Even Santa makes mistakes

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Never fear – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Why not sell those less-than-stellar gifts with iSale to someone who’ll really appreciate them. And you’ll get a gift you can actually use.

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There are no bad gifts – with iSale.

iSale 5.2.2. – ready for holidays

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iSale 5.2.2 improves on an already great thing – just in time for the big shopping season! You get better support for MobileMe videos and an improved interface with eBay. That means hassle-free auctions that save you time and money. Get the most out of your eBay auctions and SELL SELL SELL this shopping season!

The iSale Tripple Play Update

By equinux Product Pages, iSale

The latest shipping offerings by eBay have been included in the latest updates of iSale 3, iSale 4 and iSale 5. The latter two also fully support the recently released MobileMe Service. iSale 5 has added the ability to rotate any image placed in a Drop-zone. Lastly we have also done a little fine-tuning of iSale 5 in an effort to further optimize performance.

Be sure to get your update today.
For those who have never used iSale, why not give it a go?

iCreate France tested iSale 5.2

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iCreate France and iSale are not strangers. Last year the redaction tested iSale 4 and gave it 4 stars. A good grade, but we knew we could do better.

In June edition, iCreate just published their findings of iSale 5.2, the last release of our software. Our eBay auction manager received 5 Stars (the highest grade awarded) and received great praise for its new features and functions, including the Research Assistant, Smart Groups, Videoclips Integration and more.

Don’t hesitate to have a look at the review, just note that it is in french so don’t be surprised 🙂 )… and discover iSale, the software which will save you time, money and stress.

iSale parle français et s´amÊliore.

By iSale

tourdeiffel.jpgUtilisateurs de Mac, attention : iSale a fait beaucoup de progrès en français et le parle dÊsormais couramment.

Nous souhaitons remercier toute la communautÊ française iSale qui nous a grandement aidÊs lors de ce processus de traduction.

Parce qu´iSale 5 fonctionne exclusivement avec Mac OS X 10.5, les utilisateurs de Tiger seront certainement ravis d´apprendre que nous avons effectuÊ quelques opÊrations de maintenance : depuis peu, iSale 4.4.2 rÊsout un problème qui pourrait faire bugger l´application lors de la mise aux enchères. Il n´y a donc aucune raison pour que vous n´alliez pas sur get the update afin de vous procurez la mise à jour.

Les deux mises Ă  jour sont gratuites pour tous les utilisateurs dĂŠjĂ  enregistrĂŠs. Profitez de toutes les nouvelles caractĂŠristiques d´iSale… dans votre langue maternelle!

Save time, money and get the latest iSale-Update

By iSale

10-isale_box_left_lores.jpgDid you notice that eBay lowered their listing fees for private auctions? If you want to eliminate the fees for using additional pictures in your online auctions, iSale’s your best choice! With its support for several picture hosting services, you can host your images elsewhere for free. And if haven’t given iSale 5 a chance – now’s the time to take a look: With the new Research Assistant, Template Editor, support for multiple libraries and much more, it’s not just easier and faster to create an online auction, it’s also more fun. We’ve just cleaned up some bugs and really recommend updating to the latest and greatest iSale 5.0.2!

Working out a few kinks

By iSale

So, we hope all of you have been enjoying our latest version of iSale, iSale 5.x. With that said, we thought we’d help make your eBay experience that much better by coming out with a maintenance release that improves or fixes some of the new features in iSale 5.x.

For starters, the FTP picture plugin was improved. The plugin is now more reliable and conguration has been made much easier. Creating auctions from the eBay search plugin works properly now and shouldn’t give you any problems. Additionally, auctions can now be edited again after they have been prepared for re-listing. And last but not least, multiple sections of the manual have been extended and improved, so you can find the answers to your questions quickly and easily.

For more information about this release and for a detailed list of all of the new features and fixes, please visit our website.

We’ve made it: iSale 5 is available now!

By iSale

Some of you may have noticed that we already announced the next release of iSale two weeks ago at Macworld San Francisco. Well, now every customer can take full advantage of the latest and (truly) greatest edition of our online auctioning solution. iSale has a powerful new Research Assistant, provides you with a Template Editor, keeps your friends on facebook informed and much more. Convinced? Take a look at our website – and as always: Enjoy and have fun selling on eBay!