites…


2. Call for Colors – become a master in color matching
Which colors are hip and which fit together? Usually, you just need the right combination. If you’re looking for some good color schemes, check out the Web Color Generator Pull out some cool spring hues and match them with stylish Design colors. So much inspiration!

Do you prefer material Design colors? Then give a whirl.



3. Get the Look: How to create cool picture leads in minutes
Pictures and photographs build a relationship between newsletter and recipient. Dynamic content gives you a greater share in your campaign. Mail Designer gives you many possibilities for how you can put yourself directly into the scene.

Drag your lead picture into an image area. To make it more attractive and easier to see a text, first choose a geometric shape to lay over the picture and adjust the color transparency to around 25%. Then you can integrate your text into the upper most area, making it more visible.



3. Shake your hips – How to create GIF animations in only seconds 
Make a great impression with some hot moves in a GIF animation. If you only need to capture a short bit for a tutorial, then give Record it a go.  Just choose your screen section, record, and a GIF is automatically created. If you already have a video, then the quickest possibility is Drop to GIF. App:  your video in  – GIF comes out – it’s that easy!



5. Layout blocks and make up – This trick gives your newsletter more depth

Bring more depth to your newsletters by connecting pictures from two image areas. With this trick you can create more elegant and interesting transitions. Just copy your chosen picture twice into two image areas arranged above one another.

Now you can move them around and adjust them just the way you want. One very effective way is to use a white background for the lower image area and a mood picture as a background for the upper image area – as seen in the example picture.




06_Buttons_klein6. How to create touchy call-to-actions buttons you have to push

Fact is, more than half of all your recipients will open your newsletter from a mobile device. This makes it even more important to Design enticing call-to-action buttons for the mobile version of your newsletter.
A general rule of thumb is, the width should never be more than 44 px, the diameter of the average finger. The position is also key. Often buttons have a different effect when they are embedded into the context of a picture.



Instead of simply labeling with “Click here!”,  it’s important to use active language to motivate your recipient by giving them clear instructions of why they are clicking. For example: Download the app for free


 Clear, rectangular shapes with large font are the standards for most buttons. However, in some areas, a round Call-to-action button can look very elegant and be super click friendly. Give it a try for for videos, downloads, or sales!


Not only the shape can affect the effectiveness of a of a button, but also the chosen colors. It’s best to test the colors for effectiveness depending on the your own brand or your specific purpose.

RED  has an alarming impact and is energetically charged
BLUE conveys trust and security at first glance
YELLOW arouses interest and has a positive, sunny effect
GREEN stands for relaxation, sustainability, and growth
ORANGE s buoyant, motivating, and conveys motion


7.  Why real text links are still in

Apple introduced 3D Touch along with the new iPhone 6s. If you build text links into your mobile newsletters, iPhone 6s users can catch a preview glimpse of your website with only a short touch. It’s possible to jump directly to map apps with a link or to automatically add dates into your calendar. In the Style Palette from Mail Designer Pro, you’ll find tools to help make your text links more interesting. Find out more about Peek and Pop Design this in this article.