Got a music library addiction? SongGenie 2.

After months of tears, sweat and repeated plays of Snap's "I've Got The Power" (don't ask), we're now ready to release SongGenie 2.

This is one of our most exciting releases ever. Even as soon as you open the app and search for your first song, it feels slick. It could only be a Mac app.

If the first version of SongGenie was a nice app that did a good job (imagine us ruffling its hair and giving it a pat on the back), the new SongGenie 2 is cool app that does a great job. Building on the basic functions of identifying artists, song and album titles, SongGenie now looks to complete your music collection entirely.

You can search for lyrics, including a nifty web search function, so that you can display them on your iPod or iPhone on the go. Identify and apply genres, or get into detail with BPM and Sample Rate for true audiophiles. Using sorting categories and dropdown filters, you can really get to the heart of your missing music library info.

The bad news is, it's all too easy to become maniacal about perfecting your collection. SongGenie 2 now includes a status panel which tells you exactly how far your collection has come. Don't say we didn't warn you. The good news is, SongGenie feels fun to use. Every little red flag brings you one step closer to collection perfection. Each notch further along the progress bar is OCD manna.

When you're all finished, and you've checked over your shoulder to make sure no-one is watching, load up iTunes and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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